3 Reasons We Get Migraines

Good morning!

How are you all doing today?! I am feeling better—more on that in a second.

Mondays are always really intense for me–both on the fitness front and at work, so I am usually glad for the time I fall into bed on Monday nights. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, right?! :)

I do love Mondays–as they signify a time to try again, to be better, and the chance to have a great week, but not every Monday is awesome…..


Yesterday I was so done by about 1 p.m. I got the beginnings of a migraine (again). UGH. It was super crappy. And by the time I decided I should probably find a sub for Zumba, it was too late. #fail

Migraines are mild to moderate headaches usually accompanied with nausea, blurred vision, and other discomfort (vomiting, pain, etc.) Migraines are usually hereditary, and are more commonly suffered by women. <—fluctuations in hormones can be a factor in migraines so that would make sense. See more about migraines here.


My mom, her mom, and my sister all get/got migraines. Theirs (unfortunately for them) are a bit more dramatic and often than mine, but it is super not fun to get them-even if they are sparse for me. OH and how they can show up SO unexpectedly!

I’ve gotten 4 in the past 1.5 years–and each time came at a really inconvenient moment and/or day.

But then again, maybe that is WHY?!

3 Reasons We Get Migraines

  1. High levels of stress
  2. Overtaxing the body/highly intense physical activity
  3. Genetic, environment, and social factors

After teaching a really tough BodyPUMP class yesterday I felt on top of the world! My muscles were tired, I was happy (I looooovvveee teaching), and I was ready to tackle my work assignments.

But then, after showering, eating, and getting to work, I started feeling really nauseated, headachy, and totally uncomfortable. I had to lie down during one of my breaks, turn off all the lights, and just breathe deeply.

Migraines are a major health issue, and were featured in a health magazine recently (can’t remember which one, since I check them out from the library). Pills, drugs, and other remedies can help, but usually sleep, rest, and avoidance of intense physical and emotional activities is best.

If you get migraines, I highly recommend taking steps to reduce your stress level, work load, and/or re-adjust some fitness activities or goals. I know that this week I might not hit the mileage (again! GAH! But I must remember “don’t need to have it all“) that I am looking for, but I also do not want another migraine to pop up!


On a happier note, I feel a lot better today!

I think I just have a lot on my plate right now and must care for myself better. I guess for me, migraines might be that reminder to do so. 😉

p.s. DID YOU see the U.S. soccer team kill it in the game yesterday?!!?! AHHH! SO exciting. LOVE the Olympics and all the inspiring athletes. Did ya know that I went to HS with one of the players on the team? I feel cool. (And yes, she was the soccer star then too. Hah).

Have a LOVELY day! <3

Do YOU get migraines?? If so, when do YOURS usually pop up?? What do YOU do about them?? How do YOU slow down when YOU have a lot going on??

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  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better today! I feel very fortunate to have never gotten a migraine, but I can only imagine how painful they can be!

  2. caroline says:

    migraines are the worst. Thank goodness mine have gotten much better from my high school days. However when I do get them the only thing that works for me is a dark quiet room and sleep.

  3. I get migraines too – have done so for the last 20 years or so. I’ve actually had 3 in the past week – grrr! I find tiredness, stress and environmental as well as hormonal factors bring mine on. I do use lavender oil which helps relax me but doesn’t take away the migraine itself. I’d be interested in hearing what helps other people.

  4. I have been getting them since I ws like 12..i had an episode yesterday I dont like sounds light food….such a sad thing. I didnt get a single one during pregnancy…i dnt get them if I drink tons of water…:(

  5. I have suffered with mild to moderate migraines for most of my life. I generally get 2-3 a year, and they occur around the end of my menustral cycle. If I can recongize the symptoms early enough, I can reduced the severity – by taking a shower, lying with cool compress on my eyes, and sleeping. But if I don’t, then the pain is pretty intense and I get sick to my stomach.

    When I have a lot going on, I make it a point to schedule at least 5 minute “walk breaks” at the end of each hour. Those 5 minutes help me clear my head, refocus, and recharge.

  6. awww i dont get migraines but I have a friend that does and I know how terrible they can be :( i’m so glad you are feeling better today though!

  7. Awww I’m so sorry you didn’t feel well! I don’t get migraines and I feel lucky that I don’t! Even a headache makes me feel awful!

  8. Migraines are scary. My mom started getting them at the age of 30 and got them for almost 30 years before finding out they were due to a hole in her heart–when she had her stroke and they found it. I would definitely tell EVERYONE to not take chronic migraines lightly–it could be a warning sign to such a bigger issue. Scary stuff. So, everyone, get your heart checked!!

  9. Danielle says:

    Ohhh so sorry about your migraines, those are the worst! I haven’t had one in a long time but used to get them quite severly. I got them when I had way too much stuff and just felt overwhelmed and it led to not sleeping enough, than eating poorly and just overall not taking care of myself. My co-worker just had a bad spell last week and had to miss work, which she never does, so that just shows the mighty power they have. Ouch!
    I know the best thing for me was to stop, rest, and reboot.. if that’s possible, it works :)
    Hope you get to feeling better, you are an awesome machine! but even machines need a touch of TLC in order to run smoothly and I know I need to take note of that myself

    • Yes, we all need a touch of TLC :)

      I try my best to get rest, but sometimes life spirals in tons of different directions–and boy did that happen. Prob why I got migraines!

  10. Ugh, I’m so glad you are feeling better! I don’t get migraines, but I often get really bad sinus headaches. They suck big time!!

  11. I’m glad you are feeling much better today!
    Thank you for this post! Seriously, are you reading my mind? Hah.
    I’ve been suffering from migraines for the past 1.5 months now, and can’t for the life of me figure out where they are coming from. I’ve been to the doctors just about every week since then, and its weird because I haven’t experienced headaches ever in the past.
    Anyways…sorry about that ramble…
    It totally makes sense about the hormones, since I’m working on getting my monthly cycle back.
    Hopefully now that my workouts aren’t so intense each day, my migraines will improve!
    Its hard with work, since I work in a bit of a stressful environment, hopefully the change in activity will be enough.
    I agree that Monday’s are awesome, a new beginning!

    • I truly believe that intense exercise and hormonal changes are definitely factors. You’ve got this, Lisa!! Have a lovely day <3

  12. I’ve only had one or two migraines, thankfully. But I loved reading this post because I can be more prepared next time. And I loved the infographic because I’m a nerd. :)

    SO AWESOME that you went to school with one of those girls! They’re incredible!

  13. HAHA. I get teased too, until they experience ’em, and my nieces/nephews/sisters are like, ooooooh I want some more! Hah.

  14. Aw, sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling so hot, Annette! I’ve never had a migrane, but didn’t understand the difference between them and headaches until reading this post haha. Thanks for the explanation!

  15. Thank you for the suggestion…I really wanted to ask u something about “abdominal seperation” today I found out about it at work..I was so shocked! The muscle in my stomach are broken I have been doing abs and crunches and now I have four finger deep Browne muscle. Do you know about this? I feel happy that I know why my stomach is so ugly after two babies but I don’t know what to do about it :( My coworker is going for physical therapy for this.. I would love it if you can look into this..I really enjoy reading everything here :)

  16. I don’t get migraines – but my mom has struggled with them all her life! I know she gets them when she has to strain her eyes a lot (reading without her reading glasses, that sort of thing) or sometimes when she has to deal with really bright light for a while. Sometimes for apparently no reason!

  17. Bridget says:

    I saw your comment on the most recent Meals and Miles post, and wanted to check out what you had to say about migraines. My heart goes out to any and all who suffer from them. I’ve had them since I was five years old (I’m 28 now).

    My biggest trigger is actually artificial sweetners. They are in so many drinks, baked goods, etc. But, avoiding them isn’t impossible. Usually, I can tell the cause because my migraines caused by artificial sweetners seem to radiate out from my eye, and the aura is horrible. Stairs become flat, etc. Not only is it scary, it’s dangerous! Driving is absolutely out of the question. The migraines caused by stress usually start at the back of my head. The aura is usually not as bad. It seems that I throw up from stress induced migraines, but not from sweetner induced ones. Last year, I had a pattern change – migraines started in my temple. It was very out of the ordinary, and any change is so scary! After a spinal tap, it was found that I had inflammation alllll throughout my body. Also, I found that I’m allergic to certain chemicals in foods, and allergic to the solution that is used to polish white rice. (Living in Japan, and not being able to eat white rice = disaster at school lunch!)

    I’ve taken almost every medicine on the market, and have become immune to most of them. I have used rosemary oil, and it worked wonders. I haven’t had a migraine in a little over two weeks. Back in the spring, I was getting four or five a week from stress. I just moved to a new area and got a new job, so stress is down a bit. Hoping it stays that way!

    I hope that you feel better and stay migraine free! Best of luck to you. Thank you for this post. I will definitely be back to read again!

  18. Hi Annette,
    I don’t have a migraine problem, thank god! But my husband is a sufferer. It’s such a horrible problem to have!
    Loved this post and your blog!
    Following you now, will be back to
    Please do visit my blog about health, food, and living, and if you like it, please do follow!

  19. Sorry to boast- but I am one of those lucky people who don’t get migraines. I get the occasional headache but it’s usually tension related and because of a sore back or body. Make sure you look after yourself okay! You can’t have it all but you can have most of it- ONLY if you are taking care of yourself. Grab some ice cream, some good tv and a comfy lounge for a while- and switch off!


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