Don’t Need to Have it All

Hey you guys! Happy Monday to you all. :)

This weekend was awesome–tons of fun, but I was totally exhausted by the end of it!

Saturday morning I did a quick full-body weights, biked 9 miles, and ran 7.2 miles. It felt good, but I really wanted to get in a longer run. Gahhh. Oh well-I guess we can’t do it all, right?!

Plus, I needed to get back to meet up with my parents!

After a fun early afternoon in the mountains, we ate at the Pita Pit.

Delicious! This was so freaking good. I got a falafel whole wheat pita with tons of veggies, feta, and tzatsiki. It was super filling -which I was grateful for because my hunger kicked in later that day than usual. (Didn’t have much breakfast).)

We ran errands, did laundry, watched the Olympics (I miss Michael Phelps already! I cried when he finished his last race. #Nerdalert. Go ahead and laugh at me now), and then I was gifted this monstrous zucchini:

Oh the possibilities! (I already made my whole wheat protein zucchini bread again.)

On Sunday we walked around Temple Square. It’s so gorgeous there!

It was really fun to walk around with my parents and husband in beautiful downtown SLC.

After saying good-bye to the parentals (sad face), we went to church, then I took a nap, and then we feasted on homemade pizza, kale salad, fruit, and homemade bread sticks.

Ummmm yah. This was GOOD.


So yes, my body was SO tired by the end of that weekend—I had taught an extra Zumba class on top of half Ironman training on Saturday, had walked around tons all day Saturday & Sunday morning, and didn’t ‘relax’ much during the 3 days. Not complaining, just noting.

I am not joking when I say I was totally spent. And my body was too–so that nap on Sunday and the delicious dinner really helped to relax me.

Don’t Need to Have it All

I am a planner & someone who works hard toward goals, but during this whole Summer I have realized that I don’t need to have it all. It’s also not a healthy thing to do it all or have it all, either!

I was a tad annoyed on Saturday that I couldn’t get the mileage in that I needed to (darn those Olympics! It’s hard to wake up at 6:15 a.m. on a Saturday when you stay up late watching the inspiring athletes. Oxymoron? YES.)

And then I realized that it is OKAY to not have it all!

And that’s true in any sense–in athletic training, social events, schooling, or fashion.

Choose what’s most important right now and go after that. My family comes first, and that is what I chose on Saturday over mileage–and I am SO glad I did–we had a blast!

I guess what I am saying is that even amidst the fitness goals or life goals we all might have, focusing on what really matters should come first. We don’t need to have it all–or be perfect at it all to be happy or feel accomplished.


WINNER from the Petit Amuse giveaway is: #9. Congrats to Laurel C!!! {The winner will be contacted and sent her prize).


Have a GREAT Monday, ya’all!!!

What fun things did YOU do this weekend?? Was YOUR weekend relaxing or on the go?? Favorite Olympic event thus far for YOU?? <—it’s a tie between Michael Phelps’ first personal gold & Gabby winning the all around gold. I also loved watching the British woman heptathlete win for her country. <3

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  1. We had a bbq birthday party at my in-laws last night. :) :) I did not get nearly enough sleep this past weekend, so this morning I chose sleeping in vs the 7:15 am CrossFit Intro class… There’s a 7:15 pm class, and while I prefer the mornings.. like you said: can’t have it all. And my body appreciated the little bit of extra sleep!

  2. caroline says:

    Yikes you did have a busy weekend! You are so good giving real applicable advice. I may not have it all, but what I have is great!

  3. Sometimes things come up and I can’t exercise but it’s okay! There are many other important thing to attend to and for me, even though I adore it, fitness shouldn’t be my life :)

  4. I was able to spend the weekend with my college bestie! It was SO nice to catch up and spend some quality time together. Way too short though! I’m glad you guys had a great one too! :)

  5. I had a pretty relaxing weekend…lots of couple time, family time and friend time – all much needed!

  6. Danielle says:

    Busy indeed! Great job on all the activities and awesome training. Your physical activities on Saturday well made up for any mileage you feel you missed, lol. Btw, I love kale salad, I have been eating it like a crazy green monster!
    Despite my recent injuries, my doctor gave me the green light to race – as long as I was willing to tone it down – so I had my first sprint triathlon of the year yesterday, and it was such a relief to finish! My transition times sucked but I did better than I thought, and all while sustaining a foot, shoulder and saddle/groin injury. Holy smokes it was tough, but I”m just so thrilled I can say it’s done :)
    I have loved watching the track and field events, wow it’s so inspiring, and just all the vignets and athlete’s stories… awesome. Happy Monday, great job on your training and keeping me and all those around you super motivated!

  7. I did a lot of running around, then a lot of nothing to they and beat the heat! We went to Vancouver’s Japanese festival and two different farmers markets! I got some seriously pretty produce! Oh…and dinut ice cream made locally. 😉

    As we said on Twitter, I loved Phelps in all his glory. I think I liked his last gold best. I also loved Team GBR men’s gymnastics winning bronze, the Canadian girls getting into the team finals, Missy Franklin’s first come, Oscar pistorius making it to semis. So much.

  8. Missy’s first GOLD. Stupid auto correct.

  9. Yup- you are exactly right about it being OKAY to not always do EVERYTHING. :)
    That is one GIANT zucchini! Oh man, so many different directions to go with it! I’d go both sweet and savory routes.
    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been subbing for classes like crazy this summer! I need the money, but my body really needs a break. Good thing vacation season is dying down soon. I have a hard time saying no when someone needs a class covered!

  10. Um, that is an insanely large zucchini!!! And I loooooved pita pit in college, I haven’t been since! And no, we can’t do everything! I’ve learned that through training for races, I want to do both distance running and tons of strength training (ideally I’d love to try crossfit!) but I know my body could not handle all of that, at least not right now! I have to choose what’s more important!

  11. I cannot believe the size of that zucchini!!!! It’s a beast!!!

    And hope you get some much needed rest today. That was one busy weekend.

  12. It’s all about balance…and I’m so bad at balancing!

  13. Great post! Yes, I’ve learnt that not having it all is a good thing! It’s like not trying to be perfect, but loving yourself regardless :)

  14. Laurel C says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for the giveaway! Can’t wait for my Petit Amuse box :)


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