When Hangry Becomes Laughable

Hey you guys!

Happy FRIDAY <3

Some thoughts from me:

  • I am freaking loving the Olympics. All those athletes are so inspiring!
  • Michael Phelps will always be my favorite Olympian. That dude is incredible!
  • Oh and Gabby?! Love that cute firecracker. I am impressed!
  • I can’t seem to get enough sleep lately….that is kind of bad news.
  • I don’t think I’ve worn any other bottoms than skirts in like a week. It is SO hot here.
  • My parents come into town tonight, and I get to see them tomorrow! Wahoo!
  • Yesterday I did an easy cardio day–sometimes you just must take an active rest day. Even amidst a grueling training plan. (It was tough, but I knew it was best for my body. MUST.listen.to.it.)
  • I can’t get enough watermelon. That stuff is like crack–I down 1 huge one every 3 days or so!



When Hangry Becomes Laughable

You all know that I eat a lot, right? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. 😉

I eat a lot–but not necessarily at one time. I eat a lot throughout the day-I eat often. I am NOT one of those people who ‘forgets’ meals, or can just skip a meal. No way. (My husband gets ‘busy’ and forgets to eat lunch. What?! Who does that?!)

I have ‘eating episodes’ (meals/snacks) at least 5 times a day, if not 7 or 8. But this works for me, for my body, for my schedule, and for my training right now.

Well this past weekend in Colorado during the ladies’ weekend, I did not pack food so smartly on one of our days out……

On Friday we ate lunch at about 1:00p.m. (I usually eat lunch around 1:30p.m.)<—so this was a bit early for me. Well, after shopping straight from 2-6:19 p.m., I had eaten only 2 small pieces of candy (Mambas) and 1 bite of a granola bar.

YAH, so by the time we sat down to dinner I was HUNGRY.

When I grabbed the menu and scanned the appetizers, I whispered to my mom that I needed those salty, doughy pretzels asap. Well, no one wanted the pretzels, and when the waitress came to get the apps order, everyone turned to me and said, “Why pretzels? Ewww gross.” And other appetizers were ordered.

Well. I promptly BURST INTO TEARS.

Um yah.

Obviously at the time no one laughed. I think my sisters were just shocked that I was crying over a pretzel (I shocked myself too. Hah). But NOW, now it’s funny.

Who cries over pretzels, or even food for that matter?!

PLEASE tell me I am not alone?! Please.

By the way, I do believe that being hangry (angry+hungry) is something that happens to people who usually eat a lot, work out at lot, or are used to eating often. I usually crave SALTY things if I haven’t eaten in awhile, hence why that was such a big deal at the time!

p.s. My mom and sisters ordered the pretzels behind my back, even when I told them (through tears) I was fine. I have a mighty fine family, if I do say so myself. 😉


Have a lovely day, my awesome readers!! <3

Have YOU ever cried over or about food?? What is something YOU often crave?? Any fun Friday night plans for YOU??

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  1. I definitely get HANGRY if I go without food for too long. I cannot even handle it!!! Friday night plans enjoy going to my rents house to check out the 700 pictures that were taken on our vacay… because we haven’t been with each other enough yet! ha.

  2. Lol I never understand how people forget to eat! I would die of self-pity that I missed lunch!! the only thing i forget is exercise…it should be the other way round..:)

  3. OMG!!! I totally get HANGRY!! And when I do, watch out world because it gets kinda ugly! I get a headache when I’ve gone for too long without food and get kind of mean! I eat really often like you do. My lunch box is more like a suitcase and I overpack because heaven forbid I run out of food! I’m always prepared…I’ve even been known to carry a jar of peanut butter and pretzels and an apple in my purse!! LOL!! What can I say? I’m a foodie and always running around hungry…hence my blog’s name! :-)

  4. omg I am the same! I eat all the time, I do not understand people who forget to eat!?!? WHO FORGETS TO EAT!?!? Haha, anyway, I get sooo hangry if I haven’t eaten. I’ve started carrying mini granola bars around in my purse for such occasions!

  5. I am the same- I am trying to eat more frequently because when I don’t my anxiety and issues all start to overcome me and I will eat things that probably aren’t the best at the time. I am going to start carrying around nuts and a trail mix just in case :)

  6. When I was in college, I was so HANGRY one night that I nearly came to blows with a close friend over where we were going for dinner. My boyfriend dragged me into his room and made me eat cheerios until I wasn’t angry anymore.

    20 years later, I still get teased about that episode. Sigh…

  7. HANGRY! Yes, often. I now carry food with me EVERYWHERE and often my husband sees signs of it coming on before I know myself.

  8. Haha, I can relate to that extreme hungriness. I’ve never gotten emotional, but I get extremely fatigued, anxious, clammy, and get horrid headaches. I guess its because I have hypoglycemia. But, its certainly not fun to experience those moments!
    I also don’t understand how people forget meals…I would literally pass out or cry 😉

  9. I loved Elisa’s comment later– “when we cry, we get what we want. ” =) I’m so glad you did get to eat a pretzel. liebe dich!

  10. kristle says:

    my parents don’t get my eating schedule either. mum calls it “piecing.” … “no piecing, dinner’s in an hour!” both my parents just eat straight meals, and thats it. not for me! people who know me know that i get suuuuper cranky if i go too long without food!

  11. I also am amazed that people ‘forget’ or ‘don’t have time’ to eat. That just never happens to me. Ever! And, I am definitely one who gets hangry. In fact its very common in our house for my husband to ask if its time to eat- not because he’s hungry but because I am cranky! When I get hangry, I often become very emotional… Angry, weepy… Ha ha… If its like this before I’m pregnant I can only imagine what the hangry beast will be like when I am.



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