BURNIN’ Total Body Weights Circuit

Happy WEEKEND to us all! :)

I am in Colorado with my ladies (aka sisters/mom), having a total blast. Pictures/recap to come, I am sure.


In the meantime though, I promised you a post about my workout that I had on Tuesday. OH boy. I was sore in NEW places on Wednesday–which is a good thing (unless you’re body is in a constant state of soreness–then that means you’re probably overtraining or might be addicted to exercise like I used to be.)

I really LIKE the feeling of ‘the burn’  *** <–BUT it is important to realize that not every workout should be crazy tough, intense, and makes you sore.

Those tough workouts should be reserved for days where you got a good amount of sleep, did not have a crazy tough workout the day before, and you are fueled properly.

{This workout hits every major muscle group + the core + incorporates Plyometrics. Hello great combo!! I completed it in about 1 hour–so don’t be intimidated by its length! Just FYI.)

BURNIN’ Total-Body Weights Circuit


Seriously though, who doesn’t want to get weights, cardio, and core ALL in one?!

Here are some links to moves you might not know right away:

Have an AWESOME workout, people!!

What types of moves do YOU like to superset with?? Which listed move is the toughest for YOU to do–and WHY?? Who’s going to conquer their fears and HIT the weights?!! :)

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  1. What an awesome looking workout!! Those workouts that leave you feeling sore… they are good ones :)

  2. I love those workouts that leave you feeling sore! This looks like a good one!

  3. Jump squats are definitely a killer! I haven’t been doing a lot of plyometrics, something I’m going to start once I finish my current program.

    And was at the gym lifting by 8:30 this morning! Quite the accomplishment for me on a Saturday. :-)

  4. Have a super time in Colorado!!
    This looks like a great workout! I love total body workouts!

  5. This workout looks super intense! I gotta admit I’m a bit intimidated by it, but that’s just all the more reason to try it, right? 😀

    Hope you’re having an awesome time with your mom and sisters!

  6. Great workout! Definitely Pin worthy! Just pinned it to my fitness board!

  7. My body pretty much is constantly sore so I’m thinking I need to fuel it a bit more and look after it. I do enjoy lower intensity workouts though like body balance and cx.

  8. Just pinned this to my workout board! Looks like it’s going to be a sweat-fest! 😉

  9. sometimes it just feels AWESOME to do a full body workout! I pinned this and will definitely be doing it love

  10. p.s. have a great time with the girls :)

  11. Frannie says:

    Thanks for the workout Annette! I just finished it – I am a sweaty and shaky mess :) Feels great!

  12. Wait, I’m confused. Do you do each superset three times before moving on to the next one or the whole circuit three times?

    • Yes, like do squats then sumo squats, then do squats to sumo squats, then do squats to sumo squats. Then go to the next exercise (cardio burst with core). Does that make sense?



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