My Prepare and Refuel Routine

Hey friends.


I am loving this Friday because I am currently in a cabin the beautiful mountains of Colorado with all my sisters (5), my mom, and my sister-in-law. Girls trip weekend is already off to an awesome start!

We’ve got a hike, lake time, shopping, dinners, movie, nails, etc. on the agenda for the next few days–so stoked! My sisters are my best friends, so this couldn’t have come at a better time for me to just chill with them.


Through my Half IronMan training + teaching a bunch of fitness classes (about 6-7 depending on the week) + a full-time job + coaching my own clients, I HAVE to be prepared & stay hydrated & fueled for all of those different things.

I get a lot of questions about it, so I’d just thought I’d share a bit about my prepare and refuel foods/techniques!

{I separated the sections into the a.m. routine and the p.m. routine –for days when I teach in the evenings.}

My Prepare and Refuel Routine

For the A.M. class/workout/training:


  • I drink a cup of water mixed with 3/4 scoop FitMixer Aminos.
  • I eat a small handful of fruit (plum, grapes, half a nectarine)



During a 1-hour workout I usually just drink water.

If the workout is longer than 1 hour I:

  • Eat half a protein bar (or a full one if the workout is longer than 2 hours).



  • I immediately drink 8-12 ounces of chocolate milk mixed with chocolate whey protein powder (1/2-1 scoop; depending) IF I taught BodyPUMP or did a lifting session.
  • I drink 1/2 scoop FitMixer Aminos mixed with water if it was a cardio class and/or Half IM training session.
  • I shower, and then I eat breakfast.

-breakfast is either egg/jam/spinach on toast OR a fruit/spinach/protein smoothie OR protein French Toast w/almond butter


For the P.M. class/workout/training:


  • I usually have a late afternoon snack around 3 or 4-ish. (I usually teach around 5:30 p.m.).

-snacks include apple + almond butter OR Greek yogurt + fruit/granola OR piece of fruit + handful of nuts OR protein smoothie

  • I also drink either plain water with lemon OR water + 3/4 scoop FitMixer Aminos.


  • I don’t ever do my ‘own’ workouts at night, I just teach, so all I do is drink water during the class. LOTS of it!


  • If I taught BodyPUMP that evening, I immediately drink my (8-12 ounces) chocolate milk + chocolate whey powder concoction.
  • After driving home & showering & prepping dinner, I am exhausted, so I usually just eat whatever dinner we have.

-sample dinners are turkey burgers + salad + yam fries OR chicken/bean quesadillas OR tofu/veggie stir fry OR turkey/spinach paninis

It’s like a 2nd job prepping for and refueling after hard sweat sessions! Hah.

But, it is SO important to prepare and refuel correctly. It could be THE number one way you can up your fitness game because there is a NICE window of opportunity to prepare and refuel the muscles for work, and then to help them rebuild stronger after.

For example, I know that once I started caring about what I was putting IN my body before and after workouts, I got stronger/fitter/leaner.

Of course this makes sense because the research points to the strong correlation between performance in athletic events (and workouts) and the food/drink used to fuel that athlete. (Refuel, When? answers some questions about all that.)

{p.s. Disclosure: FitMixer sent me products to try. But because I love the taste so much, and feel like I recover quicker, it is a part of my routine now. More about that in a later post!)


Have an AWESOME Friday!

What do YOU find interesting about this routine?? What do YOU do to prepare/sustain/refuel YOUR workouts right now?? Friday plans for YOU??

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  1. Perfect routine lady! You HAVE to prepare and refuel properly for how active you are! It’s absolutely crucial. You set a great example! :)

  2. Danielle says:

    Your nutrition is so awesome and on point, you go girl! :)
    My work hours are from 7-5pm, so I’m usually at the gym by 4 or 5am and can’t even think about eating before that. After my morning workout I’ll have some steel cut oats mixed with protein, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt with sweetner or dried fruit. Then coffee! Or I’ll have a protein shake with banana. Protein is my main thing – if I don’t have it, I’ll totally break down, and sadly I get lazy about it because it’s just easier to have rice and beans… but that doesn’t work for me, I keep learning that hard way, lol. After my evening work out I’ll have a starchy meal with veggies, and a yummy bowl of cinnamon apple sauce with lots of nut butter and coconut mixed in – i t’s my guilty pleasure now! If I’m taking a recovery week I’ll make sure I still eat plenty but really make sure I get my protein – it keeps me happy and my hormones in check for sure.
    TGIF, I’m so happy it’s Friday! Have a great time in CO, my sister lives there in the Springs so I’m jelli! 😀

    • Thank you! It’s been SO fun so far!

      I agree-protein is HUGE for recovery and refueling–I can totally feel a difference if I don’t get enough. Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Wow! You are really busy, but I’m so impressed at how you take care of your body! Refueling with the right foods and nutrients is important when our schedules are jam packed. Good lessons and great routine!

  4. I really need to work on my refueling. I always workout in the morning, but I don’t eat until an hour after I’m done because I walk home, shower, get dressed and then make breakfast!

  5. This is interesting!! I love the fitmixer aminos :). I won them from a giveaway and I think it’s great! Hope you have a great time with your sisters and mom!!

  6. You definitely drink your chocolate milk! That’s something I’ve actually been meaning to reintroduce into my diet – tastes good and helps you recover properly.

    Usually I work out in the morning, so I’ll have half a protein bar or a handful of trail mix beforehand, drinks sh*ttons of water during and eat breakfast when I get back – favourites being smoothies, protein pancakes or eggs.

  7. This is awesome! I definitely need to start looking after my body better especially with all the exercise I do. Would you ever consider doing an in-depth protein powder post? I am stuck as to what one to buy. I’d prefer to get one that is more for athletes rather than body builders if you get me? If you’re interested in more I did a post on it last night asking for recommendations! Haha, and since you really know your stuff I thought maybe you could help a gal out 😉

  8. This is a great thing to do so we’re on set on our fitness goals, the food pictures just look so yu!


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