Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Body

Hey friends! :)

How are you doing today?? I feel so much better because I got more sleep last night (yesterday-all day- I could just feel my hormones all out of whack b/c I couldn’t fall asleep on Monday night).

I did, however, manage to have a killer weights session at the gym yesterday morning <–probably thanks to that lifting motivation. 😉 I actually can’t wait to share the workout with you. HELLO burn. It’ll come in the next few days. Promise. 😉

Oh, and today is ONE MONTH until Half IronMan day!!! AHHHHHHH!!! :)

{freaking out!}


Now, as some of you might know, I’ve worked as a weight loss coach in a variety of different ways (friends, work, etc.). I know many of the tricks & tips. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what it can do for someone who is diagnosed with a chronic disease. And I know a lot about it all because I’ve experienced much of it myself.

Today I do want to address a topic about weight loss –I have readers who want to lose weight –and so in answer to questions from email, I decided to do a post today about one of those ideas.

Is it Just Will Power?

Losing weight is not easy for most–which kind of explains the multi-billion dollar diet industry (check out 4 reasons not to follow a fad diet)! As such, there are a myriad of ways and tools all over the place to help someone lose weight.

The question is, what is the best way to approach weight loss?

First of all, there is NO QUICK FIX. There is NO magic pill. And I will never ever endorse any fad diet. Ever.

{Just to make sure we’re clear.} :)


Second of all, I do not believe there is ONE right way to lose weight. Each person is different, so different ways will help people differently.

HOWEVER, the science, the studies, and the research conducted in a variety of places and times spans do have some answers for us that can be beneficial to anyone looking to lose weight and/or body fat.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Body

Something a recent article in a magazine caught my eye (I wish I could remember which one!). It mentioned that simply changing “I can’t eat ____” to “I don’t eat ____” helped dieters stay on track with their weight loss goals.

This is HUGE! This is exactly what I’ve been talking about, living, and coaching my clients on! I loved seeing that little blurb in print. 😉

Change your thoughts change your body, people!


That is really HOW achieving anything good happens. For example, if you tell yourself you will (and can) lose weight, you will. You will find a way to do so.

If you constantly feed your thoughts with negative images, phrases, self talk, and other harmful crap, you will start to believe it, and your body will follow suit.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. -Maya Angelou

Amen, sista.


In review:

  • Weight loss and/or body fat loss will follow by eating lots of fresh, whole foods.
  • You will lose weight if you lift heavy weights, add in some higher intensity to your cardio, and get in as much physical activity as you can.
  • Weight loss and/or body fat loss will occur when meals & snacks are balanced with a good amount of produce, protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.
  • Changing your thoughts to where you actually believe you CAN lose weight and/or achieve a goal will help you to bring that goal to life!

You have the power to achieve great things, but it really all starts in your head (as we discussed with achieving greater fitness).

When we focus on the abundance that is around us, the great things we already have in our lives, and the awesome potential that is within us, we really can achieve anything.

This is SO important in weight loss! If you are looking to lose a few pounds to get to a healthy weight, I encourage you to focus on the banter that is going through your head throughout the day. Saying things like “I am so grateful I get to have a huge salad of lunch topped with lots of fresh veggies!” will help you in your efforts more so than grumbling, “I have to have a salad again?!”

Same goes with things that are ‘supposed’ to be more off-limits, like ice cream. Remind yourself, “I love eating ice cream, but it tastes best when I eat it in smaller portions and/or when I save it for special nights,” instead of “I can’t have ice cream tonight.”

Lose the negativity and the fat and weight will follow. Promise.

Cheers to healthy thoughts and a healthy body! :)



Have a GREAT day, my lovely readers!

What is a tool YOU have used to lose weight in a healthy way?? What powerful thoughts have YOU believed to help YOU achieve something healthy??

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  1. caroline says:

    “lose the negativity” I love that thought!

  2. love it!! I think being positive about yourself is a big thing…but also just learning that you dont need to restrict yourself so completely. You can have things that may not necessarily be great for you, but in moderation and not everyday. The thing i love to tell people the most is that you cant diet for the rest of your life…you need to learn to eat healthy for life :)

  3. great post sweetie and I cannot believe you are only a month away! WOOOO

  4. I read that same article that said changing the way you talk from simply changing “I can’t eat ____” to “I don’t eat ____” kept people on track and I can understand why. I never really thought about it, but it takes a negative statement and turns it neutral (or positive). Good reminder.

  5. It’s funny, I started saying “I don’t eat that” during my transition to a plant-based diet and I agree it’s a very liberating statement. It’s funny how our mind works, but it does help!

  6. love this post and love that picture of you!! so beautiful!

  7. My ‘something healthy’ was recovering from an eating disorder – and like losing weight, it’s all about the positive thoughts! I just reminded myself that no matter how hard it was, I would recover and it would 100% worth all the discomfort and anxiety that goes along with it.

    Knowing that you WILL recover is super important – you just need the determination. :-)

  8. this is awesome! so inspirational :) thanks for posting this and you are SO right… there is no magic pill!

  9. Awesome post!!
    We need to break the negativity cycle and throw those thoughts away!!
    I definitely agree that to love your body you need to change those thoughts! You can’t love your body if you think so negatively about it. And your the one in control of those thoughts and beliefs.

  10. this is a great post Annette! I’ve been finding myself dealing with negative thoughts WAY too often recently. I try to snap out of it, but it can be hard! Definitely a daily struggle, but I’ll get my mind in the right place, and learn to love myself as much as He does!

  11. I think the author you are thinking of is Dr Amen, who wrote “Change Your Brain; Change Your Body.” The latest research from Dr James Hill and Dr Holly Wyatt shows that diet is the most critical part of weight loss and exercise is the key to keep lost weight off. And you are so right that the “best” path is unique to the individual. Al the best with helping people change their mindset!

  12. I also think it’s important to eat healthy things you enjoy- not eat salad because it’s what people eat to lose weight. If you don’t love what you eat you won’t continue to eat it.

  13. YES! I used to be such a believer in fad diets, thinking that they were the key focus I needed to losing weight, but after too many failed attempts with them I’ve realized that the important part is balance! I also love the fact that you point out that there isn’t one universal diet for everybody. Different strokes for different folks 😀



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