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Happy FRIDAY :)

I am glad we’re all of the same opinion. If your dreams don’t scare you, then honestly, your dreams are not BIG enough.

LOVE the comments in that post–so check those out.  You guys are an inspiring bunch!


Did ya all know the Olympics start in a week?!! I am SO.EXCITED.

I LOVE the Olympics. Love them.

I remember as a little girl just being mesmerized by the athletes’ ability to do what they did, and to do it SO well. It was fascinating to me then and it still is.

Funny story: I did musicals in HS (I was a thespian–an actress and dancer in the shows, NOT a singer). When the 2002 Winter Olympics were going on, the show I was in was going on as well. I remember very clearly watching the skaters skate (my favorite sport to watch in WO is the ice skating, and Michelle Kwan will always be my favorite), in between acts.

Well, the final skating session happened while I was on stage, and when I returned, I burst into tears when I saw that Michelle Kwan had been ousted (yet again) by a younger skater (Sarah Hughes this time, Tara Lipinski in 98′).

Yah. Dramatic much?! You guys don’t even know how much I respect and admire Michelle Kwan. Such a talented athlete and skater!

Anyways. The Olympics mean a lot to me, and so I am totally nerded out for next week’s opening ceremonies!

Here’s my “Love the Olympics” Survey –all opinions are my own. 😉

***”Love the Olympics” Survey***

Favorite Olympic Sports to Watch

Winter: Figure skating-singles & pairs, downhill skiing, and ski jumping

Summer: Gymnastics, swimming, diving, and hurdles

Favorite Athletes

Winter: Michelle Kwan

Summer: Michael Phelps, Dara Torres (so sad she didn’t make the team!)

Most Excited Race/Game to Watch

Winter: American figure skaters against the Russians.

Summer: Michael Phelps possibly beating everyone again. Oh, and Kelli Wells’ 100 meter hurdles.<–she has a heartbreaking story and I am SO proud of her for going for her dreams and making the Olympic team.

Most Boring Sport to Watch

Winter: Speed Skating

Summer: Archery

Toughest Sports to Compete In (in my opinion)

Winter: Downhill skiing

Summer: Triathlon, Marathon

Who I Root For if No American is Racing

Winter: the Swiss

Summer: the Swiss (oh wait, they hardly have anyone. hah)…… the Australians

Where I am Going to Watch the Olympics

Winter: at the gym on the TVs

Summer: at the gym on the TVs and on my computer-streaming it

What Olympic Sport I Wish I Had Been Good At

Winter: Figure skating

Summer: Gymnastics, diving

(hmmmmm, think my training in Ballet has anything to do with that?!)

What Olympic-themed Food I Will Make

Winter: probably none

Summer: most likely none

(HAHA) Someone want to me make me these & send it to me? 😉

Which Olympic Sport I Could Pretend to Train For

Winter: Downhill skiing

Summer: Swimming or the Triathlon

(Buuuuutttt let’s be honest. That would be in my dream world.)


Well, I hope that got you all psyched for the Olympics! 7 days and counting!!

I am off to work, teach Zumba, work, and then get my life together before the crazy-busy weekend hits (we’ve got family in town. Wheeee!)!

Have a GREAT Friday <3

What Olympic sport is YOUR favorite to watch?? Which athletes do YOU love to watch and/or follow?? Friday plans YOU guys??

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  1. I love watching the gymnastics – they fascinate me because it was never something I could do! :)

  2. I love the summer Olympics more than winter., but I watch it all.

    Favorite sports in summer: all equestrian events (although I even get tired of Dressage at some point), gymnastics, diving, track.

    Maybe everything – I must clear out my DVR so I can go on a recording frenzy.

  3. I am so stealing this survey, love it and love the olympics!

  4. I love watching gymnastics and swimming. Track and field runners are pretty amazing too!

  5. i just LOVE the olympics! especially the summer olympics. my favorite sports to watch are gymnastics, diving, and swimming.

  6. I LOVE the olympics! I used to be a swimmer so I know a few who were at olympic trials and a friend actually competed 4 years ago and won bronze, so we’re hoping he gets gold this year! So swimming is definitely my favourite, then gymnastics, and triathlon.

  7. gymnastics and diving are my favorites!

  8. Yayy I’m so pumped for the Olympics! I love watching gymnastics too. I used to do it when I was younger and the most exciting thing I could do was a cartwheel. 😛 So it always amazes me to watch the gymnasts do their crazy flips!

  9. I love the Olympics! For the summer games, I am glue to the screen when gymnastics is on. If it is the winter games, then I am watching skiing and skating. Friday night plans include a hot dog supper and VBS graduation at church, then catching up on my DVR with the hubby!

  10. I LOVE watching gymnastics :D. The strength they have and the things they can do are always so amazing. Hope you have an awesome weekend love!

  11. In the summer olympics I love to watch the gymnastics the most.

    I used to play field hockey in high school, but I’ve never watched it at the Olympics – think I’m going to try to catch it this year!

  12. Haha, good job rooting for us Aussies 😉 I love the Olympics too! The cycling freaks me out though- I hate bikes and can’t ride but it just looks so dangerous.

  13. I Love the Olympics especially Gymnastics but I am annoyed that they will not honor the memory of the Israeli Gymnastics who were murdered by Terrorists! I feel it is MORE fitting after the happenings in CO.


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