Focus On: Diamond Pushups

Good morning!!

The weekend is off to a great start :) After work yesterday I ate dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in forever!

We ate at Applebees (they had a gift card), and caught up on life. She is about to have a baby. Literally. She is 5 days away!

{I got the chicken bruschetta salad. It was tasty, but I was hungry like 2 hours later. Hah}

My friend and I became good friends when we lived together in Germany in 2007. (I lived abroad for 18 months in Austria and Germany).


K. So did ya’all know that I fell in love with an exercise a few weeks ago?

You didn’t?!

Well, I’ll let you in on the relationship.

It’s all about the diamond pushups, baby.

Focus On: Diamond Pushups

Diamond pushups are different from ‘regular’ pushups in a few ways:

  • The hands are placed narrower (making a diamond with the forefinger and thumbs).
  • The load is placed in the triceps.
  • They are notoriously harder.

{Just FYI: Diamond pushups are also similar to triangle pushups (they’re pretty much the same, really).}

Regular pushup:



Diamond Pushup:


To do Diamond Pushups correctly:

  • Place the hands in a diamond position (with the forefingers and thumbs touching, making a diamond-like shape), right above chest level.
  • Tuck the toes under and rise up to a pushup position (hips lower than shoulders, butt out of the air); shifting the body slightly forward.
  • Bend at the elbows, keeping the core tight, to lower down.
  • Keep the elbows ‘in’ (versus the regular pushup where the elbows would go out).
  • Press up out of the lowered phase by squeezing the triceps.
  • That was 1 rep!


The reason why this type of pushup is harder than a regular pushup is because the triceps are a much smaller muscle group than the chest muscles (pecs, etc.). In a regular pushup the main muscles groups that are engaged are the chest, back, and shoulders. In the diamond pushup, the chest and shoulders play only a minor role, whereas the triceps, a super small muscle group, plays the major role. OUCH.

I love ’em because they burn. I don’t have any issues with loving the ‘hurts so good’ feeling. 😉

By the way, if you’re looking to tone or tighten the triceps area, diamond pushups are a MUST do<—I’ve already seen some changes in my arms just by doing ’em 1x/week!

To Put Into Practice: Add these bad boys in to an upper body day or triceps day. 3 sets x 10 reps. ENJOY!

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend!

What is YOUR new favorite exercise as of late?? Have YOU tried the diamond pushups?? What muscle group is tough for YOU to work??

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  1. Oh the last time i did a diamond pushup was back in my p90x days. Good times!!

  2. Diamond pushups are so hard!!

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m guessing you can modify these by going on your knees to make them a touch easier, yes? :) You’ve got great arm definition – check out that push-up pic.!

    • Yes, you can modify by coming to your knees. Good thought/question!

      And that’s not me in that picture–click on it for the source. But thanks 😉

  4. Um… YOU LIVED ABROAD FOR 18 MONTHS?! That is absolutely amazing! Was it part of your college experience or something?

  5. LOVE pushups!!!! of all kinds…

  6. I think I’ve only done diamond push-ups once haha. I need to try them again asap!

  7. I love to hate diamond pushups…they work so well but they’re so damn hard!

    Anything involving my arms is tough for me…I have naturally thin/weak arms so it’s hard for me to add muscle and strength to them!

  8. I love diamond pushups! They are so hard, which is a plus :)

  9. I’ve been loving pushups lately so I should give these a try. Even if I do them as a variation 1-2x a week, right? I also recently found a book on jump rope work outs so I’ve been excited to try those

  10. I hate tricep pushups and diamond push ups are just as bad! Gimme some ordinary push ups anyday and I’m doing those bad boys on my toes like no tomorrow ;)..triceps and diamonds? not so much.

  11. I tried those Saturday and fought through 20….new goal is 30!


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