Friday Musings

Hey friends!

And hello FRIDAY. <3 Gosh, I really like Fridays. They are just less stressful in general, and it’s like ‘there is a break around the corner’ that helps with that final push. Ya know?

I enjoy my moments every work week (most of the time)–but I’m with everyone else, there is a lovely, special feeling about Fridays.


And about humor. :)


Alright. Friday Musings. ENJOY!

I may or may not have eaten lunch on my break while watching a TV show I am obsessed with.

Who am I? I NEVER eat while doing other things, and I don’t really ever watch TV.

BUT, when it comes down to it, there was an episode I really wanted to see that became available the day when things were a bit crazy. SO what’s a girl to do?! Multi-task, baby.

{In case you’re wondering, the show is Drop Dead Diva, and I am obsessed with it. It’s in its 4th season, and I became hooked on the 1st episode after my best friend gifted me the season 1 DVD. She knows me well, eh?!}


I sometimes do my IronMan training indoors.

Sometimes I just want to read while banging out miles. #iamsorryiamnotsorry

I have trained my eyes to be able to read while running, biking (much easier), on the elliptical, walking, etc. So when I see that I ‘should’ be doing a 210 minute bike ride for the half ironman training plan I loosely follow, I think, what book can I take with me?!


I know it’s best to actually train outside since that is where the race will be (it’s called specificity in fitness terms), but what if it gets real boring doing all those miles by yourself all.the.time.? You can only listen to so many podcasts and songs. Trust me.

So don’t judge. 😉

Being outside is awesome -and if I am in the mood for it (and the heat), I am all about it! But sometimes I just don’t want to go at all those miles alone. Safety first (I am a scaredycat).

And to be honest, the miles are going to get done whether I am inside at the gym or outside. Don’t you worry! :)

I am having way too much fun with my phone.

It’s easier to text, take pictures, make collages of those pictures, check my email, tweet, and check FB.

{Yesterday’s lunch. Follow me on Instagram! @FitnessPerks}

And boy do I do all those things quicker now! My poor sisters–I text them all the time now. I used to have a phone where there was no keyboard, and I had to type through all the letters to get the one I wanted. Yah. Super slow and inefficient.

Now? I am a speed texter. :)

It is nice to have evenings off from teaching once in awhile. 

Last night I didn’t teach a class. It felt SO weird to have nothing to do after work. Well, nothing is not quite right, but you know what I mean–I didn’t have anything scheduled.

I caught up on some work, read, cleaned, and went to bed EARLY. Hello awesome.

I am obsessed with my new water bottle.

I love it. It makes drinking water so much more enjoyable!

I usually need it full of cold water + lemon essential oil because it makes it tastier and helps keep me hydrated in this heat.

I really like Pinterest’s outfit and hair ideas.

Now if only I would actually put them to use in my life, I’d be golden.





You see, I teach fitness classes (in fitness clothes), I train for the Half IM (in fitness clothes), and I work from home (in whatever random outfits and semi- or no-makeup face).

Sooooooo. Yah.

Unless I am going to church, on a date, going on errands/public places, I don’t necessarily look like any of those Pinterest people. Ever.

Oh well. I guess there are worse things to be admitting to?!

Tweaking things in a Pushup will produce maximum burn and results.

Oh boy. I teach BodyPUMP 3-4 x/week, and with the new release (82) my chest has been ON fire. Guess why? We do single-plate pushups during it (+ a ton of reps of chest press + more ‘regular’ pushups).


The change in dimension (adding a medicine ball or short bench would do the trick too) forces the pec muscles to compensate, making them work harder. Just make sure to do the same number of reps on each side!


And since your day just got better from reading my random musings, keep having an AWESOME day! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday musings?? What have YOU been eyeing on Pinterest?? Any cool Pushup tweaks YOU’ve discovered?? Fabulous weekend plans ANYONE??

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  1. caroline says:

    Totally agree on the pinterest outfits. Why aren’t those outfits for sale? No one is judging you for doing your ironman training inside cause they are too!

  2. Friday are awesome – even on summer break! :)

  3. Haha, I’m eating breakfast while reading blogs right now! I multitask a lot… And you should get a book on tape or download podcasts, that’s what I love to do to get me through long runs outside!

  4. What all is on that sandwich?! Looks amazing!

  5. i multitask allll the time, i’m a pro by this point, haha. I havent gotten into the whole pinterest thing, I know, its terrible!

    I havent quite mastered reading while I’m running on the treadmill yet, call me impressed!

    i have such a busy weekend ahead! first up is tonight…10 year high school reunion, i cant believe how fast the years have gone by!!

  6. If I could read on the treadmill….it would be awesome. Deathly afraid of totally biting it in front of everyone, then having treadmill burn on my face. YIKES!

  7. i love all the adorable outfits on pinterest too. we must have similar tastes in style because i find myself repinning a lot of your fashion photos. 😉 but i’m the same way – i work at home some days, and even when i go into the office, it’s very casual, so it’s pretty rare that i get to dress up all fashionable.

  8. I am so guilty of multi-tasking ..especially eating while blogging, reading FB, or watching television. My weekend plans include a VBS launch party tomorrow after complete with waterslide, a date tomorrow night with the hubby (hopefully frozen yogurt will be included) and lots of time with family and friends.

  9. Danielle says:

    You are so awesome, I love your musings and can totally relate. I am totally doing some Half IM indoor training as well, and of course while watching my favorite DVR shows: ARound the World in 80 Plates and Miss Advised… lol, yeah totally training/fitness related, right? I am loving Bravo channel right now! I am also totally obsessed with my bike trainer and swimming paddles.. wow, never thought I would say that 😀
    I just discovered Pinterest and so far am stil browsing and loving it. For pushups, I like doing them with my legs, feet elevated on a bench, or use the grip bars. Fun stuff for sure for those shoulders!
    This weekend all depends on weather, and it looks bad.. :( so if it’s raining, then I’ll be doing even more indoor training!

    • I’ll prob be doing indoor training again too-the weather looks yucky. ANd I refuse to get caught out there mid-workout. HAH.

  10. I’m impressed you can read while running! I’ve tried to flip through a magazine while running once and I just couldn’t do it!

    Ha! I’m the same way when it comes to fashion. I love all the ideas in magazines and on Pinterest and I always plan to copy them, but I usually just end up in jeans and a Lulu hoodie. 😛

  11. Oh god…pinterest. If I bought have the outfits I liked and made all the recipes I’ve found, I’d be swimming in debt and unable to fit through a door, let alone wear the outfits I got!

    I always multitask while I eat. It’s a bad habit I’ve been meaning to work on!

  12. I’ll say it again- I LOVE the chest track! I told my class today that the song just brings out something in me, and I can’t be held responsible for my singing LOUDLY along with it. At least it makes them laugh. :)
    I feel like I haven’t worn anything but workout clothes all week- and it’s probably true! But… I’m okay with that.
    And yeah… I’m obsessed with Instagram (i’m sure you can tell).

  13. I am in the same boat with the workout clothes and daily attire. Some days after taking off my sweaty gym clothes I put my pjs on or some other flowy baggy clothes and pop my robe over the top- hair untouched and no make up. I am a diva right? That’s why whenever I go out to dinner or do something fun with the bf I usually like to dress up a bit :) Oh and how hard is the chest track in the new body pump release!!!


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