“Speed Up” Treadmill Workout + Thankful Thursday

Hey friends!

How are you doing? LOVE your fitness bucket lists!! SO cool to hear the things you’ve all got going on in your lives and what you’re most excited to try out. Sounds like lots of us are going to be doing Disney and D.C. races. 😉

So after teaching BodyPUMP last night, I wanted to do so many things : go to the library to get the books I requested (SO exciting! Seriously. A major highlight to me.), get us free slurpies from 7-11 (b/c it was 7/11), eat dinner, and foam roll.

That was ambitious of me…..

But I did it!

In a nut shell: BodyPUMP killed off my legs. My lemon creme slurpie tasted amazing–picked up a blue raspberry one for my husband. Flew to the library & got 2 books I want to read (Bitterblue and Fever), and the latest Runners Magazine. Whipped together garlic lime roasted chickpea snacks and bean & chicken quesadillas for dinner. And foam rolled.

…..And fell into bed.


K, first of all, I found this GREAT article about lifting-and what you might be leaving out of your workouts. READ IT.  I am a fitness nerd, so when I find things that are explained well enough that trainers and ‘normal’ people alike can understand and use the information presented, then I am all for it.


It goes perfectly with what I am going to share. Promise.

So after seeing a workout that Meghann posted -originally from this site, I decided to try it. And then I did it. And then I tweaked it. And then I fell in love.

Get ready to RUN. This is a fabulous workout that I love using to add speed to my runs for training b/c it kisses boredom goodbye.

Why Changing Things Up Works

When we work at loads that are higher or faster than normal (overload principle application), we essentially begin to force our body to adapt. Numerous things can happen: hormones are released, more red blood cells are produced, muscle cells will be broken down quicker (and rebuilt stronger later), etc.

These changes are all important areas in fitness, and can help YOU achieve your goals.

One way to reach that is to add in speed work. (Other ways include adding more resistance, reps, intervals, time-FITT principles, etc.)

Welcome to your brand new treadmill workout that you will use again, and again, and again. PROMISE. The reason? It’s fun, effective, and easy to remember.

“Speed Up”Treadmill Workout


As you can see, you start at 6.0 to run, you go for 5 minutes, and then you “speed up” by 0.5 mph and do that speed for 4 minutes. All the way until you get to 30 seconds. Then you actively rest (walk) and start all over again at 0.5 higher (aka 6.5 mph).

You could make this work for YOUR fitness needs by starting at whatever speed is best for ya.

Easy peasy. 5 minutes at a speed, add 0.5 mph & go for 4 mins, add 0.5 more & go for 3 mins–all the way until 30 seconds.

Happy RUNNING :)

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for a great water bottle.
  2. I am super grateful for a husband who lets me go to bed at whatever hour I need to. 😉 (I am a wild child, and am usually in bed by 9:45.heh.)
  3. I am really grateful for the awesome fitness classes I get to teach!

Have a great day, ya’ll <3

Did YOU get the free 7/11 Slurpee?? What is a workout YOU are loving right now?? What changes in YOUR workout have YOU made to help YOUR fitness goals?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. Gah, I wanted to get a free slurpee soooo bad when I first heard about the deal, but I totally forgot! Booooo :( Obviously my priorities are not in order if my slurpee request fell by the wayside..

  2. Ooooh I feel confident enough where I may be able to complete this treadmill workout as I’ve been increasing my speed toward the end of my runs… though this would still be a challenge – I like it!!

  3. this is an awesome workout! thanks for sharing it!!

  4. i didn’t get a chance to get a 7/11 slurpee yesterday… it was a crazy day, so i had to pass it up. bummer! that speed workout looks like a FUN one! i love constantly changing the speeds – it really does beat boredom. today i am thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY! it’s been a loooong week, so i’m ready for some down time this weekend!

  5. I definitely need to work on having a more set strength training routine. I am only getting it in 2-3 times a week but when I do I just make up a random routine and don’t focus on increasing reps or weight! Lol this is why I wish I could afford a trainer! One day… Haha

  6. i also wanted to get the free slurpee yesterday but never got a chance, oh well!

    I never did a speedwork run until I went into marathon training, but its crazy how much faster and stronger I’ve been feeling…I’m not really looking to be super speedy for this one (i just want to finish, seriously!), but for next years goals I cant wait to really push myself with speedwork and get faster!

    • You are rockin’ your training girl!! Keep it up :)

      Speedwork brings a whole new fitness, strength, and, well, SPEED to it all. Bring it on, right?! hah

  7. Yes yes! I love this workout! I’m going to try it tonight, no joke. I needed the extra sleep this morning so I didn’t get to the gym … but this looks like something I could blow a little bit of steam off with after work. Thanks!!

  8. I LOVE picking up my books at the library. I <3 that you <3 that, too!! :-) I just picked up Portia de Rossi's book, "Unbearable Lightness". Halfway through and I can't put it down. It's amazingly written – heartwrenching. Stay tuned for a full review.

    I can't wait to try your treadmill workout tomorrow – do you know what distance you covered? I am on a pretty strict distance plan right now, and need to get some miles in tomorrow and want to change it up.

  9. I didn’t even know 7-11 had their free slurpee day yesterday, to be honest! I’m not much of a fan of them though, they hurt my teeth hah. I’ve made quite a few changes lately. Making sure I get in at least once a week of pilates of yoga. I love pilates. And incorporating HIIT or crossfit type workout up to 3 times a week. I’m loving my routine more than ever. I’m thankful for my body for giving me the strength to power through my workouts, and that I am gaining more mental clarity and really ready to make some changes regarding my eating disorder.

  10. I wish we had a store here that served Slurpees…I would have definitely gotten a free one. I have been in a slump with workouts lately – skipping them due to stress a work, scheduling conflicts, whatever excuse I could come up with. I realized that I had created a workout plan that was too demanding for my schedule right now. So I revamped my plan, and am now looking forward to getting back to the gym.

  11. Hi! I purchased that same issue of Runner’s World last week because i am training for my first half-marathon and it mentioned it was geared towards that race. Boy, was I thrilled to have it once I started reading all of the fabulous insight and advice!

    That issue actually inspired me to add interval training into my running regiment. As you mention in your post, it is so good for you when it comes to increasing your overall speed. I kicked my booty the other day with my first interval training; oftentimes, I find myself running at sub-par paces for longer distances. This is fine except it doesn’t improve my pace or endurance, essentially it isn’t doing a thing for me!

    Sometimes, I just need to get my workout done indoors, mainly because I love my gym and don’t always want to get up early/run late at night. Therefore, this interval workout for the treadmill is perfect! I am going to try it out today or tomorrow, and I’ll get back with you!

    Thanks for a great post and great motivation!

  12. I heard about the free Slurpees! haha
    Great treadmill workout! Looks killer :)

  13. Totally missed out on the free slurpees…bummer.

    Lately I’ve changed my focus from cardio to weight lifting – and I am loving the results! I actually have something resembling a bicep right now. For me, that is life-altering. :-)

  14. Today I am thankful for having the health and a body who will allow me to thrash myself during a body pump and cx class. I am thankful for delicious tofu adding some protein to soups and I am (as always) thankful for the amazing man I have. Oh and I am thankful for your blog, absolute pleasure to read and I love it!

  15. no 7/11’s here in kuwait.. terrible, i know!!

    i’m loving running… as usual. A little while back I did start incorporating strength training, eliptical and walking more though, and have noticed such a wonderful difference :)



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