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I think it’s awesome that we all have different ideas on strength. LOVED reading all your comments <3


As a FitFluential Ambassador, I get to share the passion of fitness through various social media and through my blog. One of the things we’ve been asked to do is compile a Fitness Bucket List. I was all for that!

I always have small goals and fun things I’d like to do in the back of my thoughts, anyways. 😉 Why NOT put ’em down on paper and in picture form? (This kind of thinking lead me to where I am now in the fitness world.)

{Zumba instructor now. BOOM, baby. That was on my bucket list in 2010.}

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to ‘snap’ some of them in picture form. (Some of these are going to ‘later on,’ while some might happen quite soon.)

FitFluential Fitness Bucket List

1. To run a Disney Race.


This just sounds like a total blast. I am a true princess at heart (hello, I love PINK! and I am living my very own fairytale), so this would be right up my alley!

2. and 3. Get certified in BodyAttack and CXWORX (Les Mills programs).

OH yes. I want to do both SO bad. Les Mills knows how to train instructors–and I want to teach more of their programs!

4. Successfully attend and complete AIM 2 for BodyPUMP.

(Remember my AIM 1 experience?! Well AIM 2 is the next step, and it’s supposedly crazy tough.)

5. Complete a triathlon in Hawaii. 

This one would be a sightseeing trip plus race. I am down with that!

6. Complete a Half Ironman.

(August 25th here we come!!) My Half IronMan training plan.

7. To run the Boston Marathon.

Yep. This one would be in the far future. 😉

8.To do a Kiss Me Dirty Race.

(Or any other ‘dirty’ race would work too.)

9. To run a race in D.C.

I’ve heard it’s so pretty there, and I’ve never been! This race would be a race + sightseeing trip.

10. To teach {consistently} Pilates classes.

One day I will do this! I love me some Pilates.

11. To continue to inspire and motivate my clients, readers, and other persons whom I work with!

And that is lifelong process, my friends. :)

Like I said, some might happen in 30 years. Others might happen in 7 weeks (ahem, Half IM. I will own you!!) But I do believe it is so fun and motivating to always have ‘something’ on the burner. Or some future event or goal to train and look forward to.

Have a LOVELY day <3

What are some things on YOUR fitness bucket list?? What have YOU already done that YOU had on YOUR fitness bucket list??

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  1. caroline says:

    On my fitness list? To run that disney race with you!
    Something I’ve already accomplished was to run a marathon. CHECK.

  2. love your fitness bucket list! you have some great ones! :)

  3. i love your bucket list, and I actually have some of them on mine too!! (disney race and boston marathon!)

    some of the ones on mine are to become a spinning instructor (i would LOVE that!), ride a century race, and i’m training for my first marathon in Chicago, so i want to say i’m crossing TWO things off my list at once! 😉

  4. I want to do another triathlon! And in Hawaii would be amazing!!

  5. Love it! I need to write one too. On the top of my list would be to hike a 14er- and I’m planning to do that next week in Colorado!
    If you come to DC to run a race, let me know- I’ll join you! I’ve only done the Race for the Cure in DC- no marathons there. If I was to do one- it would be Marine Corps. One day!
    And- I wish my gym had more Les Mills classes! We just have pump and step. I’ve never even taken another Les Mills class besides those two!

  6. I’ve run a Disney race and I’m running another this year – love it! At some point my goal would be to do the Disney Coast to Coast (a race at Disneyland and a race at Disney World).

    I’d also love to do another triathlon at some point; it’s been four years! I would probably do Lavaman with TNT.

    Get on those LM certs girl! :) CX is amazing, but I definitely don’t have the core strength at this point to do it. Attack is fun, but I think I’d be more inclined to do BodyJam, Sh’Bam, or BodyCombat if I decided to go through one of the cardio certs (loooooooooong in the future, especially since my gym isn’t offering Jam or Sh’Bam yet).

    I really really REALLY want to do a Color Run! :)

    • That’s SO cool that you’re running another Disney race! Let me know how it goes!! :)

      I need to find gyms that will ‘host’ me to DO those LM certs first, then I’ll get on it. Hehe 😉

      • Will do! :) My training hasn’t been going so fantastically because I’ve been so Flow-focused between training, assessment, and the new launch…. time to get to it!

        Ah…. your gym doesn’t have them already?

  7. Great bucket list! I did the DC half this past year, it was a great, well organized race! Definitely hilly though so make sure you’re prepared for that (I was not! haha)

  8. You’re already doing well on #11! I don’t even like running but doing a Run Disney race and a DC race are two things I want to do too just because the atmosphere would be amazing.

  9. Danielle says:

    Your list is uber awesome and SOOOO inspiring!!! I love the Kiss me Dirty Race and D.C. race ideas, I still have yet to visit D.C. and have always wanted to visit as well. It’s silly cuz I have a sister and a cousin there… oops :-p
    I’d love to get better at yoga and good enough to teach it one day, complete a Half IM… (hello November 4th!!!), ride in an MS150 ride with my company, represent people who have had spinal fusion for scoliosis in the fitness world (I had my full spinal fusion in 1999) and run a marathon overseas… and so much more!
    You are a great motivator and inspiration, so I’m grateful for you and people like you. You keep me going!
    The last time I had fitness goals it was to run a half marathon, and that was a few half marathons ago, so it was certainly time for an updated list, lol.
    TGI – Wednesday!

  10. I love BodyAttack! I used to take that class every week, it would definitely be a fun one to teach.

    I would love to do a half-marathon (not too picky as too which one, although the one at Niagara Falls would be pretty epic).

  11. Fantastic goals! I think it would be great to do a marathon in the historic area of a foreign country – maybe the Athens Marathon in Greece?

  12. My fitness bucket list includes getting my personal trainer and group fitness instructor certifcations.

  13. Those are great goals! I also would LOVE to run a disney race, particularly the disney princess half!

  14. These are great fitness goals – I too, would LOVE to do the Disney half marathon!

  15. I also want to train in more Les Mils programs- I’ve been thinking about CX and Body Pump also. I haven’t done an AIM yet as I’ve only been officially certified for a couple of months now but it is definitely something I want to do in the future!



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