4 Reasons NOT To Follow a Fad Diet

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was rocking!

On Friday we did the ice cream and chillin‘.

Saturday I did a quick weights workout, then biked 35 miles, and ran 5.5 miles.

Half IM training is intense, people! And it takes up a lot of time. A lot.

{Some may wonder why I do stay with weight training throughout the HalfIm training, and I will devote a post about this soon!}

Then I hit up the local Farmer’s Market. It was hoppin’!

I loved everything about the market. It was chock full of stalls selling produce, raw honey, fresh goat cheese, handmade jewelry, cool (reversible) headbands, popcorn, and more.

Luckily I only had a few bucks on me, or else I would have bought more than just produce!

{My bounty.} YUMM.

(Fun fact: Did you know that red currants are one of my favorite berries? They are perfectly tart, and I grew up eating them in the mountains of Switzerland with my beautiful grandmother. Every time I bite into one, I am transported to her backyard in the middle of the Alps.)

Then I hit up the pool with a friend and a book (Wilted). Such a fun afternoon!

{I stayed until past 5:30 so I could finish the book! Nerd alert. It was pretty good, p.s.)

After the husband got off work, we walked to RedBox and picked up War Horse. I really liked it! Of course I cried though. I am a major cryer -and I get emotional in movies about relationships and of course, sad happenings such as war. I thought it was pretty well done.

Sunday we slept in, ate waffles (thank YOU Kodiak Cakes), went to church, I taught Sunday School, and then we ate a random dinner with his parents.

Hard workouts, extra sleep, fun books and movies, relaxation, succulent produce, and sun….Perfect recipe for a great weekend!


I get so many questions about different diets and what is best to eat, etc. So I wanted to compile 4 major reasons not to consider ANY fad diet.

{Re-read the post about how to get rid of the diet mentality to re-fresh you memory on my take on diets.}

4 Reasons NOT to Follow a Fad Diet

1. You will mess up your metabolism. Anyone who restricts what they eat, whether by cutting out a certain food group or eating a very low calorie diet (unless mandated by a doctor), will mess up the metabolism-their very own fat-burning mechanism.

The metabolism works best when ‘fed’ fuel on a consistent, balanced basis. If you restrict any part of that, it will cause the metabolism to go haywire. (This is in simplistic terms, so as to be very clear for all.)

The less often you eat, the slower you metabolism. The less varied the diet, the worse off your metabolism (and body) is.

2. You will get bored and overeat the ‘restricted’ foods. This is pure science. Your brain on a diet immediately sees the ‘off limit’ foods and calories as restrictive and it will send out messages to cause the body/mind to crave those foods or calories.

The second you say “NO” to a certain food, or even make a rule that you can’t have a food, it’s pure willpower from there. And willpower will die eventually. You can only say NO to that food so many times. Trust me.

3. What works for someone else will not always work for you. Just because a certain *special* way of eating may work for someone (or appear to be working for someone), does not mean that it will be good for you and your body. Everyone is different, pure and simple. But science has proven again and again, that the best way of eating for a long-lasting, healthy life is to consume whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, fish, and whole grains.

–NOTE: This premise excludes all medical diets (i.e. those who have been told to eat a certain way because of allergies/sensitivities/diseases.)–

If a friend says a diet works for her, then great for her. But reality is, in the long run, it won’t work. Science, research, and long-term studies have proven that diets work, but NOT in the long term. I can’t say it enough. They are unsustainable and wreak eventual havoc on the body and the mind.


4. Most of the diets are not based off of long-term scientific studies. You should always be wary of something that seems new, popular, or faddish when it comes to diets, especially because that means probably none of those have ever been proven in the long term (long term being the operative word), to be healthy OR safe OR effective.

Do you guys remember Atkins, South Beach, HCG? All of these were very popular. And what happened? None of them are sustainable. People felt bad that they were failing, so they quit. It is NOT the people’s fault. It is the diet’s. Fad diets are not meant to last. And they also won’t make for a lasting, healthy body.

Well, there ya have it. 4 reasons NOT to follow a fad diet. Ever.

This may have seemed like a rant, and it could very well be seen as that to some, but it is much more than that. I care about each of you!! From my own personal experiences, and with working with hundreds of people who suffered from yo-yo dieting, I don’t want to see more women and men suckered into the latest diet or fad.

People, the diets don’t last, but we want our bodies too! Stick to the healthy basics, enjoy this healthy journey you’re on, and savor the wonderful array of food that you get to eat.


Well, I am off to teach some BodyPUMP, then off to work!

Have an AWESOME day <3

What are some fad diets YOU might have tried?? What is the craziest diet YOU have ever heard of?? Any weekend news YOU all have??

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  1. Awesome job on your training! And I love the farmers market, they always Have the best berries!

  2. I think the HCG diet is the craziest… I mean, some people eat 500 calories A DAY on that… Itz ludicrious!! Someone I knew did that and knew not to talk about it around me because it made me so mad and I always bashed it. Sorry I’m not sorry.

    • Haha. I guess I am with ya–I had a friend who did it too. She did lose weight….but now she’s back on a new diet, b/c well, it didn’t last. SO sad to me!

  3. Danielle D. says:

    This is a very unique posting and very fitting! My Dr. recently diagnosed me with PCOS and she stressed that I have to focus on whole grains, sugar-free, and organic. This is an absolute life changing adjustment and it’s driving me crazy. I’m been active all my life and never had to worry about limitations. How do I adjust to this?

    • That is a tough one, for sure! I feel for ya.

      I would say baby steps. Start incorporating those things as best you can without focusing too much on the negatives (i.e. I ‘can’t have ___ anymore’). It will help you brain process it as a GOOD thing, rather than a restrictive or annoying thing. Try it, it might just be the trick 😉

  4. I have tried most the fad diets out there – Atkins, South Beach, etc. And I am living proof that DIETs don’t work. Eating balanced meals and exercising are what have gotten me to where I am and what will get me into the best shape I can be in.

  5. i LOVE the downtown farmer’s market! i’m glad you got some good produce! i’ve actually never tried red currants… am i the only weird one?!
    i have restricted my calorie intake in the past, and i can definitely relate to these four reasons! i’m SO glad i’m past all of that nonsense!

  6. Interesting. Good reasons there, I agree to all four. The trick, though, in this day with SO many “diets” out there, is figuring out which is ACTUALLY a “fad” and which are sustainable, which have no foundation and which have scientific support (#4 above), which will provide energy to get through the day and which will not.

    • Good point. I would definitely say though, that the vast majority are not scientifically proven to actually have lasting benefits–especially in the ‘fad’ category. Plus, the problem is also defining the word ‘diet’–it’s been used to describe a Meditteranean one, for example, and that is a healthy way of living. I believe that most fad diets focus on the restrictive side of things, instead of focusing on the enjoyment of eating good, healthy, whole foods.

      Have a lovely day!! :)

  7. Oh my goodness! Those kodiak cakes look amazing. I’ve been seeing those everywhere and I have to try them!

  8. woo hooo what a fun, active weekend you had! i feel you about how much time it takes for training…marathon training feels like a second job sometimes but i enjoy it.

    i always preach to my friends not to rely on a fad diet because you are never going to be able to diet for the rest of your life…a lot of them yoyo around and i hate to be the one who says i told you so but…. 😉

  9. Love this post! I wish everyone would just exercise and eat well. A little hard work does pay off!

  10. Danielle says:

    Mmmmm, Swiss berries. I wish I had some now, I love your posts! Your Saturday sounds like a version of mine, thanks to Half IM training.. lol. Yeah, more acitivity definitely calls for more fuel and calories, so dieting is not an option but eating quality foods is, always!
    I’ve tried practically every major diet, and I think they all can work but it never was something I could maintain to for life. I had to learn the hard way, but these days I just want quality foods and don’t tell myself that anything is off limits – cuz the minute I do than I want it!
    The craziest diet that I did was either the fruit only diet, or one meal a day diet. Both of those don’t jive well with my system, and as much as I love fruit there is just no way I could live without other things in my diet… like nut butter and chocolate, lol.
    My weekend news is that I rode 44 miles and had the energy to run 4 miiles after and didn’t collapse, which I call a success 😀
    I also tried hot yoga for the first time last Tuesday, and loved it so much I went to 4 classes last week during our work break!

  11. Sad I barely missed you on Saturday!

  12. Thank you for the reminder that diets don’t work and eating healthy nourishing foods is the way to go.

  13. i loved the post! great reminder. keep up all of your hard work! i do not know how you do it :)

  14. You speak the truth but people still just deny the facts about fad diets. We’ve got to focus on health not body size!

  15. I’ve definitely been on the South Beach-esque low carb diets before – no fun at all. If a diet tells you you can’t eat a sandwich or you have to limit the amount of fruit you eat, that’s probably a problem.

  16. Your weekend looks awesome! Very fun indeed. I love your post about 4 reasons not to follow a fad diet. And although I never followed a fad diet I did restrict my food intake and obtain very unhealthy eating habits which I am not having to deal with. You can say no for years but then it catches up on you; and that’s what I’m dealing with now. I don’t even get the choice to say no or yes. I am out of control and it’s terrible. It’s only a phase of recovery but I cannot wait for this one to be over!

    • Oh hon, I feel for ya! It was a tough time, for sure. But with positive thinking, and the understanding that it’s healthy for the body to get back to that ‘happy’ healthy balance, it’s worth the journey :)

  17. I’m gonna have to check out that book haha. And it looks like you had a great weekend! I wish fad diets didn’t exist! I feel like people would eat healthier that way…but what do I know lol.

  18. I LOVE how much you share about yourself in your posts :) It is one of the reasons I keep coming back <3 it truly feels like we are great friends Annette <3 I think of you daily and smile throughout your posts :) I love the memory you shared about the currants <3

  19. Great post! I tried South Beach years ago and dropped weight fast, but you are right – TOTALLY unmaintainable. I did take away some great tips and food ideas that I now incorporate into my healthy lifestyle – but eating so strict “forever” set me up to fail.

    The craziest I’ve ever heard is the grapefruit diet. Eat nothing but grapefruit for…I dunno…ever. Yeah, sounds totally logical. :-)


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