Friday Numbers

Good Morning! And happy FRIDAY again :)

I am liking this feeling for sure.

Did ya’all know that I am a number freak? (Yes, I have even more quirks!) It is definitely weird, since I don’t love math (I was semi-good at it, but hated it), and I did not go into a ‘math’ profession, per say.

{However my intense graduate class that consisted of analyzing data + my thesis data analysis speaks otherwise….}

Anyways. I hate odd numbers. Like loathe them.

And when I go skiing, I try my best NOT to sit on the odd chairs. (Yes, I realize this is every other chair. No, I am not a rational thinker. I am a very emotional creature. 😉 )

I thought it’d be fun to share some deets in number form on this lovely Friday. Enjoy!

Friday Numbers

1 day.

Until Farmer’s market time. (Fingers crossed I actually go!)

I have been meaning to go, but I swear, every Saturday has brought crazy training days and lots of activities. I will try my best!

2 days. 

Until I teach another Sunday school class. I love teaching. LOVE it. I think it’s in my genes or something?! Most of my siblings love to teach too. What can we say? We are all pretty bossy too….. 😉

{on the way to church}

1 week.

Until we (as in the husband and I) possibly take off for a weekend. (Depends on a variety of factors.)

Fingers crossed it all works out. But, in the end, wherever I am with my husband, is lovely to me. (Awwwwww)


3 weeks.

Until I head to a lovely Colorado cabin to meet up with all my sisters (5!), sister-in-law (1), and mom (1). Ladies weekend OUT!! :)

{3 of the 6 of us. In march, 2012}

Ummmmmm, to say I am excited is an UNDERstatement!!

5.5 weeks.

Until it’s Linz’s birthday!! <3 We’ve been best friends since we were toddlers (not joking), and were able to reconnect via our weddings, our living in StL, and blogging. She’s awesome, and I will always recognize August 12th as HER day. Always.

7.5 weeks.

Until the Half Ironman (!!!!)

Some thoughts on this: I still need to do some longer runs. And some more bike rides outside. And some more swimming sprints. But for the most part, I feel pretty good.

Tired, but good. Seriously, I don’t think anyone sleeps as much as I do. My husband agrees.

Oh, and I need to figure out what the heck I am going to wear, what I want to fuel with, and how I am going to handle the heat?! (Ahhhhhh!)

2 months.

Until Labor Day! I am already looking forward to another holiday off. Gotta love those ‘random’ days that break up things a little bit, ya know?! Plus, my husband has that day off too. Double awesome!

{We’re both a little crazy. Perfect.}

4.5 months.

Until my family gathers for Thanksgiving in St. Louis. Can NOT wait!

I am obsessed with my family. I think the world of them, and appreciate any moment we can have all together. Especially since there are SO many of us (I think 28 now?).

5.5 months.

Until my little sister has her baby!

Remember this awesome lady who became a nurse?? Well, she is having a baby in mid-December!! My little sis is going to be a fabulous momma. She has a big heart. <3

6 months.

Until Christmas. I love this holiday, so very much. We’ll spend it with my in-laws, whom I adore!


Have an AWESOME Friday!! <3

What are some of YOUR numbers floating around your head/calendar??! What are YOUR weekend plans??

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  1. AH! I love you!! :) :) And November 14th will always be yours… :) :)

    2.5 weeks until my family is vacaying in Cancun!!

  2. hehehe I LOVED this babe :) Makes you excited for life 😀

  3. You are not the only one who does not like odd numbers. Our house number is 393 and I routinely tell my hubby how much I dislike those numbers. When I played sports, I also wanted the even numbered jersey. Here are a few numbers floating in my head:

    1 day – Until I go shopping with my Mom, my MIL, and my SIL. I love girls only shopping trips.

    8 days – Until our church launches our week long Vacation Bible School. I am working with the youth and will be helping with music and crafts. The week will be super busy but one of my favorite times of the whole year.

    29 days – Until I turn 30. I am throwing myself a HUGE birthday bash. Not because I want attention but it is the perfect excuse to get my entire family and all of my friends in 1 place. We are renting a huge waterslide for the day. Then that night I am going to dinner with a large group of friends, followed by dancing.

    77 days – Until I go to the FitBloggin 2012 conference!!

  4. you have so many fun and exciting things to look forward to! cody LOVES numbers too – he is obsessed. too funny!

  5. hahaha im obsessed with numbers too, i hate odd ones and love even ones!

    i have sooo many things im looking forward to, but im loving this summer so far and i cant wait to see what else will make it better! next month we have a trip to Ocean City, MD with kevins family, october is our trip to chicago for the chicago marathon(!!!) and december we are heading to the bahamas for a week for our 3 year anniversary, so excited for everything! i had a feeling 2012 would be a great year and so far it has been :)

  6. let me know if you go to the market!

  7. You have so many awesome things to look forward to! 😀

    Some of my numbers are:
    2 days until my old roommate visits
    4 days until I go on a day trip to Toronto with my sister
    6 weeks until the Healthy Living Summit
    8 weeks until classes start up again

    Have a great weekend! xo

  8. haha love the numbers! Get away to… Chicago!?

  9. I want to try a new Zumba class mañana!

  10. All those numbers remind me about how quick the year has gone and how close the end of the year is- next thing you know we will be in 2013- how’s that number for ya 😉

  11. 6 months til christmas – you totally think like me :)
    I love that you are happy whenever/wherever you are as long as the hubby is with you. Too cute.

  12. My writing critique group ran over so I didn’t get to go to Zumba… :( Next week. My favorite teacher’s been gone all week so I’m deprived!


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