How To Savor Food + ZonePerfect Coconut Protein Bar Review

Good Morning!

This week is going to be awesome (it already is-hello BodyPUMP 82!) Tomorrow is Independence Day, the husband and I both have work off, and there will be a family BBQ. Plus, I will have some time to maybe get some more mileage in for training.

And that is always a good thing!


How to Savor Food

Did ya know that it’s not in our innate senses to feel guilty about food we’ve eaten?! So why do so many women feel like they are of less worth when they eat a piece of cake or enjoy a bowl of ice cream?

Well, there are several reasons which include :

  • The obsession of ‘perfection’-bodies, eating habits, health, etc.
  • The ever consistent barrage of diets, pills, and fads to transform bodies.
  • Magazines, movies, books, and articles focusing solely on weight, and especially weight of women.
  • Our own familial tendencies and cultures.
  • External abuse or clinical depression.
  • Pressure from friends, family, or coworkers to ‘be’ a certain way.

When we look at it closely though, it is because WE have gotten away from how we were born. We were born with an innate sense to eat until full, to enjoy treats in moderation, and to move a lot.


But because of external influences (and possibly other tragic life-changing events), we’ve drifted far away from that innate sense of what to feed our body and how to savor food.

How can you really TASTE or savor food when you’re thinking about how many calories are in it? Or how high the scale will jump tomorrow? Or if your pants size will increase in 2 hours? Or even what part of your to-do list to tackle next?

{Notice how some of those things sound ridiculous when written out…..but oh how many women there are that are suffering from these very thoughts?! These can be real disordered eating habits, and if you need professional help, seek it. If you want a coach to be done with those thoughts, ask me!}


So HOW to savor food when we have so much going on?

  • Slow down. Eat your food slowly! If you are still chewing, don’t load up on the next bite yet.
  • Fill your plate with lots of vegetables and produce, and remember, you can always have seconds if you want!
  • Be more child-like with your food! Think about the textures, flavors, and tastes as you enjoy them. Focus on what you’re doing with the food, instead of your to-do list.
  • When you eat a dessert, eat it verrrryyyy slowly. Have you ever really tasted dark chocolate? Ohhhh that stuff is GOOD!
  • Live in the moment. Tough to do in practice, but OH so worth it in the long run.
  • Remember that your worth is not based off of pants size, muscle size, or food size! This will help you enjoy the actual food that you are chewing because the destructive thought-process connection of ‘this food will make me ___’ will be gone.

Why do I bring this up? Well, the other night I had 2 bowls of ice cream.(Shocker, right?! Haha)

I really enjoyed the first bowl (it was filled with chocolate ice cream, caramel, butterscotch chips, and almonds. Heaven.). I was still kinda hungry after, so I ate another bowl (vanilla with marionberries). However, I didn’t really even TASTE that second bowl!


What the heck?! How is that possible?

I ate it quickly, I felt rushed, and I kinda felt guilty for grabbing another bowl (everyone else around me only ate 1 bowl).

I let others’ decisions influence my thoughts about myself, which resulted in negative actions (quick eating, not savoring food, etc.), which ended up making me feel quite unhappy with myself-both how I felt about the ice cream and about myself.


Of course the thoughts only lasted about 5 minutes (back in my disordered eating days it would’ve lasted days), but STILL.

It made me sad all over again for those who don’t really taste their food. Who eat food and then feel guilty about it and themselves. Or who base their worth of the certain kinds of food they eat.

That is NOT a way to live. (And I can help you out of that if you’d like.)

My friends, life is NOT just about food or fitness. There is so much more! Savor the food, savor the moments, and remember who you really are. I truly believe we are each children of God, and because of that innate connection, we have potential to BE so much more.

Don’t let the media or others’ opinions about things make YOU feel guilty, because in the end, you are worth WAY more than you’ll ever know!



ZonePerfect Toasted Coconut Protein Bar Review

I can tell you about a bar that I did get to savor recently….the ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Toasted Coconut Protein bar!

It has pretty good stats-only 8 ingredients, 10 grams protein, and 16 grams sugar for 200 calories. At first the texture was a little funky to my mouth, but after a few chews I liked it.

It has a nice nutty, coconut flavor that I love, and boy does it taste good after a sweaty run, tough BodyPUMP class, or crazy bike ride.

I would say that I wish it had more protein and less sugar, but for a ‘recovery’ bar, it isn’t bad. Plus, I really like the simplicity of the ingredient list.

I don’t love that some of the protein is soy protein isolate though (I don’t love that for my body. Personal preference)….

If you want simple ingredients, not bad-tasting, and you like coconut, you might like this bar.

Thanks ZonePerfect for sending me the bars to try :)


Have a FABULOUS day!

How do YOU savor your food?? What ways do YOU avoid feeling guilty about food?? Do YOU like coconut flavored things??

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  1. i LOVE coconut flavored things! whenever i feel guilty about food it’s because i’m mindlessly eating and i need a good reminder to slow down, my food won’t disappear, and to honor my body.

  2. Great post! I often eat breakfast and lunch at my desk – so I am more focused on blogging, reading e-mails, or working than I am on enjoying my food – when I do that I find that I am still hungry even after eating a good meal. I am working on eating away from my desk, thinking about the taste/texture of my foods, and enjoying the experience of the food. At the height of my ED, food guilt was a MAJOR thing for me, now when food guilt starts to creep in I think “There are no good or bad foods. I am able to enjoy all things within reason and moderation.”…and the guilt vanishes.

    • I love your way of thinking now, KIM :) So true–distractions can make us NOT enjoy our food as much!! (I try to tell this to my husband, but he’ll happily eat lunch with his electronics buzzing.)

  3. i try to savor my food by sitting down at the table and really enjoying it rather than eating while watching tv or being on my computer. i used to feel guilty if i ever had any sort of indulgence, but now i allow myself a little “treat” each day. this could simply be a small piece of dark chocolate or greek yogurt + granola or a huge slice of cheesecake. whatever it is, i try to have it in moderation and not deprive myself! great post my friend! :)

    • YAY for you!! Sounds like you’ve got moderation and awesome treats down to a beautiful thing :) I too must have something sweet every day. It just makes the day BETTER! hehe

  4. mmm yes I love to savour food. I feel bad when I eat too quickly and don’t enjoy! It’s all about being in the moment and eating slowwww :)

    • Amen sista. 😉

      • karla says:

        I have so much trouble with this. I often save calories so that I can have everything I want at the end of the day. then, when I’m finally eating pints of ice cream and candy bars… I’m already thinking how to save calories and do it again the next day. I’ve tried to change but it seems impossible.

  5. Thanks for this important reminder. I find myself feeling guilty more & more whenever I eat treats. I used to (and try to) have shameless indulgences, but find I can only really enjoy them when I feel I “deserve” them (aka after I’ve had a long run or worked out that day or been active or just had a really healthy day of eating). Perhaps this kind of thinking is healthy in some sense though because it provides balance. It’s hard to know exactly. I’m the kind of person that could literally eat a tub of ice cream in a sitting, so I need to have SOME level of discipline!

    • Discipline is always important, but totally enjoying a food because you WANT it and not because you feel you have to deserve it is a mindset that you must decide whether is helping or hurting you or not. There is nothing wrong with a hard-earned burger or ice cream bowl though, that is for sure! :)

      I think it’s just how often we ‘use’ that mindset that could eventually harm us.

      Have a GREAT day, Ashley!

  6. I seriously need to slow down when I eat. I eat SO fast!!

    • Haha. I am the sllllooowwweessstt eater ever. And my husband is speedy. Sometimes I am left at the dinner table (he sits on the couch nearby if he’s bored of waiting for me to finish). Kinda sad, kinda funny, eh?! haha

  7. Amen sista! Really “tasting” food is a tactic that I just learned recently myself. It’s AMAZING how much more enjoyable a meal can be when you actually take the time to appreciate it!

  8. I tend to forget to savor my food but I remind myself sometimes. I recently forgot but today I took my sweet time and savoured everything I’ve been eating. This is a great post.

    On the other side, I am weird about coconut. I sometimes like it, sometimes I don’t. I used to think I was allergic but I don’t think I am. I still try to not overdo it on the coconut though.

  9. karla says:

    I really need help with this. I save calories during the day so I can have all the junk I crave at night. then when I finally get to have the pints of ice cream and candy bars (yes all that) I’m already planning how to save cals the next day for an even bigger binge. it seems impossible to stop :(

    • I am sorry to hear that :( If you’d like, you can fill out a free consultation and I can give you some ideas and tips for free?

      Remember, you are worth SO much more than a piece of food or a number on the scale. Have a lovely night, Karla!!

  10. Savouring my food is something I really need to work on! When I’m eating something I really like I tend to inhale it – which makes it impossible to really even taste it all that much. Kind of defeats the purpose, really.

    I’ve read before of putting down your fork between every bite when you’re trying to train yourself to savour your food more – seems like something I should try!

  11. ABSOLUTELY love this post. Savoring food is so important and definitely something I’m working on more. I work in the ER, so I run into the breakroom for a “bathroom break” every 3 hrs to grab my meal and eat it super quick, so it’s a habit even when I’m NOT in the ER, which I’m slowly changing. Eating slower does WONDERS for everything – and this is such a well written post lady! Keep rockin’!

    • Thank you :)

      I totally ‘get’ the quick grab and go lifestyle. It’s hard to always actually ‘taste’ the food that way! If anyone can do it, you can, Electra!



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