Focus On: Russian Twist

Good morning!

Oh it is SO going to be a great day.

I am launching BodyPUMP release 82 (you’ll hear my thoughts about this release next week) today with another instructor (Part-AY!), getting in some IM training in the form of running and biking, and I have a blogger potluck in the afternoon and a friends’ party to attend in the evening.


Wow, if those things weren’t super fun, I could be really stressed out. Haha 😉


Today I want to share with you a great move that will rock your core, the Russian Twist.

Focus On: Russian Twist

To work your obliques, you must do a twisting type motion, and this move (Russian Twist) has it all.


How to:

  • Sit down on your sit-bones and lean slightly back with your hands extended in front of you, and knees bent (feet on the floor).
  • Twist from your center, bringing the hands to one side (past the level of the knees).
  • Come back to the center and repeat on the other side.


As with all other moves, the Russian Twist can be made even more challenging.

A Russian Twist can be done on a stability ball:


This challenges your core even more than a ‘regular’ Russian Twist as the ball is not a ‘stable’ surface!

And the move can be done in an even more challenging way : with legs off the floor, and holding a weight or medicine ball.


Incorporate a Russian Twist into your next circuit, and your abs and obliques will be burnin’!


HAPPY Birthday to my lovely, oldest sister! She is amazing and just had her 3rd baby (little boy) last month. I love you, Anna!

Oh, and if you want some GREAT fitness apparel, I found some gems. Check this place out!

Have a GREAT weekend, my friends!!

Have YOU tried the Russian Twist?? What do YOU love about working YOUR obliques?? Is YOUR Saturday going to rock too??! :)

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  1. Haha oblique DOMS are always fun to have 😉 Side planks with dips are good too 😀

    Have a great day 😀 It sounds like it’s going to be a blast 😀

  2. i LOVE the burn that russian twists give me! and you better believe my saturday is going to rock! :) and by the way, now that it’s july tomorrow (where did the time go?!), we need to figure out a time to get together! 😉

  3. I sure love me some russian twists! They definitly get the abs burnin!

    Hope your launch goes well today! I bet it’ll be a blast :)

  4. Love these! I need those weighted ab exercises. I’ll never get used to my obliques feeling sore. It just feels WEIRD. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I love using russian twists to work my obliques!

  6. Russin twists are my go to exercise for working my obliques. I love feeling the burn. My Saturday has rocked – slept in late, had breakfast with my hubby and daughter, got my sweat on with a great workout, then attended a family reunion.

  7. Busy day! This is such a great, informative post. I do these but didn’t know their name. :) I like them with my feet off the ground the best. Are you training for an Ironman? I just signed up for my first tri- excited to venture beyond running!

  8. I totally did some Russian Twists after my jog today! It was super fun on a medicine ball!

  9. [email protected] says:

    LOVED LOVED MEETING YOU!!! Seriously, you are so sweet and fun to be around and I wish we could have talked for hours!!! So happy we finally met. Dang this Russian Twists make my abs (or lack thereof) burn just reading about them:)

  10. Candice says:

    Love Russian twists! It was do nice meeting you at the potluck! Love your blog and love you!!!

    • Thank you! It was AWESOME meeting you. We’ll stay in tough–you are definitely inspiring, and your kiddos are adorable. I wanted to tell you this on Sat, but didn’t get a chance too…I secretly want twins eventually :)

      talk soon! xoxox

  11. kristle says:

    we did these during stretching and warm ups at roller derby practice for 2 minutes! we’d hold our helmet and tap it on the floor on each side as we went along. i knew my core was getting stronger when i was the only one on the team who could do this move while holding my skates up off the floor!


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