ABCs of What I Love

Happy FRIDAY to us!

I love the weekend….and this one snuck up on me. What a nice surprise, eh?!

Thanks to Janetha, I am simply posting ABCs of things I love. It’s another fun way to get to know me better, and because I am a sucker for these things, there wasn’t a chance that it was slipping through my fingers! I promise it’ll make you smile. 😉

{And yes, I have a problem choosing just one. Sometimes I just don’t want to make decisions, okay?!}

ABCs of What I Love

A. Apples.

B. BodyPUMP. Specifically teaching BP. Can not get enough!

C. Costco. Chocolate. Both are just soooo fabulous.

So fabulous in fact, that yesterday I had to have both. Our freezer, fridge, and my belly are/were satisfied!

D. Dancing. Dessert.

Ohhhhh how I love thee both. Did ya know that I eat something ‘like’ a dessert food almost every day? But then again, cottage cheese + choc protein powder + cereal are ‘treats’ or desserts in my eyes 😉

E. Exercise. Any kind.

Gotta have my fix. It is my drug of choice, my friends! (But yes, I can live without the gym now. I just choose to go when I want, and that usually happens daily. Hehe)

F. Family. SO important to me. Can’t live without ’em!

G. God. My relationship with Him, my Heavenly Father, is my most important in all the world. I am His daughter, and He loves me! This truth keeps a smile on my face, and love in my heart.

H. Homemade Pizza. Gosh this stuff is good! Make it with my homemade pizza crust and your family can thank me later!

I. Ice Cream. Enough said.

J. Jared. My amazing, incredible husband. I am so glad he does romantic things for me. And does manly stuff too. Such a catch!

K. Kale. With seasonings and ketchup. YUMM.

L. Laying Out. I love to lay out. I just do. But don’t worry, I always use sunscreen. Always.

M. Mountains. I live right by ’em, and I love them. SO gorgeous.

N. Nuts. Any kind except peanuts (which aren’t nuts anyways), and brazilian.

O. Overhead Press. Great shoulder move!

P. Protein Powder. I put it in and on everything!

Q. Quiet Time. I need it. Daily. I am both an extrovert and an introvert, and if I don’t have my quiet, me-time, I may not be as peppy later one….. 😉

R. Reading. Obsessed. I read every night -and would continue into the night, if it weren’t for, ya know, LIFE.

S. Squats. Sleeping. Sex. Spinach. Skiing. Salsa. Swimming. Salad. Sweet Potatoes. Apparently ‘S’ contains a lot of my favorites?!

T. Tea. {Herbal to be exact.}

U. Push-Ups. I love these bad boys. I can do ’em on my toes like it a’int no thing now, which just goes to show that if you work for it, it will come! (Note: I used to HATE pushups and could only do like 1 on my toes.)

V. Venting. Sometimes you just gotta let it all out. My sisters and husband are good at listening to me go at it. It happens about 1 x per month. Inttteeerrrreesssttiinnngg…. 😉

W. Walks in the evening with the husband. I love just doing absolutely anything with him. Yes, I am a mushy-lovey-dovey lady in love with her husband. So sue me.

X. X-tra time in the shower. (Semi-cheating…but hey! It works.) I love showering. I do it about 3 times a day too.

Y. Yogurt. {Specifically, Greek.} I top it on everything and anything.

Z. Zumba. Ohhhh boy do I love to teach this class! It is a great way to burn some energy and have a blast!

Yes, I do love a LOT of things. But I truly believe in finding the simple joys in life, and then savoring them.


Well, I am off to work, then teach Zumba, then back to work, then visit some friends, and finally finish learning the brand new release for the BodyPUMP launch I am doing tomorrow. (AHHHH. Why do I always wait last minute for that?! But I am SO excited. It’s a great release!)

Have a GREAT weekend full of happy, fun memories! :)

What are 4 letters -of words- YOU are loving right now?? Any fun weekend plans that YOU have??

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  1. haha you are too cute my friend!

    lets see…my four letters

    B-Broccoli, cant live without it

    R-Running, my savior and my therapy

    K-Kevin…wonderful little man that he is

    W-Water…i chug a ridiculous amount of it and its my favorite beverage 😉

    not too much on the agenda for the weekend but thats a nice change of pace for us so i’m totally not complaining. have a great weekend girl!

  2. Danielle says:

    Happy Friday to you as well! I love your post, as usual, and it always starts off the weekend in a positive way for me :)

    E- Energy!!!!! need I say more? lol
    D-Determined…. I am determined to get through all the hard parts of training, and determined to overcome the challenges
    F- Fuel – or food, this is what keeps the engine going, and I love food as much as working out. Pretty nice combo
    G – Guardian Angel (does that count if it’s two words? lol) I always thank God and feel like I have guardian angels with me at all times… how else could I get by if I didn’t have constant love and protection all around me? I feel so blessed :)

    Yay for Friday! Tomorrow we are doing an open-water swim and cycling on Sunday, and I’m the DD for girl’s night… whoohoo 😉

  3. Nicole says:

    A – Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter…can’t wait to see it this weekend!!

    B – BODYPUMP!! I’m cramming the chorey today, too!! Practice tonight at 6:00 p.m. – teach tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.! AAAHHH!! Must. Survive. Next. 25. Hours!!

    H – Hugs….nothing better than a solid hug from someone you love.

    V – Vanilla ProPeptide…my protein shake of choice!

  4. I remember when you used to hate pushups. You are inspiring Annette! Fun post– I was smiling

  5. Good luck with the new choreo – I know a number of others doing the same thing right now! :) I have a date with BodyFlow tonight.

  6. Love this post, a fun read on Friday. Here are my four letters:

    B – Blogging. – Blogging has opened me up to a whole new world of great people. I have made some great friendships, learned valuable lessons, and feel as though I am growing as a person.

    F – For Family. My husband’s family is having a big family reunion this week. It is for his paternal grandmother and her 11 siblings, their kids, and so on. It is going to be huge, loud, and so much fun. I love that even though I just married in they treat me like I am born into the family. Now, if I can just remember everyone’s name.

    P – Pajamas. I love coming home at the end of the day, putting on my comfy pajamas and snuggling on the couch with my little family.

    R – Running – Running is a sanity saver, my stress reducer, and a way for me to bond with other like minded indivduals.

  7. I love that we both did this post today! It’s awesome getting to know more about you :D.

  8. Love this post! Such a great idea! Also I used to only be able to do 1 real push up back in Jan. And thanks to some bodypump classes I’m loving them know! And can do real ones, not girl ones!

    My four letters would have to be:

    E – East Coast of Canada. All my friends and family are there right now (most of them live there) and I miss them all so much.

    G – Greek yogurt. I love yogurt, but I have recently fallen in love with greek yogurt. I love how thick it is. I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

    S – Summer/Sun. I am really enjoying the summer sunshine. It’s just such a great start to the day when you wake up to the sun shining in your bedroom instead of that terrible alarm.

    W- Watermelon. I can’t get enough right now. I love eating it just like that, and I LOVE freezing it and making slushies out of. I just love it in any way, shape or form.

  9. I LOVE this idea!! Very clever my girl!

  10. peanuts aren’t nuts?! i had no idea! what are they considered then? and i love all of your loves! :)

  11. I have to agree with many of these but definitely ICE CREAM & Body pump..except I’d choose Body Step 😉 My drugs of choice haha.

  12. HAHA I love how you couldn’t decide for some! <3

    m – movie nights

    e – eggs! especially ones with runny yolks 😉

    g – giving! I love giving presents to people or just giving anything 😀 HUGS!

    s – sunsets <3 saskatchewan is suppose to have the best sunsets :) we are so flat here so you can see forever

  13. janetha says:

    ah! i got a huge kick out of your list! especially S



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