How To Enjoy A Rest Day

Good morning :)

How are you?!

It has been quite the awesome weekend! I had a blast at the conference (more to come, promise!), and definitely had an incredible time with my sisters and brother (who happens to be working in CO this summer), but I will be heading home today to my husband, whom I can’t wait to see!

{little bro}

{Isn’t that always so? There is something always to look forward too when you have an incredible spouse!}


How to Enjoy a Rest Day

As you know, I got sick with the flu the day before actually leaving for the conference (it came on during the early afternoon on Wednesday). It hit me hard, and really slapped me in the face about how I was too stressed (pulled in different directions), not sleeping enough, and working a bit too much…

Sometimes our bodies know BEST. Okay, actually, ALL the time they do. 😉

Needless to say my training for the day was cut-and for the past few days I haven’t done any real ‘training’ for the ironman. There was a gym workout, there were walks, there was playing with nieces and nephews, there was swimming in the pool, but no real ‘workout’ focusing on prepping me for that race.

{ready for pool time!}

And you know what? The end of the world did not come!

Shocker. I know.

Yes, there is more to life than training for races, doing workouts, and ‘staying’ with your plan. Enjoying the rest days is equally important to the workouts!

I didn’t really ‘enjoy’ the unplanned rest day on Thursday, just because I was pretty sick. And unhappy. And tired. And felt like throwing up all day (hello bumpy ride into Denver).

But on Sunday, when I did nothing more than play with kids, go to church, take a walk, and hang out with awesome siblings, it was SO enjoyable.

{ahhh he is sooo cute!}

Here’s my advice:

The world does not end if you skip a workout, miss a training day, or eat delicious food that may make your tummy hurt for a bit. That is HOW to enjoy a rest day, my friends. :)

Have a GREAT day!!

How do YOU enjoy a rest day?? Do YOU like unplanned rest days?? What did YOU enjoy about YOUR weekend??

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  1. I’m so sorry you got the flu! That is the worst. But yay for rest days! I’m totally learning to embrace them more and my body couldn’t be happier :)

  2. I always take unplanned rest days!! I listen to my body if it’s too sore or if I’m merely too tired (need my SLEEP!). I, too, had a family filled weekend. Fun stuff! :) Glad you’re feeling better, Annette!

  3. Thank you for this post! Today, my body just didn’t feel like working out so I slept in and I feel so much better :) I’m planning to hang with my sister and bake the day away. I needed this encouragement!

  4. you are so right – the world doesn’t end if you have an unplanned rest day! rest days are just as important in your training as the actual workout are. i hope you’re feeling all better now! xoxo

  5. My unplanned rest days often turn out to be some of the best days of my life. Sunday was supposed to be a day where I ran 2 miles and lifted weights with my hubby. But due some confusion on both our parts, we never made it to the gym. Instead, I took a glorious 2 hour nap with our daughter. Snuggling with her in my bed while the rain tapped on the window, was way better than lifting or running. When I take planned rest days, I spend them either having a date with my hubby, a playdate for my daugther, or catching up with friends. Rest days feed my soul while give my body a break!

  6. Lauren says:

    This weekend I ran a 10K but only worked out 4/7 days and was feeling a little guilty. My body feels good though and I needed some sleep, indulging, and relaxation!

  7. Courtney says:

    I generally take my “rest” days to ride my bike to the store and tote back my groceries, followed by vigorous yard work (because come one, we MUST get physical activity in during the day, right?), but I was so burned out from a terrible week and extra shifts for work that I could barely muster the energy to fold my laundry. Instead, I spent Sunday lounging with the BF, thrifting, sitting on the porch and cooking out with the neighbors. I slept better than I had in weeks last night, and powered through a run this morning, energized and excited.

    This post was perfect for me to read this morning – to affirm, as you said, that “the world did not end because I didn’t get my ten miles in.” Thank you for sharing it, as well as all of your other stories!

  8. Danielle says:

    Hope you are feeling better, and sorry about your flu! You’ve been super busy and living like SuperWoman, so I think you needed a rest day lady, lol.
    I was supposed to ride 40+ miles on Sunday and so many things went wrong, I was only able to barely squeeze out 30 miles and it was the toughest 30 ever. The group was doing 60 miles and I was the only one whoo couldn’t hang with them, but they are really good riders. I felt so bad at first, but then realized I have a long way to go and can’t compare myself to cyclists who have been doing regular long rides for years. Dang it! lol. Yeah, so I guess cutting my ride short felt like a rest day, cuz I’ll tell you what – I sure did carb up for it, so I was bummed that I couldn’t burn that fuel! :-p
    New week, new day, new beginnings. Yay xox

    • You are awesome!! And yes, don’t feel bad about riding with people who have been doing it for a LOT of years–you’ve got this, no matter what :) xoxo

  9. So hard but so true sometimes. I had to do that tthis week because of a back injury but it was nice to do it once I embraced the reality of the situation. Holy moses those rolls look heavenly!

  10. I made a rule about 6 weeks ago to start making Saturdays my rest day each week. I used to always make my rest day on a weekday, because I figured that I’d have more time to work out on Saturday. But, I would always get up so early to get my work out done, and never got to enjoy sleeping in.
    So now Greg and I have a rule to set NO alarms on Saturday mornings and sleep as late as we want (which still is usually something like 7:30). We take the dogs for a walk or an easy hike, go to the farmers market and cook a nice breakfast together. It’s much better than stressing about getting up super early to get my work out in and just enjoy life!

  11. Hey I recognize some of those people! You are such an inspiration with all you do and then you still have words of encouragement for all those around you. Go Annette!

  12. Oh yes. I love rest days. Totally necessary!

  13. Rest days USED to be the worst days of the week for me now they are like any other day :)


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