Half IronMan Training Idea

Hello! And good morning :)

Happy mid-week to you all!

So yesterday I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn again to go to a spin class (Lauren, how do you do that twice a week?!), and it was pretty good. You guys, I LIKED it.


Let’s just rewind to why I hated spin classes in the first place.

{in 2005.} It was early. It was dark. I didn’t like the music. I felt like I HAD to be there.

Then I had a bike accident (2009), and all desire (if there was any) went out the window.

But now, with the Half Ironman training and all, I get to hop back on the bike. And that is how I am overcoming a fear! This is a feat I wanted to take on, so I am trying it all over again.


The spin class was good because we did intervals almost the whole time (my favorite-because time flies)! However, I did not love the music selection at all…and the music was a bit too quiet for my taste. I am all about blasting it in my classes. (Of course, still with them being able to hear me on the mic.) 😉

But I am glad I went. And then I did 5 miles split between a treadmill and outside in a nearby park (wanted to be outside so I finished up out there). It felt good, but my legs were TIRED.


Half IronMan Training Idea

With my (side) job as a fitness instructor and my imminent half ironman in August (9 weeks away!!), I have been loosely following a half ironman 16-week plan to help get me on track. And by loosely, I meant it. 😉

(Let’s be honest, for me, it’s more of an idea than a plan).


{yah…mine doesn’t look exaaaccttllly like this….}

I mean as much as I’d love for the Ironman to include Zumba and BodyPUMP in the events, I don’t think that’s going to happen. 😉 But I have a job I love, and I am going to keep at it. Besides, consistent weight training is a part of any good triathlon plan.

And that is why I said my plan is more of an idea.

This may sound crazy, but technically I think I could physically do a half ironman today. Technically.

I believe I could do the physical part of it, and most of the mental part of it, but I am not so sure the end result would be pretty. At least not yet.


With that being said, I don’t want to NOT train at all, because that would be pretty stupid. (I mean who runs races without training for them?! Haha)

But, I do believe in putting your mind to something and going for it. I am determined, disciplined (ummmm, hello years of ballet!), and a planner & goal setter, and I accomplish things by telling myself stories, especially when in races. Like “come on, you’ve worked this hard, keep going, you’re almost there!” Or “you get a huge smoothie at the end!” <–this happens often during a hot run outside Or “Winners never quit.” And on and on.

Exercise mantras really do work, my friends. (I can see it on people’s faces and in how their bodies respond when I yell some of those out during BodyPUMP too. :) )


So I guess my tentative IronMan Training Idea has been something like this:

  • Monday: a.m.-30 mins light cardio (bike/run), teach BodyPUMP; p.m.-teach Zumba
  • Tuesday: a.m.-1 hour spin class + 5-7 miles run (OR long run); p.m.-teach BodyPUMP
  • Wednesday: a.m.-1 hour swim or bike (for distance); p.m. -teach BodyPUMP
  • Thursday: a.m.-1 hour spin class OR long run; p.m.-teach Zumba
  • Friday: a.m.-Teach Zumba
  • Saturday: a.m.-full body weights (or teach BodyPUMP) + bike ride & run OR swim & bike
  • Sunday: OFFFFFFFFFF (major rest day)

Yah. Maybe this is why I need 10 hours of sleep?! Seriously, when I don’t get enough sleep, everything seems harder.

As you can see as well, not much swimming. For right now, as much as I love it, it’s more of a nuisance (get wet, bring crap, change, shower, etc.), and because swimming is my strongest sport of the 3 (I swam competitively and taught swimming; I think I can do the mile.2 in 30 mins or less…), I am not too worried about it right now.

This will all change a bit in about a month when I need to work on distance (and will have a bit more time to do so). Right now my focus is on getting real strong in all 3, working on bricks (swim to bike quickly and bike to run fast), and getting my mind wrapped around what I am going to do in August.

{source} <–I am working on just TRAINING instead of complaining about any of it. Because choose this, and I am sweating it MY way :)

Well, ya all asked about it, so I delivered! Let me know if you have more questions.

{Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I truly believe my post-workout chocolate milk, whey protein, and foam rolling helps me TONS in being able to recovery quickly and do all of this. Just as a heads up to those of you who think I am crazy.}

Have a NICE day!

p.s. I can’t wait to reveal tomorrow where I am headed………!!

What training plan or idea are YOU following currently?? What is working for YOU and why??

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  1. I know you could def do the ironman tomorrow… You are seriously unbelievable and I can’t wait for you to rock it!! Where are you headed?!?!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed spinning more than you did last time! And yea…loud music is totally a must for it! Sounds like you totally have your head on straight with your training plan/idea! You’re going to rock that half ironman 😀

  3. whew, just reading that schedule exhausts me! glad you liked the spin class better this time around! you know i love my spin!

  4. I am c urrently following a FANTASTIC training plan created by You! I have also added in two extra days of running, so that I can work on getting my 5K time down. I have to say that the HIIT workouts you had me doing in weeks 1 and 2 really did help me run faster on my training runs.

    • Awesome!! :) Glad you’re liking it! And so happy for ya that your runs are faster. WAHOO! You’re the one putting in the effort, so it’s all you Kimberly!

  5. spinning is such a blast but i agree, i need to have good, fun music that is blasted! Music totally makes or breaks that class for me…i also love to be pushed hard in those classes!

    i’m actually doing a hybrid marathon training plan split between the team in training one and the runners world smartcoach one…the smartcoach one had me doing way too many 20 mile runs and the team in training one was way too light on the weekday mileage at first…so i just wanted a happy medium. I like that the team in training one has me amping up the mileage later on, especially since i’m easing back into the game after being injured. i’m feeling good though and i’ll hopefully be well prepared for the marathon (its still a little daunting to think about!!)

    • Good for you for finding a place between them both that works for YOU!! That is key to sticking to it AND crossing the finish line in one piece 😉

  6. Danielle says:

    This is awesome! My half IM is in November so I start my 18 week training plan at the end of this month. Prining out the calendar and putting next to my training plan works for me, as well as swimming in the morning. Swimming is my weakest so y ou are SOOOOOO lucky and you will totally nail the rest of it!
    I’ve basically been doing more than necessary for a few weeks so I’m giving myself this week and maybe next to chill a little, lol. Maybe just hit some weights but mainly work on getting my head right, cuz like you said it’s mostly a mental game! You got this one, totally :-) You are going to be incredible and look at how much you are already doing!!! You are an Ironchica in my book, whoohoo!

    • You are so nice, Danielle!

      And YOU will rock yours! Maybe I can bring out some tips and such after I do mine to help ya out?! I just hope I don’t die in the process…hehe.

      YAY for half IMs!!!!

      • Danielle says:

        haha yes I would gladly take any tips you have, but I know you will do wonderfully well because you have every element for success including the ATTITUDE, the HEALTH and physical capacity, and most of all you have FAITH. I know you can do it, I just know it! and I know that no matter what I’ll finish mine as well, and once this is behind us it will be like, “so what’s next???” LOL
        honestly if you’re a swimmer than you got this. my logic is that if i can survive the swim than i can endure the rest, so you totally got this :-)

  7. OoOoO can’t wait to hear about where you are headed!

  8. Oh man, you are crazy in the best way. You are going to have to eat a TON of food during this right?

    • I am crazy, that is a good way to put it 😉

      And YES to the eating. I eat like 5-7 times/day (small meals and snacks). It keeps me fueled well!

  9. OH MYYYYYY Annette! You are one busy chick! I know you love it though

  10. I tend to follow plans very loosely too… but sounds like you’re getting everything you need (and some!) I just signed up for my first tri (4 weeks away)- wish I could say swimming was my strong suit… that’s the part I’m nervous about! But it’s only a sprint, so should be okay. I have a half ironman on my fitness bucket. :)

  11. Samantha N. says:

    How did you get involved in teaching Zumba? I love dancing and I wonder how one gets to teach it! If I lived near you I would take your class. Sounds like a blast!


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