Sweat YOUR Way

Hey friends!

How is it going? Havin’ a rockin’ week so far?? Refueling nicely, I hear πŸ˜‰

It’s been a crazy good week so far, but I am rolling with less sleep than usual. So maybe that’s why it’s so crazy-because I feel more crazy?! Hah. I am sure the crash will happen eventually. Let’s just hope that crash doesn’t happen during a fitness class I teach…..


Someone asked me how I am still teaching 6-9 classes/week and training for the Ironman at the same time. My real answer? I am not so sure. Hah. But my second answer would be this : I am doing things I love, so it doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice.

Here’s the thing, a Half Ironman has been a dream of mine for at least 1.5 years, so for me, I am willing to put the work inΒ to achieve that. When we are motivated by ourselves, we are MORE likely to achieve the end result that we want.


Ever have a trainer who just yelled at you? What about a parent or friend who tried to force you to do something? I bet your success rate was pretty close to nil.

But on the other hand, have you ever achieved something because YOU wanted it, and went for it??

Yah. Yes you have.

See my point?

The same is true with fitness goals or even health goals. If YOU want it bad enough, and YOU enjoy it, then you will eventually reach that goal.

{The one major issue with this is we often try to do everything all at once, especially when we have the external influence of others’ goals and dreams and our very own jealousy or comparison issues. But those are other posts πŸ˜‰ }

Sweat YOUR Way

My point is this : SWEAT YOUR WAY to get results that you want!

  • You will be more successful in that fitness goal if you achieve it by doing physical activities that YOU enjoy.
  • You will have more fun in the journey of life if you like the physical aspect of what you do.
  • You will find more friends, have more peace, and be able to handle stressors that much better if you have an outlet (such as a class or run) that regularly enjoy.
  • You will smile more, which inevitably will make your life THAT much better!


So, my word of advice to you who have no idea where to start, or who feel pulled in every marathon, triathlon, weight program, fitness competition, brand new class, or the latest ‘cool’ blogger workout direction, is to find the place that makes YOU feel alive and go for that.

For me I feel most alive when I dance, when I teach weights (i.e. BodyPUMP), when I run outside (when I want to), and when I swim.

These activities make ME feel good about who I am, what my potential is, and ultimately, makes my life feel that much more fulfilled. We were born to move, people!

So, if you haven’t yet, sweat YOUR way today, and recognize what that does for you in a deeper sense. :) Remember, this is YOUR life, so live it YOUR way – #maketherules baby!!- and find what makes YOU your best.


Have an AWESOME day!!

On the agenda : butt-crack of dawn spin and run workout (!!), work, teach BodyPUMP, work, fall into bed.

What sweat YOUR way do YOU enjoy the most?? How has it made YOUR life more fulfilled??Β 

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  1. I LOVE this!!! Sweat YOUR way makes so, so, so much sense! I suppose I would say running, but lately I’ve been feeling in a little workout rut… not totally loving any of my workouts, so maybe I need to go back to the basics and get in a good run!

  2. I definitely need to focus on my own goals and not others, I get caught up on reading about women who do a full workout in the morning and then run 5 miles in the evening all on top of their day job and it makes me think, should I be doing that?! But that won’t get me through a marathon, that would probably get me injured and burnt out since I’m not used to it! My biggest goal right now is focusing on me, what I want to achieve, and how I’m going to get there.

  3. For me personally, I know that it is often a struggle not to compare myself to the women whose blogs I read… I see the workouts that they are doing and wonder if that is what I should be doing. But when I stop to really think about it, I know that I am sweating the ways that I love and that my body responds too – which in the ends is all that matters.

    Running is my favorite way to sweat. I have a blog post going up later this week about why I love running so much and all the ways that it has helped me.

  4. I have a friend who tried running bc she saw how much I loved it and absolutely hated it so obviously didnt stick to it…then tried kickboxing and fell in love. Everyone has different things they are into, but its SO true that you need to find something you LOVE to do, because otherwise, whats the point of doing something you hate?

    Running completely changed my life for the better…I am SO grateful for each of my runs…i love how strong it makes me feel and it always makes me feel amazed by what my body can accomplish!

  5. Great post Annette !

  6. Danielle says:

    Love this post, and OMG I am totally with you on the Half Ironman also!!! It’s been my biggest goal and dream since 1999 when I had spinal surgery. I feel so blessed whenever I run, swim, cycle, lift and just challenge my body because I am lucky to have a body that still moves :-)
    I love all sorts of physical challenges, but triathlons are so amazing to me. I’ve done some sprint tri’s and loved them, and talk about total cross training to the max,whoohoo! Good luck and hope you go for it, clearly you can crush it. I am going to register for a Half IM this year and let ya know when I do it.. Let’s DO this!!!

  7. I completely agree with this! It’s difficult to not get caught up in what others are doing and how they’re doing it. For myself, I have a lot of people at the gym I go to constantly asking me what race I’m doing next/what I’m training for/why I do what I do/what I eat/how I train. That pressure blows, especially because I’m just an ordinary girl who enjoys working out! While it’s nice that they’re interested, I like to work out for working out’s sake sometimes. Anyway, great post, girl! :)

  8. i am currently trying to strike a balance between running and weights so that i am still doing what I love, but also buildling muscle

  9. great post sweetie! I couldn’t agree more! You have to do what you love :)

  10. LOVE this! With all my clients I emphasize finding a workout routine geared to their needs, schedules, etc so it is something they WANT to do and that they will enjoy. It’s so important in fitness goals. And any goal. Great post!

  11. Belinda says:

    You are so right, Annette! I’ve always stuggled with exercise and I thought I’d never find an exercise I enjoy. But in January I found Pilates and I’ve been in love ever since :) I’m VERY happy right now because today will be my first day back doing Pilates after a six week break after surgery – I can’t wait!

  12. What a great post! This is so true – since I’ve found what I love doing best I’m happy to work out, to expend the effort, to really push myself and challenge my limits.

  13. I stumbled on your blog this morning when I read your comment at HTP and I had to comment after perusing your posts. I’m totally a LesMills girl and your BodyPump posts brought a huge smile to my face. I went through initial training for BodyFlow a couple months ago and I could relate so much to your “what I’ve learned” – even though it’s a different format.

    My addiction started with BP, but I connected more for BF (and I take BP, BC, BA, and CX too). My best friend is a BP & BC instructor, so we get to geek out over our new release kits in the mail. :)


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