Refuel, When? + PopChips Review

Hey friends!

How was your weekend?

Mine was dandy!

The pizza/movie date on Friday rocked (as you heard), and on Saturday I taught BodyPUMP + trained for the Ironman (16.5 mi bike ride and 5 mi run). I also reviewed for the brand new BP release (!!), started reading “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult, got ready for a class I would teach at church, and spent time with my honey.

We went to a nearby outdoor mall.

I got him a gift for Father’s Day (he is crazy hard to shop for, so I usually just take him with me. Haha.)

And enjoyed some cookies and ice cream and caramel together back at home.

Yah. I love that stuff.

(Saturdays are my days to do whatever the heck I want. And I love that!!)

Sunday was sleep in late, yummy b-fast with my man, church, family dinner, and relaxation, baby!

{Kodiak Cakes + blueberries + roasted almond butter with lemon + vanilla Chobani} a.k.a. incredible brunch on a plate!


Refuel, When?

So I was reading an article in an old Oxygen magazine that talked about the importance of refueling after a workout, and I felt myself nodding through it all.

Here’s the thing: refueling is KEY to a workout. Your workout does not end when the clock stops, the sweat stops dripping, or the teacher says class is over. Your workout ends once you’ve completed your refuel process.

Refuel, When? KEY Points

  • The most important time to refuel is the first 0-15 minutes after your workout.
  • The second ‘big’ window is the 15-45 minutes after a workout.
  • Refuel with quality protein (preferably whey, as it is most bioavailable and gets into the muscle cells the quickest), complex carbohydrates, and water! This is NOT a time to eat junk or crap.
  • Make sure you enjoy what you use to refuel so that you won’t skip it! (If you hate the protein powder for example, you won’t refuel properly).
  • Refuel with something that you can carry or have on hand right after the tough workout. I always have my chocolate milk + chocolate whey on hand, plus a good protein bar and tons of water. This is so important!

In the end though, everyone is different. Find what works for YOU and make sure you plan for that refueling process of your workout. Athletes are strong because they know what to do right when the work part of the workout ends and the refuel part of the workout begins. It is a huge part of their training.

If getting physically strong or fit is important to you, then the refuel, when? part should be planned for as well. Besides, who doesn’t love to eat right when they’re done with a hard workout?! :)


PopChips Review

The wonderful folks at PopChips heard I had not tried PopChips yet, so they sent me a HUGE box of ’em. I was blown away by their kindness! And could not way to dig in! (Neither could my husband…they were opened before I got back from teaching Zumba that night :) )

They sent me the Salt & Vinegar flavor and I immediately loved the chip the moment it touched my tongue!

The chips were tangy, salty, and full of flavor. Plus, they tasted like chips but without the grease and the residue that usually comes with that crap. I am a fan!

Thank you, PopChips, for the kind, delicious gift! If you see ’em at your grocery store, I highly suggest trying them. You will be happily surprised!

{I was given PopChips to try, but all opinions are my own.}

Well, with all that food talk, I am off to eat something and head out and teach BodyPUMP!

Have a GREAT day, my friends!

What is YOUR plan to refuel after a hard workout, and with what?? Have YOU tried PopChips?? If so, which flavor is YOUR favorite??

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  1. I have not tried pop chips yet, but I keep hearing wonderful things about them, so I may have to pick up a bag!! I do refuel right after workouts …. mostly because I workout in the morning, so refuel means breakfast :)

  2. I need to work on refueling better after exercising! Thank you for all the tips :). I haven’t tried popchips yet, but I think I would like them! I hope you have a great Monday love!

  3. I am terrible at refueling after a workout. My workouts are generally in the evenings, and I try to wait until supper to refuel. But I usally wind up starving and shoveling anything I can find into my mouth. I like the idea of mixing chocolate milk and chocolate whey protein as a refuling source. I may have to steal your idea – hope you don’t mind.

    I haven’t tried popchips yet – but there are on my list. I hope you have a great Monday!

  4. city creek! woo hoo! speaking of which, we NEED to see each other in (hopefully) the near future! summer is always craziness.
    refueling is one of my favorite parts of a tough workout! 😉

  5. With you on all counts of this post. Post workout fueling = muy importante. Popchips = GOOD. ANd weekends are for fun! :)

  6. I LOVE popchips! Especially that they are gluten free! I do have a question for you, with all that exercise you did on Saturday (and I’m sure other days with all the classes you teach), how do you not get sore!? That’s my biggest problem with trying to strength train and run, my legs are always exhausted and I’m not even doing very much!

    • I do get sore, but the endorphins of teaching REALLY help. Not gonna lie-they are REAL 😉

      Also, I believe it’s because I refuel right away (with choc milk and whey) which are proven to help reduce soreness and recover muscle tears. I also try to foam roll 3/x week….. Not gonna lie though, not every run or bike ride is super peachy.

      Have a nice night!

  7. caroline says:

    Those do look good- what are the other flavors? I can’t recall every trying salt and vinager chips before….

  8. I LOVE popchips! :)

  9. Anita says:

    Check out amazon you can get pop chips there on autoship in mixed flavor cases. Hubby loves sour cream and onion, kids like bbq, i love tai sweet chili, there is jalapeño, sea salt and pepper, Parmesan, the list goes on and on. Yum!

  10. I have a protein shake with fruit and then another “meal” a bit later with usually chicken breast and rice/sweet potato/quinoa/oats :)


  1. […] I first heard about popchips on Twitter actually, and saw that Janetha & other bloggers liked these snacks….I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to try some, and popchips sent me an entire box full of their delicious snacks! […]



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