Focus On: Clean and Press

Hey friends! Happy weekend to YOU!

My Friday evening started off right for me with date night with the hubster! Homemade pizza, a movie at the theatre (“Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” –it was good!), errands, and a stroll about town with my man.

{Yes. I do take pictures with my food. Weirdo.}

If that’s all my weekend had held, I’d be a happy woman. It was a great night with my man. :)

How was your evening?


Focus On: Clean and Press

Today I wanted to highlight one of my favorite moves in BodyPUMP: the Clean and Press. I love this move because it combines power, strength, and stamina all into one. Genius!

You all know my love affair with BodyPUMP of course, so it’s no surprise that I love certain moves that I get to teach. The Clean and Press is a highlight for me, every single class.

{It’s the little things in life, people.}


However, the Clean and Press is also a challenging move because it does require really good form, and proper alignment. I totally failed doing this move the first time I tried it. It looked sooo hard to me!

But now? It’s a favorite of mine! And not to brag, but I can do it well (because I worked at it. Good things to those who work, baby!)

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Clean and Press

The CLEAN part:

  • Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a medium-weight barbell in your hands (palms facing body).
  • Bend into a top-half squat -qucikly-as you pull the bar up towards the chest (almost like an upright row–but with a lot more power)-and quickly return to standing.
  • At the same time, flip your elbows under the bar so you’re holding the bar right at chest level, and return to the half squat.

This part of the move is explosive! You must use you legs AND back to bring the bar to chest level. It is NOT an upright row. And it is not a shoulder move.

Make sure during the Clean part that you’re abs are braced and the bar stays close to your body. Don’t let the bar swing out to the front (most common mistake.) It’s almost like you’re sliding the bar up your body –in a quick, explosive way.


The Press PART:

  • Starting from that half squat position (and with the bar at chest level), press the bar overhead.
  • Make sure to press your heels to the ground as you press the bar up. This allows you to engage more muscles in your back and hamstrings!


The Catch and Release PART:

  • Bring the bar back to chest level (sitting in half squat).
  • Return the bar back to starting position by rising up out of the squat, and flipping your elbows up over the bar.


Not so bad, right?!

Seriously though, it’s a great total body move that sculpts your back and legs. What more could you ask for?

And if you want more ‘help’ on it, check out a local BodyPUMP class–or come fly out to mine, okay?! :)

Have a GREAT weekend!

Have YOU ever done the Clean and Press before?? What do YOU like about it?? Any other moves YOU think are hard and want explained?? 

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  1. i’ve only done the clean and press in your bodypump class! definitely a challenging move, but definitely works ya body! you should do some vlogs about some of these more involved moves! also, dinner last night was PHENOMONAL and i think the highlight was YOUR garlic herb bread (minus the fact that i forgot the garlic… seriously… so it was just herb bread) but it was SO GOOD! (and i was impressed with myself for making bread haha)

    • SO glad it turned out!! And hey, mishaps in the kitchen are all but normal—and I am PROUD of you for making bread!!! WAHOO :)

      Yay for clean & press!

  2. I agree, the clean and press track in body pump is the hardest exercise to perfect AND teach! I’ve been to so many pump classes where the instructor didn’t breakdown the move and bars were flying all over the place. I make sure I dissect every step then watch the participants to make sure everyone is safe. That pizza looks delicious! Hope you enjoyed your evening :)

  3. Ummm…pretty sure I’d fail at this the first time I try it just because I’d need to figure it out all together haha.

  4. Thanks for this post!
    I haven’t tried a clean and press yet, but have a client who wants to be instructed in it.
    Off to practice! (and tweeting away!)

  5. Great detail…I’m looking forward to working with weights once I start going to the gym.

  6. The bodypump clean and press is a lot different than an olympic lifting clean, but they still work the same muscles. Loved this track when I used to do do BodyPump!

  7. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    I love this move, too. No idea why…I think because it used to be a move I thought only body builders did… way Jose!

  8. I’ve actually never done the Clean and Press before! I’m going to give it a try next time I do an upper body workout! 😀

  9. looks like a tough one, though great for sculpting as you said. thanks!

  10. Peppermint Patty says:

    I love doing the Clean and Press track!


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