Friday Fab Fives (Part 2)

Hey friends!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Oh boy. This week has been insane. Vacation is awesome and all, but coming back to the craziness that is my life was definitely a feat and a half.

Not going to lie, being crazy sore and teaching 8 classes this week was TOUGH. Oh plus training for the ironman….plus 300 work emails.

Yah. I am beat.

I can’t wait to ‘breathe’ again tomorrow afternoon!


Now, after that complaining, let’s talk about my FAB FIVES for FRIDAY today, shall we?! (Part 1 here)

Here I list a few topics with my current favorites in each one.

Friday Fab Fives -Food

  1. Homemade Roasted Almond Butter with Lemon NuNaturals.  No words. It is SOOO good.
  2. Turkey burgers with yam fries. OH goodness.
  3. Dark chocolate covered almonds.
  4. Light caramel ice cream & McDonald’s soft serve 1$ cones.
  5. Kale chips smothered in ketchup. I have been eating them like it’s my job!

Friday Fab Fives -Fitness Moves

  1. Side plank with a toe touch.
  2. Decline pushups. (Toes on a bench top or higher platform)
  3. Reverse wood chop.
  4. Curtsy squat with a dumbbell shoulder press to knee lift. (Say that 10 times fast!)
  5. Propulsion lunges.


I’ve been loving those moves. And I guess they’ve been working:

{What #FitFluential looks like! #PROOF that those fitness moves work}

Good things come to those who work hard! (Finally I have some definition!)

Friday Fab Fives -Books

  1. Divergent.
  2. Under The Never Sky.
  3. The Book Thief.
  4. How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

All great books. Go read “Under the Never Sky” if you liked The Hunger Games or any dystopian-type novel!


Friday Fab Fives -Favorite Moments of the Day 

(all occur daily-these are my top 5 right now)

  1. Good morning/good-bye kiss with the hubby.
  2. Right after teaching a hard fitness class and I’m drippin’.
  3. Getting texts from siblings. (Ahem!! and WINK!)
  4. Emails from readers.
  5. Falling asleep.

Is it bad that I love sleeping so much?!

Friday Fab Fives -Random

  1. My Pinterest boards are getting packed…..check ’em out!
  2. I am so excited to have a date night with my husband tonight. He is so rad.
  3. I miss my family. A lot. #iamsorryiamnotsorry
  4. I really love lazy evenings when there is nothing to do but read.
  5. I am totally obsessed with turquoise right now. It is such a gorgeous color!

{click on pictures for original source}

Well, I am off to work, teach Zumba, work, and then DATE night! (Dinner, movie, errands, hanging out. Can not wait! I love our wild lifestyle! hehe)

Have a lovely Friday, ya’all!

What are some of YOUR favorite fitness moves right now?? Favorite moments of the day for YOU?? What Friday night plans do YOU have??

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  1. Not to be creepy, but your abs are looking awesome! :) Enjoy date night!

  2. Tonight we are staying at the in-laws because they’re out of town, and we’re taking care of the dogs. So since the weather is so nice, we’re having our good friends over, cooking dinner, and sitting poolside. :) :)

    • Oh and I almost forgot to mention! I am FINALLY making your garlic herb bread!! We are serving it as an appetizer with balsamic vinegar and olive oil – just like you suggest!!

  3. woohoo girl, you work so hard and its obvious from the picture you posted of yourself! :)

    favorite moments of the day are also kissing kevin hello and goodbye (although the goodbye one is always a little bittersweet, i dont see him at all on friday except in the morning before i head to the gym), the feeling after a tough workout, and DEF falling asleep (love that one!! hahaha)

    tonight I am cleaning, experimenting with a new quinoa dish and getting to bed EARLY, early am long run on the agenda tomorrow!!

    happy friday my lovely friend!

  4. There’s so many dystopian books out now. Dystopia is the new vampire :)
    Hell of a #proof girl!

  5. Love posts like thse! You are looking great – hard work is paying off. Right now, my favorite fitness moves include jump squats, plank jacks, and side planks with a reach thru. My favorite moments of the day are my good morning/good bye kiss from my hubby, my daughter waking and calling out “Mama, I ready to see you now”, and the feeling I get after a hard workout with my girls. Tonight will be low key – just dinner at home and watching a movie.

  6. Danielle says:

    I love love LOVE turquoise! I am really into royal blue as well, and just the whole nautical thing mixed in with other trends. Nautical + bohemian + chic = my outfit today, lol.
    My fav fitness moves would be any chest exercise cuz i feel my chest getting stronger and it’s pretty cool. I also love trying to do pullups, without assistance, because after months I can finally do one. Whoohoo! My fav moments of the day are right after a workout, especially one that I didn’t want to do and then destroyed :-p Friday is oing to be very relaxing for me cuz I will be up bright and early for a run and swim so I need my sleep!
    TGIF, happy Friday!!!

  7. i’d like to dive into that soft serve.

  8. Fav fitness moves? Revolved triangle (yoga). I love love love it. And pyramid actually.

    Some may argue that isn’t fitness but I’d argue right back that it is 😉

    Favorite moment? Eating breakfast with my hubster in bed every morning. Man I love that dude.

    Happy weekend!

  9. kristle says:

    i am really into the split squat move on my kettlebell dvd

  10. Ohhh reverse woodchop! Had to look that one up! Love the shot of the ice cream cone and Redbox movie — sounds like a great Friday night to me. :)

  11. You are one hard working girl, but like you said – IT IS PAYING OFF 😉 Dang Annette! You look amazing! Yes! Definition for sure! xo

    Have a great date night!

    Oh before I go, almond butter and lemon stevia!? WHAT!?


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