Workouts & Scenes of The Houseboat Vacation

Hey friends!

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Alright, how are you all doing? I am still crazy sore. OUCH.

That’s probably because, like I said, my workouts last week on vacation were definitely no where near where they had been.

Here’s the thing: I am A-okay with that. And chose to do that.


I brought 2 fitness outfits and a pair of sneakers for the vacation. I put them on every day (Mon-Sat) on the boat right after waking up, and I did SOME thing every day.

But I refused to let any workout get in the way of vacation of family time and I also decided that if I didn’t ‘feel it’ I would stop. I kept those workouts short, or I did them with sisters and my sister-in-law. I saw the week as a chance to let my body rest a bit from its ‘normal’ routine, and boy did it feel great!

Some days I did 30 minutes of pliyo & strength moves, some days I did 10 minutes of core work (1 of those days I just did not ‘want’ to do anything really, so I didn’t), and some days I did Zumba. Every day I swam around 1/2 a mile for fun (I am a swimmer, and I do have a Half Ironman in August that is in open water).

So like I said, I stayed active, but it was nothing crazy and never took me away from fun or family for longer than 30 minutes.

Those are my top tips in keeping up with some fitness on vacation!

Scenes of the Houseboat Vacation

Now, onto some more juicy pics of the vacay:

{the HUGE fridge and freezer where all that food went!}

{the front of our houseboat, docked at ‘our’ beach. It was a great place to ‘stay’!}

{upper deck -1 side}

{part of the 2nd half of the upper deck.}

I love that 3 of my nieces/nephews took a leaf out of my book and did what I did for a lot of the trip 😉 SO cute!

The boat had 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a long hallway.

And a family room:

With counters and a table with chairs. Plus an outer lower deck.

It was awesome! Thank you daddy! 😉

{my little bro}

{That red tube was SO fun to ride. I had a blast on it!}

{Brother in law wake boarding}

{4 of the 6 sisters -and a nephew. Little sister was swimming, and the other -oldest-sister was at home with a brand new baby. She was missed!}

{Brother in law caught a fish!}

My sister’s husband is from Alaska and he KNOWS how to fish. He caught this sucker and showed everyone how to kill it, and prep it, and grill it. I did not partake…I was a tad grossed out.

I know, I know. Not going there.

{A niece and nephew proud of their newly learned trick!}

{such a cute nephew! Look at those cheeks. Adorable.}

{Driving the boat back to the marina. Sad day!}

And on the last few moments of good-bye at the marina:

{notice my puffy eyes…I dislike good-byes and am a total cry baby}

Goodbyes are SO hard when you have to say ’em to your family whom you love and admire. This was an incredible trip (and I really slowed down my lightning speed pace of life) and I am thankful I could go!

I miss my family. I really do. Sorry to get all sappy on you, but I don’t live close to any of them.

Luckily I DID have my incredible husband to come back to! And he cleaned our entire apartment. It looked amazing when I walked in the door. Thanks to him, I came home more relaxed and grateful.

Life is best when shared with those you love, my friends. Cherish those moments! Don’t waste time on stupid, silly pursuits that bring you nothing in return. And avoid spending time with those who bring you down or bring negativism into your life. Be kind to yourself.

And always, always be grateful that you are YOU!


Thankful Thursday

  1. Obviously a no-brainer: I am thankful for the awesome vacation I could take with my family!
  2. I am grateful for a rock-solid relationship with my husband. (Weekly date nights and lots of communication & smoochin’, baby!)
  3. I am thankful I took my pillow with me. I slept SO well all 8 nights!

Off to teach some BodyPUMP (further soreness, hello!!), then work like a mad woman, and teach Zumba tonight. Busy bee :)

Have a GREAT day!

What is YOUR most memorable vacation?? What do YOU do with workouts on vacation?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. It looks like you guys had a BLAST!! And all your nieces and nephews are so darn cute!! Our houseboat vacation was pretty rock solid last year since it was the first time we have all traveled together in FOREVER, but I’m hoping/thinking Cancun will take the cake this summer! :)

  2. My most memorable vacation was the trip our family took to the mountains in North Georgia. My husband, daughter and I spent a week living in a cabin overlooking a beautiful lake. We enjoyed family walks together every morning and evening. We even took our daughter, who was 16 months old at the time, on a hike thru one of the state parks. As a general rule, I try to move 30 minutes a day when I’m on vacation – that could be walking, swimming, yoga, etc. And bonuses points, if I can do it with my family.

    Today I am thankful for COFFEE! My daughter did not sleep well last night. I was in bed at 12:30 a.m. and back up at 5:00. The coffee is needed today.

  3. i feel ya on leaving family… it’s always so hard for me too!! they all live in arizona, and always get emotional when we have to leave them (or when they leave us). what an awesome time it looks like you had though! it is seriously my kind of vacation – i love boating and being out on the water!

  4. Danielle says:

    That boat looks FABULOUS!!!!! whooowheee!
    Most awesome family vacation would be when we all went to Hong Kong back in 2001 and my mom got relive her childhood; we didn’t feel like tourists cuz she still remembered EVERYTHING about it, and it was just super duper rad.
    Vacay workouts for me are usually walking and maybe a jog, but nothing major :-)
    I’m thankful for my family and how well we get along no matter how crazy things get. I’m also thankful for my mom because she inspires me to be a better me – and to dress better! lol, i’m lazy but she is a little fashion diva so she has to set me straight every now and then (like the days when I show up in yoga pants and t-shirt to go out to a “nicer” place… oops, sorry mom! heehee)

  5. Love all of the vacation pics!! I think my most memorable vacations have been my trips to Europe :D. Today I’m thankful that I still loved my wedding dress when I tried it on yesterday haha. It came in and I tend to be a second guesser, but nope…not this time!

  6. your vacation looks so beautiful and fun…and seriously, getting to spend time with family is the best thing ever for me too, so i’m glad you also had the opportunity to do that!

    I had a really lovely vacation with my family and Kevin to visit my dad’s family in El Salvador last year…I only get to see that family once every couple years so I cherish those trips I get to see them…and i’m so glad Kev got to experience it with me! We were there for 10 days so I did workout DVDs on the days that we had downtime in the morning..I was sensible about my eating and actually came back weighing lighter, haha!

    We also recently booked a trip to the Bahamas for this December so i’m REALLY excited for that, i’ve never been to the Caribbean!!

  7. That looks so fun! It is like you are a movie star in that house boat! :)

  8. I love vacations!!!
    And Yeah!! That is my name up there!!!!

  9. oh. man. i love lake powell.

  10. I couldn’t not work out. I would die. Looks like fun!

  11. Cristin says:

    That boat looks amazing! I can tell you had an awesome time & have a great family! Thanks for sharing the memories and your words of wisdom at the end. You are so right & I need to really remember it all.

  12. you definitely do have a great husband who was waiting for you back home! Looks like a great holiday xoxo

  13. Wow, what a fantastic vacation with family!

  14. Houseboat vacations are so much fun! We haven’t gone in a few years, so I think it’s about time we do. Except the driving part. Hate driving those things!


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