Houseboat Vacay Delights

Hey friends! How’s it going??

I am happy (life is good!), but pretty tired and really sore.

I guess only lifting my nieces and nephews for a week and then teaching BodyPUMP the day I return (+ 4 more times this week) is the perfect recipe for DOMS…… In case you wanted a recipe for that πŸ˜‰

I am still on a vacation high (and miss my family and the gorgeous views we had), so I thought I’d share some more from it. But this time, it’s all about our delights (aka FOOD)!


There was a time in my life where I dreaded vacation. There, I said it.

For some years it was because I couldn’t control the exercise situation (aka didn’t have my ‘exact gym time and place’ with me), for other years it was because on vacation there are tons of food options around and it freaked me out not to have my exact calorie and food amounts, and for the later years it was because vacation meant overstuffing myself and feeling bad the second the vacation ended.

Now is THAT a way to live?!

I think not.

Thankfully that is behind me now, and I enjoyed EVERY second of this vacation without even a single worry about how much weight I would gain, if my clothes would fit when I got back (they do, btw), without labeling foods as bad or good, or not eating the exact amounts or types foods I am used to.

You guys, I was on VACATION. Which means, a change from ‘daily life.’ And oh how refreshing it was!

This did not mean that I never ate veggies or only gorged on chocolate. It just meant that I ate what I wanted when I wanted. And I never got uncomfortably stuffed. (There was one night that I ate too much ice cream though–I felt sick later….but it was good while it lasted! hehe)

I simply listened to my body and stopped when I felt satisfied.

(FYI: If anyone is looking for help in those areas, I am a certified coach, and offer coaching through my services page. Don’t waste time worrying about weight and food anxieties!! You are too precious to do that.)

Now, without further ado, some proof of the deliciousness.

Houseboat Vacay Delights

My sister, her husband, my dad, and I woke up early Monday morning to head to the Super Walmart and do the shopping for 20+ people for 7 days on a houseboat (no access to stores)…..

That is a daunting task, but we were up for it! (Above are 3 of the 6 carts).

{Funny story: My cell phone time changed to the wrong time zone-we were right on the border-so I accidentally woke them all up at 5:30 instead of 6:30. Whooopsies. Ahh well. We just got back sooner, right?! They forgave me, don’t worry.}

Guess which cart I was mainly in charge of?

Yep. The produce cart.

(Oh, and I helped with the frozen aisle cart. I helped my dad by pulling tons of cartons of ice cream and frozen yogurt off the shelves and dumping them into the cart….)

{My two favs. Veggies and ice cream.}

We ate watermelon every day.

I picked out 6 beautiful huge ones, and I must say, I must have a knack. Each piece was GOOD.

Gosh, I love watermelon!

{4 of the carts all lined up. It took us 50 minutes to do the entire checkout….}

Thank you DAD for letting us get so much produce and ice cream! He is a gem.

But to be honest here, I got my love of ice cream from him-he was right alongside me in that frozen aisle pulling things out with a huge smile on his face . :)

And yes, we both had ice cream together every night.

Sometimes it was frozen yogurt for me though. Here’s why:

Ummmm yah.

SO good.

I think I was in heaven…..

Don’t worry though, I did not just eat ice cream, frozen yogurt, and popsicles (but about 35% of my diet was that). I also got in the yummy, good stuff too.

I mean we did get a toppling-over cart full of produce.

And we devoured it.

Food tastes better when eaten outside in a swimsuit. Did ya know that?! πŸ˜‰

Yummy snacks included:

Blue Diamond, baby! These were sooooo good!

Especially in ice cream. (Can you guys tell that I love the stuff yet??!) πŸ˜‰

I had like 10 popsicles a day, I swear.

It was so hot (100+) and they were soooo refreshing.

Who cares that I downed like buckets of high fructose corn syrup, these babies were good. Especially with a side of book.

There was also starbursts, salted nuts, snickers, tons of carrots, spinach shakes, sweet potatoes, and Wheat Thins consumed.

I am getting hungry now….

Well, there ya have it-a smattering of our houseboat vacay delights. Hope you enjoyed it….probably would’ve been better if you had been there though, yah?? πŸ˜‰


Have an awesome Wednesday! I teach BodyPUMP again today (and tomorrow and Saturday!!), so I am going to do a shorter training workout this a.m. Then off to work!

(p.s. GO enter this amazing giveaway! You have until tonight to win a FREE box of Kodiak Cakes!)


What are some of YOUR favorite vacation delights?? What of the above do YOU most want to try?? Do YOU get anxious about food when on vacay??

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  1. haha we had to buy a ton of stuff last year for our houseboat vacation too.. but not 6 overflowing carts… we had half as many people! haha. ice cream and frozen yogurt are definitely vacay foods!!

  2. your trip sounds absolutely amazing! I love spending time with family, this makes me miss mine!

    • Oh I am sorry… :( But I guess it just makes the time with them THAT much sweeter when we have periods away from them πŸ˜‰

  3. Now is THAT a way to live?!
    I think not.<——– LOVE THAT GIRL !!!!

    Ahhh you are just the best Annette! <3 I love that picture of you eating the frozen yogurt πŸ˜€ NOW THAT'S THE LIFE!

  4. Frozen yogurt is a must when on vacation. My husband and I love to find frozen yogurt shops in the areas where we vacation and try new flavor and topping combinations.

  5. That sounds like a fabulous way to spend a vacation! My parents go houseboating every year and I’m always immensely jealous. Now you’re on my jealous list too πŸ˜‰ glad you had such a great time!

  6. i like how you think my friend! ice cream and produce – can’t go wrong with that! :) i’m sure that was quite the feat to buy food for that many people for a whole week! good for you guys!

  7. hahaha wow i am so impressed by the amount of stuff you guys had to gather together…all of your eats sound SO good and im glad you had a blast–vacations are seriously the best (as are popsicles and froyo to go along with said vacation!) :)

  8. Danielle says:

    What an awesome looking vacay you had, and tasty and balanced!!!! I have some great memories of our many family trips to Switzerland and loved all the freshness and flavors that we indulged in, and eating with my family there was fun because eating what they ate just “felt” healthy… does that make sense? I love vacay’s now, but I used to have eating issues, in a major way, and was a control freak (and sometimes I still am…. heehee) So going away was stressful at times, but I learned now that spending time with your loved ones is so much more important than calories and carb grams. Thank goodness! Obsessing over food is NOT the way to spend a vacation and I’m so blessed that I saw the light, but it’s not always easy and certainly not easy as pie… mmm, pie. LOL

    • Mmmm freshness in Switzerland!! Awesome. My mom brought jam from there and I had it on toast and with eggs. SO good!! :)

      • Danielle says:

        mmmmm jam! that would have been so nice to mix in with my oatmeal after my workout this morning, doh! lol

  9. caroline orien says:

    can we go back now? please?

  10. Love your houseboat pics! We do the house boats on Lake Cumberland in KY in August! We have 30 people this year with 2 boats, we have a cooler trailer from a cater to transport our food and beverages, we have a blast

  11. The pic of you and the ice-cream…I saw my own face there. You and I have similar ideas of what vacations are supposed to be like, lol!

  12. oh my gosh look at all the food! making me hungry!

  13. Those pictures of the scenery are gorgeous, and I’m so glad to see that you were able to allow yourself to indulge too! I’m right with ya on the ice cream + veggie lifestyle. The two most important grocery staples πŸ˜‰

  14. That’s okay, vacations are for relaxation, getting easy with all the everyday rules, so long as you come out refreshed after.

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