Focus On: Lateral Raise

Hey friends! Happy WEEKEND to us :)

Last night was date night:

Cafe Rio, baby!!

‘Twas awesome.

So I loved all your responses to yesterday’s Greater Than That post. Apparently we all like similar things even though we didn’t know it til’ then!

We sure love our desserts and nut butters- and food for that matter– (most commented on), for good reason though, they are delicious! (And let’s be honest, I am the one who kept bringing them up anyways. Hah. But I just need my daily dose of chocolate, ice cream, and/or nut butter!)

So later on today……I can NOT wait…I fly out to begin my vacation! Ahhhhh. I get to see a best friend from college, my family, and hang out on a houseboat, jet ski, go tubing, water ski, swim, and play for a whole week. I kinda am totally STOKED!

(I will, however, only have limited to-none Internet access-just a heads up. All emails/tweets/comments will be answered the following week). And limited access to the husband. That is a major bummer. Work can be annoying, no?!


Alright, one of the awesome shoulder moves is up next for a focus on post!

Focus On: Lateral Raise

The lateral raise is a great move to target the deltoids (shoulder region), and helps to give that nice sculpted/rounded, ‘I work out’ look. I often see people actually doing this move incorrectly, and they could be injuring themselves without even knowing it.


Notice (above) how her arms/hands stop at shoulder level? That is idea. You don’t ever want to swing them above the shoulder joint…..ouch!

Her hand grip is in a neutral grip, which is one way to do it.

Another way to do a lateral raise is to lead with your thumbs up toward the ceiling, in this grip :

You can also do a lateral raise with your elbows bent at 90 degrees (to be able to lift more weight, as that is a bit easier):


This is called a bent-arm lateral raise.

You can do dumbbell lateral raises while sitting on a stability ball, standing up one leg, sitting on a bench, or holding soup cans in your kitchen.

While doing a lateral raise, remember:

  • To keep your abdominals engaged and tight.
  • Your chest lifted.
  • To keep the elbows at or below shoulder height.
  • To avoid swinging the trunk.

3 cheers for Summer sexy shoulders!


Also, here’s an interesting article to check out on the Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses for Sport:

With the Olympics coming up this summer, more people than ever are focusing their attention on active pursuits and sports. Unfortunately, not everyone interested in sport has perfect vision, and glasses can be a major hindrance when moving around quickly. Sports where your body moves from side to side or upside down, for example, can cause your glasses to become dislodged and fall off. Sports where balls or other projectiles such as hockey pucks are involved could result in a shot to the face destroying glasses completely, and they aren’t cheap to replace. In swimming, glasses are completely out of the question. So what’s the answer?

Contact lenses are the most convenient and cost effective alternative to glasses if you suffer from vision impairment. Whilst you may find yourself tempted by laser eye surgery or a similar treatment, these are often extremely costly. Contact lenses can be purchased on a monthly or even yearly basis at a fraction of the cost, with many of the same benefits. You don’t have to worry about them falling out, or getting damaged (except in rare and exceptional circumstances). Once you have worn contact lenses a few times and gotten used to it, you can wear them for hours at a time without your eyes drying out or becoming irritated.

If you enjoy playing sports but struggle with your vision and whilst wearing glasses, contact lenses may be the perfect, activity-compatible solution. You can find out more about contact lenses by visiting your optician; they should be able to tell you all about the different kinds of lenses on offer (daily, weekly, monthly and so on) as well as give you an estimation of price. Although you should be aware that contact lenses aren’t for everyone, it’s definitely worth giving them a try for a more convenient means of improving your site whilst being active.

If you have decided contact lenses are the way forward for you, visit to see the different types you can purchase.


Alright, have a GREAT rest of your weekend :) I am going to miss you, but I have got some incredible posts lined up for you + an amazing workout and giveaway. Stay tuned!!

Where do YOU usually do lateral raises?? What moves do YOU want to see spotlighted?? Do YOU wear contact lenses?? 

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  1. on thursday i got my eyes checked for the first time since elementary school! luckily i passed everything :) :)

  2. Have a great vacation! That fro yo looks divine!

  3. caroline orien says:

    so happy that you got cafe rio, so jealous that I did not. Hope your vacation rocks! =)

  4. lateral raises are usually rough for me, which probably means I need to do them more!

  5. YAY for the weekend! AND your vacation sweetie pie!!!!! I am so excited for you! Everything you mentioned sounds like SO much fun! You must tell us all about it when you get back 😀

    I love you hun

  6. cafe rio dates are the best! 😉 i’m so jealous of your vacation… being on the water is my favorite! enjoy!

  7. You are so right about keeping both the hands and the elbows below shoulder level for deltoid lateral raises. I also love using resistance tubing to target the delts. As for contacts – need them, have them, but still teach in my glasses even though the mic bumps against them. Habits die hard. Have fun on your vacation.

  8. Your salads look great! Do you think I’ll fit in your suitcase? I need a vacay soo bad! Have an awesome time!

  9. We’re on a mini vacation right now too…..have a great time!


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