Greater Than That

Hey, hey! The WEEKEND has arrived (and so has June. Crazy!), and I am A-OKAY with that.

Here’s why: I am going on vacation starting tomorrow!! (I personally like to believe that this is a MUCH needed break, so we’re going to roll with that, mmkkay?) We’re going on a houseboat on a beautiful lake in Northern AZ, and I can’t wait to see my family!

But of course, teaching Zumba, lots of work today, laundry, a FUN date night with the hubster, & a brick workout tomorrow are all on the agenda before that vacay happens.

But life is enjoyable NO matter the moments. And I love living mine :)


Let’s begin a fun interview with me, shall we?!

So, I can’t remember who had the genius idea of doing something like this, I think it was either Janetha or Teri, but I saw a similar type of post once, and now it’s making an appearance here.

Greater Than That 

Here I list my greater than that things. (Obviously this > means greater than ____) :)

Water bottle with a straw > water bottle with a lid I must unscrew

Guitar playing husband > his tone-deaf wife 😉

Salmon > Halibut

Legally Blonde > Bride Wars

Working from home > Cubicle office

Caramel ice cream > any other flavor

Homemade paninis > any restaurant panini I’ve tried

Sleeping for 10 hours > sleeping for 9 hours

Frozen Custard = Ice Cream = Fro Yo (hehe. I like my frozen treats, okkkkkaaayyy?) :)

Fresh flowers > nasty store-bought chocolate (but then again, my husband’s only ever gotten me flowers and good chocolate….so I wouldn’t know 😉 )

Teaching BodyPUMP > Doing my own weights workout (I like to motivate people, I decided. It’s more fun than just doing it to my self!)

Swimming outside > indoor pool swimming

Walking > driving to places

Heels > flats (for church)

Frozen berries > frozen pineapple

Workout clothes > any type of clothes

Chobani > any other Greek yogurt company 

Chick flicks > horror movies

Pilates > yoga

Family vacations > any other type of vacation

Spinach > swiss chard 

Praying > just trying to do it by myself

Being hot > being cold

Having a tan > being butt-white

Doing a hard workout > anything else I could’ve done

Eating dessert > not eating dessert

Foam rolling > ………………………. (hehehe)

Salads in a large mixing bowl > salads on a salad plate (seriously. Who came up with the idea of serving salad on such small plates?!)

Sweet potato fries dunked in ketchup > baked potatoes

Salted almond butter > any other nut butter

Reading a good book in bed > watching a movie by myself

A date night with the husband > anything else !!!

Teaching Zumba > taking any type of cardio class

Going to church every Sunday > anything else I could’ve come up with

Kisses and texts from my husband > kisses or texts from anyone else (sorrrrrryyy…but it’s true!)

Yellow bell pepper > red bell pepper > orange bell pepper > green bell pepper

Wearing earrings > not wearing earrings

New fitness clothes or shoes > new ‘regular people’ clothes or shoes (heh)

Homemade pizza > storebought pizza

Running outside in a park > running on a treadmill in a dank gym

chocolate chip cookies > any other type of cookie

Salted caramel toffee covered almonds > almost any type of nut combo

Alright… you can decide if you still like me or not 😉

Have a GREAT Friday!

YOUR turn–what are some of YOUR greater than that’s??? Which ones of these do YOU totally disagree with me on?? Which ones are YOU the same with?? Weekend plans??

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  1. foam rolling > staying in pain haha foam rolling sucks but it does help!!

    Saturdays & Sundays > Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

    :) :) :)

  2. Hahaha I LOVE this post! I agree with you that being tan is way greater than being “butt” white hehe. I hope you have so much fun on your vacay!! <3

  3. Haha I love eating dessert > not eat dessert!

  4. I know you have to be excited about your vacation. It is always nice to get a chance to take a break from the normal routine and just relax. Here are few of my greater thans:

    Brightly colored running shoes > Plain running shoes
    My MIL’s homemade cake > Than store bought cake
    Watching an extra episode of cartoons with my daughter > Getting to work 20 minutes early.

    I love your thoughts on date night with hubby, going to church, and having a tan. :-)

  5. Haha love this! Hanging out with Annette>not hanging out with annette

  6. the foam rolling one made me crack up….i HATE foam rolling but i love the results.

    and YES! running outside is SO much better then running inside on the treadmill. it baffles me when people prefer the treadmill over outside!

    happy weekend girl!!

  7. ok, i think i have to agree with you pretty much every single one of these except a couple… PEANUT butter > than any other nut butter (you knew that one was coming from me 😉 ), and i gotta go with spinning > than any other cardio class. i like zumba, but i’m not a dancer. you need to teach me! lol

  8. Danielle says:

    Wow another awesome and hilarious post, lol. I love the “butt white” remark, that cracked me up 😀
    I’m right there with ya on several of those items, especially being hot rather than cold, prefer having a tan for sure (a natural one ideally!!! lol), running outside versus indoors if the weather is nice and not sticky gross like it has been… yuck, spinach rocks all the time, and lots others. For the salted almond butter, I know I must be the only person who hasn’t tried almond butter, but I am seriously going to try it this weekend, and I’ll try the salted one! I’ll probably be a fiend by Monday, lol.
    This weekend I’ll be having fun on my long run with friends tomorrow, happy for my family returning from vacay, and getting some uninterrupted sleep :-)
    P.S. Yay for CARAMEL!!!!! happy Friday!

  9. Love this! I played this game growing up all the time. I’ll go with:
    Using a timer for intervals > Just watching the clock
    It’s like I’m not even doing intervals if I try to use the wall clock, lol

  10. Haha okay I seriously agree with you on almost all of these! Especially about eating salads in mixing bowls. That’s the only way to eat them! 😉

    Some of mine to add: sweet breakfasts > savoury breakfasts, The Food Network > any other channel on tv and free range eggs straight from a farm > grocery store eggs.

    Have a great weekend girl!

  11. I only disagreed on two things…

    Halibut > than any other fish or seafood that exists
    Being cold is always > than being hot.


  12. I feel like you would be a great motivator/teacher! That’s awesome that you found your passion. LOVE eating salads out of big mixing bowls and I’d choose spinach in a heartbeat too.



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