It’s Okay To Eat Weird Combos

Hi friends! How are you?

I am so glad that yesterday’s post about getting rid of fat days for forever resonated with so many of you :)

It’s an incredible thing to be able to love your life NOW and to stop worrying about the small things that don’t really matter in the long run. Julie actually posted a great article about that yesterday-check it out! Thus, I left my desk to go teach last night super pumped and incredibly grateful!


You might’ve noticed around here that I am no food blogger.

Oh, you hadn’t?! 😉

I don’t particularly love photography or taking photos of my food (but I like to eat it), but I do it often enough to be able to show you guys recipes and foods I eat-because you all seem to like that. (Or at least I pretend that you do…..)

But sometimes I have such weird combos that actually I cringe when I take the picture thinking, “I am never going to post that!”

And yesterday, after this happened:

{blurry, post-long run outside- picture}

my food desires were

So I decided that the time has come to highlight some weird combos I’ve loved to eat and enjoy lately, because well, I like ’em, and you might too!

It’s Okay To Eat Weird Combos

The Edamame Blue Cheese Quinoa

It’s actually ahhhhhh-mazing.

Perfect combo of salty with a punch of protein!

The Quinoa Roasted Chickpea Smoothie

Can you tell that I love my quinoa?!

This one was crunchy and sweet. I LOVE crunch. And I am not as satisfied if there isn’t something with a bit of a crunch in my meals or snacks.

The Ice Cream ‘N’ Yogurt Cookie Almond Combo in bed

I didn’t have much ice cream left, so I threw in some greek yogurt, chocolate chips, and almonds and called it good.

Hey, I was tired and just wanted to lie in bed (in my pj’s) with my treat. It hit the spot!

The ‘Everything In Your Fridge’ Salad

That would be a bed of lettuce, apples, roasted almonds, shaved carrots, blue cheese, and a lime-raspberry dressing. Pretty much everything we had in the drawers of our fridge.

Can you tell I am somewhat lazy….. ?! 😉

The Blueberry Lemon Bagel

I toasted a blueberry bagel (I HAD to have a bagel a few weeks ago at the store, so I bought a bag and loved every bite. I hadn’t had bagels in forever!), topped it with lighter cream cheese and a few drops of lemon stevia.

Holy amazing!

The Veggie-Berry Smoothie to balance out the Sugary French Toast Breakfast

Well, the name said it all. Instead of stuffing my face the other day when I was starving with 2+ pieces of french toast for brunch (it’s 1 1/2) + sugary (yummy homemade) syrup, I added in a veggie-berry smoothie.

Balance, people. :)

I am half kidding, really. Eating yummy foods should be a part of any healthy diet (and they are in mine for sure!), but I don’t feel well if I only eat those ‘yummy’ foods (i.e. syrups, ice cream, cookies, etc.). To balance it all out I eat tons of fruits and veggies and then don’t ever think twice when I want a cookie, french toast, or ice cream.

The Grueyere Cheese Strawberry Quinoa Dish

I am patenting this. It is SO good.

I am already a (flavorful) cheese freak & snob (hello, I am Swiss!!), so any dish that has the kind I like in it is a winner for me. This dish was SO easy to whip up, had a nice zing to it, and was filling. Don’t worry about the lacking veggies, I ate a butt-load of spinach at breakfast that day. (I’m not exaggerating).

Well, there ya have it. Am I as weird as you thought?!

Wait, don’t answer that.


Have a GREAT day, friends! I do hope you all eat some weird combos today, inspired by moi! 😉

What are some weird combos YOU have cooked up lately?? What is one thing YOU’D recommend to me to try that could be considered as ‘weird’?? 

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  1. roasted chickpeas in a smoothie??!??! giiiirrlll…..?? haha. the edamame blue cheese quinoa combo does sound good though! i’m sure i make weird combos and don’t even realize they weird… most recently it’s probably apple cider vinegar, water, and lemon nustevia though anyone who drinks apple cider vinegar probably doens’t think that’s weird :)

  2. I had a huge salad the other night that I topped with cottage cheese and salsa. My husband looked at me strange, but it was quite delish! The yogurt/ice cream combo looks quite tasty – might have to try that one in the near future.

  3. I think most of those sound pretty good! Although not sure about the strawberries and gruyere cheese…

  4. caroline orien says:

    Holy smokes. I think your food combinations have only gotten weirder. Gruyere cheese with strawberries? Chickpea smoothie?! HAHAHAHAHA. And I think you are totally awesome for it. You keep rockin those odd combinations.

  5. i actually think most of your creations sound pretty good or at least not half bad! :)

  6. Those bagels caught my eye! Yum! And I like the looks of the cheese/strawberry/quinoa dish. I find if I’m going to eat a weird combo, quinoa is usually involved, for some reason. I just topped a bowlful with 2 poached eggs for breakast – it was weird looking, but SO good!

  7. hahaha—this post makes me SO excited bc I love weird combos as well and i’ve been looking for new quinoa dish ideas (thanks to the 4 lb bag in my pantry) and now i’ll have to try some of these!!

  8. It’s funny- NONE of those combos seem “weird” to me- but I’m sure they do to 99% of the population. :) I want to eat all of them- especially the smoothie with chickpeas and quinoa!
    We discovered the amazing combo of watermelon + siracha on Monday. It’s awesome!

  9. I didn’t think any of this was weird. Ha. Love it all!

  10. I am all about strange combos! The weirder the tastier. Like cabbage and salsa verde, yum. Ketchup and mushrooms, yum. Cottage cheese and salsa yum.

  11. That blue cheese and edamame combo sounds so good! And the strawberry and grueyere? Yes please! I’m a big cheese snob as well. 😉

    The food combos I eat are probably weird to most people, but pretty normal by blogger standards – like pumpkin oatmeal. My friends think I’m SO weird for eating it, but I know you guys all think it’s normal haha.

  12. I have put chickpeas in popcorn before and I’m tempted to eat them like cereal…

  13. I don’t think any of these are weird which means I am just as weird as you 😉 People tell me I eat weird food and my response is always “I know a ton of people that eat this” and I’m just referring to people on the internet, lol.

  14. I was JUST going to say what Sara said above… none of these thing seem too weird to me, so apparently I am all for your choices here :)

  15. Belinda says:

    I love quinoa too! I must try some of these wacky combos! A friend of mine once asked me to try canned tuna on toast, topped with sliced pickles and ketchup. I said she was crazy but then I tried it and I have never looked back – delish!

  16. I’m ALL about weird combos girl 😉 I’ll make cinnamon and nut butter omelettes 😉 some people think that’s pretty weird…


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