How To Get Rid Of ‘Fat Days’

Hey friends!

How are you?! I spent the better part of the day yesterday totally unplugged, and I must say, it was awesome! As much as I love all of you, it is seriously invigorating to actually LIVE, and not just be tied to a computer or phone. Am I right?! 😉

It was a great day full of BodyPUMP teachin’, relaxin’ in the sun (I wore sunscreen, but not enough….bad me!), picnicin’ with the hus and his family, and readin’.

A great day indeed!


As many of you know, I struggled as an anorexic, and then as a disordered eater for years. Seriously, it took up years of my life, people! That is a lot of minutes WASTED worrying about what I was going to eat or not eat, how I was going to lie to the next person, and being disgusted with myself and my body.

After my healing process began from anorexia, I started to have a LOT of “I feel fat” days. Like a lot. Obviously this led to a further unhealthy relationship with food, disordered eating habits, and a completely dismal me.

I was NOT happy. I had a lot of negative thoughts, which often led to those negative actions-such as hiding food, eating out of stress, boredom, or unhappiness, post-‘I hate myself’ exercise sessions, and overeating unnecessarily.

Did you know that what I was doing was actually FEEDING the unhappy thoughts? And that those thoughts actually came true?

Our Thoughts Are The Key

Our thoughts are powerful, and when we tell ourselves stories about how we feel, look, or are, we usually manifest those by our actions. So when I constantly told myself “I feel fat” or “I look fat in everything I own,” guess what that made me do?!

Yep. You guessed it. I overate out of stress, worry, anxiety, and anger towards my body and my (distorted) body image.

But the opposite is ALSO true.

Like I said, our thoughts are VERY powerful, so if there is something you want to be or have, start treating yourself better!!

Tell yourself how beautiful you look, how grateful you are for the wonderful legs you have that carry you throughout the day, how gorgeous your eyes look with that shirt, or how awesome those pants show off your hard work.


You ARE amazing. But you must FIRST think it to believe it.

And yes, the “fake it til’ you make it” adage very much applies here! 😉

That is actually how I made it to where I am now. I just put one foot forward in the darkness until I could see a small glimmer of light, and until that light glowed brighter and brighter.

And now, my friends? I hardly ever have ‘fat days.’ (I am very far from perfect, so yes, I do indeed still have uncomfortable moments, but they usually are just that, moments. Very rarely now do I have entire ‘days’ where I think/feel ‘fat.’)

How To Get Rid Of ‘Fat Days’

So then, HOW to get rid of ‘fat days’?

You change your thoughts about yourself. You do that by being kind to yourself, because you have NO idea the amazing potential that lies within you!

Don’t for one day squash that potential or those incredible moments by wasting them on negative thinking about how you look. You are SO much more than just external beauty. Celebrate WHO you are, and you’ll begin to see that reflected in the mirror.

Remember, a confident woman who lives in gratitude and radiates that positivity is far more beautiful than a woman who thinks down upon herself all the time and dwells on the negative.

The next time you are tempted to say something mean to the person staring back at you in your mirror, immediately think of 3 things you’re thankful for, and 3 things you love about yourself. I promise that glow will radiate throughout your day, and you’ll forget you even had a bad moment there. 😉

You are loved!! <3


Have an AWESOME Tuesday :)

Well, I am off to run in the morning rays of sunshine, and then off to work I go!

What are some amazing things about YOU?? <–I want to hear them!! How do YOU combat negative thoughts about YOURself?? When have YOU faked it til’ you made it??

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  1. i don’t have skinny legs… but i do have legs with muscles that not only carry me through the day but through races and some tough workouts! thanks for this reminder :)

  2. Amazing post Annette! I needed this today. I’ve been struggling with this for a bit. I may not have the skinniest arms or legs, but they are toned and strong! And above all, I am healthy!

  3. Two thumbs up for this inspiring post. I too have struggled in the past with “fat days”. But I am learning to change my thought patterns so that I can put those days behind me. My body is strong – it created and sustained the life of my daughter for 9 months, and then recovered from a c-section far quicker than doctors predicted. My husband and my daughter think I am beautiful and I do too!

  4. Haley says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Annette!!! Awesome post!!

  5. caroline orien says:

    Love your thoughts!

  6. i totally agree… it’s so nice to unplug and just LIVE. i got to do that this past weekend when i was in michigan, and i loved it! so important to do every so often! and wow, what an awesome post, annette! i love this. i always love your positivity and encouragement! xoxo

  7. Thanks, Annette! It’s always good to have a reminder to get rid of that nasty negative self talk and replace it with love. It’s something I’m constantly working on.
    As for me? I love my legs. Especially my quads. They are enormous and hard as rocks. I work VERY hard for them.

  8. Great post! I do have to remember to be kind to myself as well. This definitely was a good refresher. Thank you for sharing your struggle with us and I’m proud of you for doing so :)

  9. Beautifully put post, thank you for this!

  10. Such an inspiring, thoughtful post! You have the right attitude, lady.

  11. Amazing post sweetheart, I will share it with everyone on Twitter RIGHT this second. I can totally relate and I did “fake it til you feel it” too! It does wonders. Sounds silly, but it actually works!

  12. Beautiful words! I have a similar ED background and when I have days where I feel bigger and fuller than usual I just tell myself that’s one more step in the direction away from ED. Recovery never ends, we only get stronger!

  13. I used to hate being short and my legs. But now I realize this is who I am and I can either appreciate and love it or spend my whole life hating it.

  14. I have an ED history too! And I completely agree – you gotta fake it till you make it!! Self love talk definitely does me good!

  15. another great reminder!! i always think goodness I would never say that to anyone else why on Earth do I think it’s ok to say to myself

  16. I’m sorry I’m late (things have been crazy!) but I had to comment on this post and tell you how much I needed to read this today. Seriously, your posts always seem to have perfect timing in my life! Love you, Annette <3



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