Strength Is Required

Good morning. Happy mid-week!

How’s it going so far? Had any awesome opportunities for growth lately?? (i.e. challenges that have come your way that might have seemed stressful at the moment?) 😉

I just feel so blessed right now, and I am grateful for all those beautiful things in my life!


So the other day on the plane, as I was loading all my crap (roller carryon, purse, laptop bag) onto my seat and overhead compartment (I had 3 things. Don’t judge.), a dude asked me if I needed help lifting “the heavy items” overhead.

Um YAH. Does he even KNOW who he was talking to?!


{But seriously, did he?!} 😉

I was not struggling with any of it, by any means (I was just figuring out where each item should go), but I think he just saw a young lady and thought “oh she’s weak” or “I am a man, I can lift things for her.”

And maybe he was just trying to be nice.

Which some might see all that as cool (and he was nice, in his defense), but I see it as a social stigma of, “oh she’s a woman, so she can’t lift heavy things. I am a man, and that means I can and will do it for her.”


So you can only imagine my kind “no thank you” (it was said sweetly, promise!) as I hoisted the {very heavy) roller carryon swiftly into the overhead compartment……

{where I was coming from}

I had a huge smug/smile on my face as I sat down (he was in the seat in front of me, so he never saw that), and I thought to myself “I am so glad I could do that by myself. I feel strong! I secretly love being able to do that without his help.”

Don’t get me wrong, it is really nice when other people want to help out, but this is not really about the guy. It is about a social stigma that USED TO be something like this: “women are weak, physically, and should be treated as so.”

Strength is Required

Well, my friends, the time has come. Strength IS required of all of us to live better lives! 

Cardio queens, take off your tiara & join us by the weights. Couch potatoes jump off the couch & pop in that strength DVD. Mothers with kids, grab them and start hoisting them overhead. 😉

Strength is required, my friends!

Building strength & being strong is what makes us happier, more self-sufficient, live better, wear less in the bedroom with confidence (yes, I really did just say that), and be more able to serve others.

If you want to be a better version of yourself, add weights to your fitness routine!! And if you already have, grab some heavier ones (with supervision if needed, of course).

The time has come to get rid of this “I want to be as skinny as____” and replace it with “I want to be a strong, fit, lady who can go with confidence in the direction of my dreams and goals!”

And that is exactly what WILL happen when you incorporate consistent strength training into your lives. For example, ever seen an Olympic athlete before?!  Yah…..

My friends, this is what has happened to me! I’ve been to so many places. I was anorexic for years, too skinny for my height/genes, I was a cardio queen who felt bloated all the time, and now I am a healthy, fit individual who has fallen totally in love with weight training & the feeling of BEING strong.

Don’t just prove that guy on the airplane wrong, prove yourself RIGHT! You can do hard things because that is what we’ve been destined to do. We are here to face challenges and overcome that. Building strength in the weight room (or at home) will help you in those aspects as well. Guaranteed!

{Apparently I’ve had one too many good BodyPUMP classes & weight training sessions lately….if you want some too, check out these workouts) 😉

Have a GREAT Wednesday, my friends!

{read TOP 10 Reasons YOU should lift weights for more reasons why the time is now!}

What do YOU think about this?? What are YOU going to do differently in your regimen?? Any other cardio queens turned weight training fanatics out there?? How do YOU deal with macho guys??

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  1. totally! i definitely make sure to include strength training into my workout routine and i have found it makes working out so much more fun!

  2. I am a cardio queen for sure. But I am starting to incorporate weight training into my routine. I have to say that the “high” that comes from a hard strength session is even better than the runner’s high I get after a long run.

  3. Ayche says:

    What are you doing in the last picture? Is that TXR stuff? What is that exactly??

    • Yep, it is TRX. Using body weight with the straps. I was doing a bicep press (pulling my body in and out using my arms, mainly). Have a good day!

  4. I love being able to lift my bags into the overhead bin hehe…I’ve even had some people comment before! I used to be a hardcore cardio queen but now I really try to mix it up. I’ve come to love strength training :).

  5. Danielle says:

    I love this totally agree! But I was definitely a cardio queen for a while; when I was young I was a gymnast and martial artist, and was embarrassed of my overly muscular legs. I felt so uncomfortable! So I became this ‘cardio junkie’ and lost a lot of muscle, but defnitely didn’t get out of it what I felt I was putting in… hours and hours of working out, I expected to be a toothpick! lol. I got an injury last year during a marathon training season and this was my blessing in disguise – my doctor told me to stop running for a while and pick up the weights. So I did, and I have been hooked ever since! I still love a good run or spin class or kickboxing, but it’s just for fun now and because I just like it. Thankfully I don’t feel like I HAVE to do it though :-) I totally love lifting heavy weights now, and the buzz I get from it is nothing like I feel from cardio. I feel like I have the best of both worlds now, lifting weights, getting stronger, and still doing other things I like (spinning, running, etc.) just because they’re fun :-)
    macho guys… they crack me up. I sort of wish I could outlift them just to shut them up, but I just turn up my music and tune them out, and get my sweat on, lol.

  6. honestly, i would’ve probably just taken it as the guy trying to be nice and friendly, but that’s just me. i do see what you’re saying though, and i definitely would’ve felt good inside after lifting my heavy luggage up there too. and i completely agree with how important strength training is! i can’t wait to get back to it!

    • Yes, he was being nice, but I just had to chuckle–b/c it was the WAY he said it. Like “oh you must be weak, can I help you” (and it was in his tone of voice). I guess that’s what made me smirk. But of course I am sure he MEANT to just be nice :)

  7. Great post! And totally agree…strength training has helped me see change – real change!

  8. haha this story made me laugh–in a good way. :) I love feeling strong when I am lifting weights–although I’m the first to admit I could use a lot more of them in my routine! I also really like the sore feeling I get after a butt kicking strength training session. It makes me smile when I see girls lifting even more then some of the guys around the gym!

  9. I like lifting weights and it is such a good addition to my workout regimen instead of just cardio. However, I think it’s easier to stick to cardio because I am more knowledgeable about cardio..duh, that’s because it’s easier. Just run, or bike, etc. Lifting weights, however, takes a lot more experience and education and I think that I am intimidated by it a lot of the time! I am challenging myself to incorporate more weight lifting into my exercising though and your posts remind me to do that!

    • That makes sense what you’re saying. I guess I’d never thought of it that way! But I could see how that would be a barrier….I am thinkin’ an eventual blog post on it would help others too….. 😉

  10. I’m sure he was just being polite, he probably would have felt rude not offering! Although I’m a huge fan of chivalry. But, I also love the feeling of putting my giant bag in the overhead without help!!

    • I love chivalry too!! But his tone of voice is what got me. Oooooh it made me smirk (he said it in such a patronizing way, as if he were better than me). But technically he was probably just being nice. Haha.

  11. There are SO many aspects of fitness we need in our life–just for every day things like you mentioned! Strength, balance, power, agility.. the list goes on. Love this post!

  12. Such wonderful things in this post! I love that I don’t need help lifting random stuff too.

  13. Amen sista! I used to reign over the cardio machines right alongside you, but when I discovered weights there was no going back!

  14. Really like this post, very inspiring, especially for someone who has struggled with an ED too and is a recovering cardio-queen. I have to admit I still am in the sense that I love to lift and get stronger, yet my workouts still feel incomplete if they aren’t accompanied by at least 15-20 min of cardio, even if weight lifting is my focus on a certain day. I think it’s that SWEAT! I’ve been trying to do lifting workouts that don’t have rest between reps (so alternating body parts) so I’m always moving and work up more heat that way, so that I feel more satisfied after my lifting. I have noticed myself getting stronger though and I adore it. I definitely feel more kick ass lifting more weights than getting my HR up higher (though both are awesome).

  15. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    I love your attitude. I love that you’ve “been to so many places”and finally found your home….strength, confidence and health! Preach it!



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