Focus On: Bulgarian Split Squat

Happy Weekend!

How was your Friday night?! Mine was rockin’! Literally :)

I got to co-teach a Zumba class with another teacher and we hosted a “Ladies’ Night Out” Zumba class last night at a gym I teach at. SO fun!

{the other instructor is in the yellow polka dots}

Yes. Yes, I am a ham. And apparently super excited to have sweat my guts out & partied with the ladies! 😉

Good times, good times.


K. You all know I love feedback, questions, and tips, so this week when I posted the Weights ‘N’ Core Circuit Workout & someone mentioned that they had no idea what one of the moves was, I decided to post about it. Especially since I didn’t know what it was either a bit ago, but I tackled it myself, and found I loved doing the move!

The move, you ask?! The Bulgarian Split Squat

(It has lots of different names, as do almost all fitness moves. Hah!)


Focus On: Bulgarian Split Squat

This move is awesome because it targets the gluteal muscles, the quads, and the hamstrings, as well as the entire core (as you keep yourself balanced throughout the move on one leg!)

To do the Bulgarian Split Squat:

  • Find a bench or a chair that is low enough that you can rest one leg on it (without it tweaking a knee).
  • Grab either dumbbells or a barbell.
  • Place one foot on the bench/chair/ball behind you and the other out in front of you.
  • Squat down, keeping your chest lifted, abs engaged, and the front knee sliding right on top of the mid-foot (but NOT past it).
  • Rise up out of the squat by squeezing your glutes (in the front leg) & by pressing down into the front heel. Keep the chest up!

You can also do it like so-with a stability ball & no weights:


Or with a barbell & bench:


Like I said, this move is fantastic to scuplt (or re-sculpt) your butt, hamstrings, and thighs! Enjoy :)

Have a GREAT weekend, my friends!

What questions do YOU have about the Bulgarian Split Squat?? Have YOU done this move before?? Any moves intimidate YOU recently?? 

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  1. oh my gosh i discovered these during my livefit training and they are SO hard! they hurt so good!!

  2. you look so cute in your Zumba outfit!!! those pants are pretty awesome! i’m sure that was a fun night. :)

  3. Haha love your outfit! It looks like a fun evening!

  4. I love the bulgarian split squat. They are not in my current leg training day, but they usually are :)

    One move that is intimidating me currently is doing pull ups with a resistance band

  5. Love bulgarians! They’re not in my current program so I’ll definitely be putting them in the next one. I’ll be both looking forward to them and dreading because boy do they burn!

  6. I love this move – it makes me so sore the next day though!

    One move that intimidates me is doing chin ups. I don’t think I have the upper body strength to do them yet, but hopefully one day! 😀

  7. Look at you Annette!! I’d bet money that you walked straight out of the 80’s 😉

  8. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    The split squat is one of my favs! Boy, do my legs burn when I’m done!!

    Your class looks so fun! I love dressing up!

  9. Favorite. Squat. Ever.



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