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Hey friends! Happy FRIDAY :)

That work week was FUN yet exhausting. The 3 day conference included amazing meals (all buffet style with delicious salads, chicken, salmon, fruit, veggies and rolls<–didn’t love any of the rolls, actually.)

Plus, I got TCBY at the airport on the way home–so I was a happy camper (no pic because I had to run to my gate. Whatwedoforfroyo! hah.)

But more than the deliciousness I got to eat (they fed us well), I came home with like 100 new friends!

{a few of ’em -can you spot me?!}

You all have to understand, I work for a huge company with hundreds of thousands of employees, and we coaches are only a very small segment of that company, but boy do we have an impact! Ya see, we are the ones who actually communicate with the insurees (I work for an insurance company as a personal health & behavioral change coach), so we’re like the “face” of the products. Of course the head honchos want us well taken care of so the company’s business can flourish via referrals (this is a huge part of their business). 😉

I am not complaining one bit. But the only thing is this : we all work from home (i.e. remotely), so our connections must be via phone, email, im chat, and webinars. The company does a nice job of keeping us connected (we have lots of meetings every month), but there is something about the human touch-the human connection that just solidifies a relationship.

{I work with some amazing women!}

Well, I got all of that plus MUCH more in 3 days at this conference!

And I came home yesterday exhausted, dizzy, and simply put: T.I.R.E.D. But it was well worth it!!


At the conference I realized a few quirks about me (and that others pointed out as well, thankyouverymuch.) And I am okay with that. I love learning new things about myself -and others- so it was a fantastic learning & enriching experience.

1. Although I am very much an extrovert (super outgoing, talkative, and a-okay with meeting new people), I need time to myself. I do. Those 3 days were so go-go-go and talk-talk-talk, that I hardly had any down time at all.

Like I said, it was great for sure, but in the long run, that is not sustainable for me. I MUST have some ‘me-time’ every day to feel healthy, energized, and at peace. All workouts I did (minus 1) were me leading others, so even that couldn’t have been ‘relaxing’ in the sense I am talking about.

{“me time” gets a THUMBS up! A must have for me.}

2. I enjoy eating fresh, whole foods, and talking about them. This may sound weird, but I realized that I like talking about the delicious salads, beans, and chicken I was eating (or had eaten) with other coaches! I used to ‘be scared’ of food, and hated bringing up the topic of food because it made me anxious, unhappy, and brought more unneeded attention to my eating disorder and later, disordered eating habits.

But now, because I am recovered of all that, I am totally okay with talking about the amazing berries I ate with my cottage cheese, or the egg-white omelette stuffed with goat cheese & spinach, or the beans I ate with a green salad. Someone commented “wow you must like food,” and I thought about that for a bit.

For a split second I had a panic moment, thinking she was referring to the way I looked (I used to base my body image off of how much or how little I ate back in my disordered eating days), but then after that irrational thought passed, I realized that “Yes! I do like food!” And it is BECAUSE I eat it to feel good and to fuel my healthy body and behaviors, not because I am obsessed with it nor because I am scared or anxious about it.

{Most women who struggle with disordered eating habits are obsessed with food in an unhealthy way, so I am revealing that there IS happiness on the other side, and that you CAN talk about food in a healthy way. Once I was done eating or talking about the meal/snack however, I moved on to the next thing I was doing. Those with disordered habits tend to linger about those food thoughts, plan the next thing they’re going to eat/not eat, and/or obsess about what they just ate. Remember, if you struggle with any of that, please contact me. I can help! EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com}

I mean let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like to babble on about the greatest thing they ate recently?! 😉

3. I don’t mind public speaking or presenting in front of crowds…I just get nervous the few seconds before I start! Isn’t that crazy? I am totally fine planning and actually DOING the actual ‘stuff’ and love being in front of crowds (um, hello, I teach fitness classes daily!) but I get REAL nervous right before the formal presentation/speaking engagement begins.

{I presented with this awesome lady!}

This time was no different, but I was a bit calmer than usual. However, my boss’s boss’s boss was in MY presentation….so that might have heightened my quivering voice just a bit. Oh well. The overall presentation went great, and people really liked it.

I’ll take it.

4. If I don’t take my vitamins, don’t get enough sleep, don’t use my essential oils, and don’t have my great pillow around, I start feeling icky right when I get back. Yep, tis true.

My poor husband was probably like “whoa, what happened?!” But of course he told me I was hot and couldn’t wait to take me home. Lucky gal I am!

Must work on those things every time I travel though…..suggestions?! (I usually forget half of those things b/c I’m running late to the airport. Help!)

Have a GREAT Friday!! :)

What are some of YOUR quirks that you’ve recently discovered about YOURself?? Weekend plans??

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  1. I don’t mind speaking in front of crowds for presentations either. I used to be really nervous up through high school but then in college I figured, why get nervous? I just don’t think about it. And I’m pretty much on a stage for 8 hours every day putting on a show for fifth graders.

    • Haha. I bet they love ya too!

      p.s. I think my comments go to your spam on your website–I changed to “FitnessPerks” b/c it is easier to remember, and it’s the LLC name for our business. SO maybe that’s why?!

      Anyways, have a great FRIDAY!

  2. I definitely need my “me” time – just ask Jonny!! Especially when I’m around people all day or all week, I just need some time to myself! I get nervous a few minutes before and then once I start it quickly passes… So I completely understand… I’m good with kids, but on Open House or Meet the Teacher I get kinda nervous just right before… then I’m good!

  3. This was my favourite part of your post —-> For a split second I had a panic moment, thinking she was referring to the way I looked (I used to base my body image off of how much or how little I ate back in my disordered eating days), but then after that irrational thought passed, I realized that “Yes! I do like food!” And it is BECAUSE I eat it to feel good and to fuel my healthy body and behaviors, not because I am obsessed with it nor because I am scared or anxious about it.

    I cannot agree more with this new quirk you discovered. I used to relate every comment made to me to food and how I looked, but now I just love food and have a much better mind set and don’t think those crazy thoughts anymore :)

    You and I would get along great I could talk about food for hours because I simply LOVE it not because I am trying to avoid it, fear it, etc. GREAT POST

    • could not agree more with this too! it is a struggle to overcome something as serious as disordered eating and it is both of your inspirational posts which helps people like me in their recovery! thanks
      tam x x

  4. im sooo nervous about speaking in front of people, but I’m actually a really good public speaker, pretty funny huh?

    I LOVE talking about food too!

    Something I was thinking about last night when I went out to dinner is how at the height of my disordered eating I wouldve NEVER been able to have a date night out at a restaurant..I wouldve freaked out about not having completely control over how many calories I was taking in and probably wouldnt have eaten anything. It feels SO good to be over that now because I think of all the awesome dinners me and Kev have had together and I’d be so sad to miss out on that.

    have a great friday girl!! :)

  5. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for a great blog to read! You are a part of my morning reads :-). Blogs are my newspaper!

    I’m curious to know (if you don’t mind me asking) what company you work for?

    • I am flattered :)

      I don’t disclose that for privacy reasons-so sorry! But it is a huge insurance company :)

      • Tiffany says:

        Understandable. I was most curious on being a coach for an insurance company as a job opportunity. I’m a personal trainer and it sounds very interesting to me and my interests :-)

  6. i totally relate to pretty much all of these! although i think you probably handle public speaking better than i do… i am just not a fan. haha. i’m so glad you had a great time with some great women!

  7. haha sounds nice to have a husband to pick you up, tell you you’re hot and take you home! I enjoy talking in front of people if I love what I’m talking about, but otherwise I get really really nervous!

  8. I can relate to a lot of these quirks, particularly the “me time” and speaking in front of crowds in public. I don’t get nervous prepping for presentations EVER, but the second I’m about to go up and begin, I start to scramble! Once I’m up and talking though, my nerves calm down again :)



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