Weights ‘N’ Core Circuit Workout

Hey friends!

Wow, yesterday at the conference was amazing! I had incredible food:

{my lunch. YUMM. And fresh!}

I got to present on a topic near and dear to my heart (physiology of physical activity & what that can do for them & those they work with):

{my handwriting is not as great…hah.}

And, we got to eat dinner on a small cruise on the river amidst the sunset. Wow:

I am one lucky (tired) gal!

Yesterday I taught a Zumba class for some of the coaches as well, and they pretty much loved it-wahoo! I had a lot of fun (of course I did), and we sure worked up a crazy sweat!

This morning I am leading a bootcamp class-and it’s earlllllyyy. But I am stoked! One more day of the conference and then I fly back tonight. It’s been an incredible experience, and boy do I have some amazing colleagues.


So the other day I did a workout at the gym that I just KNEW needed to be written up and posted here. You will LOVE it!

This works the entire body and has a special focus on the core--making you stronger, fitter, and taller. 😉 Can’t beat that, right?!

Grab this workout and hit the gym!

Weights ‘N’ Core Circuit Workout

Cool, right?! It was SO fun and really challenging. I’ll take it. 😉

Have a GREAT day!

What challenging workout have YOU done recently?? Any work conferences YOU’ve attended that YOU love?? Why??

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  1. that does look challenging! and don’t worry… my handwriting is TERRIBLE which is ridiculous considering i’m a school teacher! but seriously, to write nicely i have to write SO SLOWLY (which i usually don’t)

  2. wow great total body workout there – gonna have to try it out! thanks x

  3. i’m glad you’re having so much fun at your conference! i’m sure you rocked that presentation. :)

  4. caroline says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about your conference!

  5. the food that you have been posting looks soooo good. i wish you could send me a package of it! 😉

    that workout sounds crazy—i might give it a go tomorrow, i’ve been trying to actually work on my core, i have such an aversion to it!

  6. Carol Camp says:

    What is a bulgarian split squat? I’ve never heard an exercise called that!

  7. That workout is hardcore! I love those moves in there!

  8. you look SO professional missy 😉 So happy you are having a great time :)

  9. Katie says:

    This might be a stupid question but on the circuit, do you do 12 on each side (when applicable) or do 12 with the right arm or leg, then on the next circuit do 12 with the left side or do you do both sides per circuit. Hopefully that makes sense.

  10. Thanks! And pinned! :-) Hope you rocked your presentation — I’m sure you did great!

  11. Cool circuits! Will have to give it a try!


  1. […] after work I decided to hit the gym for a workout from Annette (thanks lady!) which you can find here.  My legs are still really feeling it today!  It has been a while since I’ve done some […]



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