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Hi guys!

I am at my work conference and it is already awesome & delicious!

{my room-I get 2 beds. Neat, eh?!}

{salad + fruit}

{dinner-buffet style. It was great!}

I miss you all, but today I have a special treat for ya….

I had the cool opportunity to email-interview an author, Jonathan Bailor, about his new book “The Smarter Science of Slim.” It is really interesting stuff. He writes that the new science he’s found shows that you can eat more and exercise less and stay/get slim.

Here is the interview:


Smarter Science of Slim Interview

1. Could you please explain to my readers in simple terms why focusing on SANE foods would be best for any ‘regular’ American to consume to better their health?
1A.      By eating more—but SANE—food we provide our body with an abundance of nutrition, easily avoid overeating, never feel hungry nor deprived, and create a hormonal environment that helps our body to burn rather than to store fat. This unique combination enables us to fully enjoy food while immediately improving our health, mood, mental acuity, skin radiance, sleep quality etc., and sustainably enabling our body to work to keep us slimmer; much like the body of a naturally thin person already does.
2. Why do you think people struggle with the balance of inSANE foods versus consuming SANE foods?
2A.      They’ve been victimized by bad information. The vast majority of our nutrition information comes from companies and bureaucracies whose profitability depends on us believing that a high-starch-low-protein-low-natural-fats diet is healthy. It’s not. Eating foods scientifically proven to be healthy and helpful for fat loss is delicious and easy; it’s simply not profitable for these companies and bureaucracies. Just eat as much food as you’d like, whenever you’d like, as long as it’s SANE. It doesn’t get much easier than that once we’re equipped with the right tools and information.
3. With the government’s recommendation to get 150 minutes of exercise per week, how do you reconcile your 20-minute per day plan with that research?
3A.      There are different types of exercises for different types of goals. For example, a football player exercises differently than a marathon runner. A lot of traditional low-intensity cardiovascular exercise is quite effective for accomplishing certain goals; it’s simply not effective for the goal of The Smarter Science of Slim: creating the hormonal change required for long-term fat loss and improved health. To accomplish this unique hormonal goal we have to do unique form of exercises specific to that goal. This type of exercise is known as eccentric training and cannot be done frequently or for a long time (because your body is working so hard it would be impossible to exercise any more).
4. What barriers do you think there are in keeping people from exercising those daily 20 minutes you recommend in your book? And how can they overcome them?
4A.      None. Most people who avoid exercise do so because it is time consuming, boring, and potentially dangerous. Eccentric exercise can be done in ten to twenty minutes per week in the comfort of your own home, requires no expensive equipment, is far from boring, and is incredibly safe.
5. What does your daily food intake tend to look like?
5A.      Please see the “7 Days of SANE Meals” section of the free ebook 7 Days of SANEity at:
6. What roles do you think stress, genes, and family traditions play for those wanting to slim down? How does your research address those external influences?

6A.      They are extremely important. Trying to provide a universal time table for your fitness goals is like trying to provide a universal time table for your financial goals. It’s not possible, and anyone who says differently is interested in scams, not science. How quickly we heal our hormones depends on at least:

a.      How ambitious your goals are. More ambitious goals mean more time is needed.

b.      How frequently and vigorously you have yo-yo dieted. More yoyo-ing means more time needed.

c.       How old you are. More years mean more time needed.

d.      How healthy you are. More medical issues mean more time needed.

e.      How slim your parents are. Heavier parents mean more time needed. 

f.        How you live. More stress, more alcohol, and more late nights mean more time needed.

7. And lastly, what is your favorite way to get in those 20 minutes of daily exercise? Any simple tips for my readers?

7A.      Try the smarter exercise program outlined in this free ebook More for Less at

Thank you, Jonathan!
Well, I am off for a full day of learning, meeting great co-workers (we all work from home), and teaching 2 sessions –one of ’em is a Zumba class, wahoo!
I hope you all have a great day! :)
What yummy food have YOU tried recently?? (I really loved the salmon pasta we had last night) What do YOU think about some of Jonathan’s research?? Do YOU feel better when you consume SANE foods too??
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  1. “Awesome and delicious” – a great way to describe a conference! :)

  2. I guess I don’t understand what SANE foods are, I’ll have to look more into his research and theories. Have fun at the conference!

  3. Deanna says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I hadn’t heard of this book. Sounds so logical though!

  4. This is really interesting!! I hope your conference goes well today :).

  5. I don’t notice grains in his eating plan, are they not recommended?

    • Not as much as in other plans, no. I don’t necessarily agree with it all, but with some of it I do! I just found it interesting :)

  6. Danielle says:

    Great post, and very interesting e-book/author! I have just been reading his online material and find it interesting… thanks for sharing this and have a fabulous day!

    • Danielle says:

      what yummy foods have I tried recently: a giant cantelope! it was huge but tasted so sweet, I ate half of it and it took me almost 30 min, lol.
      I like Jonathan’s research – it’s stuff we’ve heard but presented in a unique way. I like it! I feel so much better when I eat SANE foods for sure :-)

  7. I love how you said the conference has already been awesome and delicious 😉 hehe you are too cute! I love you Annette

  8. Never heard of this book….I’m skeptical of 20 minute a day exercise, though.

  9. Fantastic interview! You asked REAL questions and you were given REAL answers.

    I love conferences!



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