Focus On: Static Stretching

Good morning! Happy weekend to us, right?! :)

It’s going to be a great one-especially if based on yesterday. We had a quieter night-a movie and some walking around/errands. We love doing everything together when we can, so we try and save some more boring trips for when we can do ’em together. Nerdy but true.

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day for all you moms out there tomorrow! My mom is an amazing one, and I feel lucky and blessed to have been raised by her. She’s an angel, that is for sure. I love you, mommy!

{wedding day-April, 2010. Love that woman!}


You all know that I am a big believer in getting and staying healthy and fit for the rest of our lives so we can be happy and enjoy the beauty that IS life, right?! Well I do.

But there is an important component of fitness that is often forgotten: flexibility (stretching).

Focus On: Static Stretching

If your muscles and tendons and joints can move freely (or go through a wider/larger range of motion), then you can reach a higher level of fitness, and will probably compete & race better too. Sounds good, eh?!

{Today I am just talking about static stretching, or the type of stretching you’d do post workout.}

SO why do we often forget about this component? There are several possible reasons which include:

  1. People may not like the feeling of being stretched. Literally.
  2. It gets forgotten as it is not necessarily measured in any competitions or races.
  3. It is usually done last, and thus often skipped for time reasons.
  4. People my not consider it an actual component of fitness.
  5. They may think if it doesn’t ‘burn’ calories or get my fat down, then it’s not worth it.

While it is okay to skip a stretching session once in awhile, in the long run you’ll be sorry you did! All I know is that if I keep up my flexibility, I do better in running AND I can squat lower while teaching BodyPUMP.

If that is not a good enough incentive for my upcoming Half IRONMAN, than I don’t know what is! (P.s. as I design my training plan, I am for sure including stretching and foam rolling time! SO important.)


  • PLAN it in.
  • Do it.
  • Hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds.
  • And reap the benefits of it in all of your other fitness (and life) activities!

My favorite stretches include the bent over hamstring stretch, pigeon pose, lying-down gluteal stretch, IT band stretch, plie-back twist, and reach-behind shoulder stretch.


(some are not named, so I did my best to describe ’em!)

Have a LOVELY weekend!

What are some of YOUR reasons why YOU do or do not stretch?? What are YOUR favorite stretches lately?? Weekend plans going on??

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  1. i definitely skip out on stretching due to time… and then i pay for it later!

  2. I have a specific set of stretches I go through after every run, that way I can’t skimp out! I’m not as good about stretching after weight lifting though!

  3. great post sweetie! I did a heavy leg workout on tuesday and neglected my stretches after which I never do and I have been regretting it! Stretching makes such a big difference and it really doesn’t take that long! I just need to make the time and I am so much happier doing that!

    Anyways, I am back and will be commenting on your posts as usual 😀 I have missed you girl!

    Beautiful pics by the way! The one of you and your mom is gorgeous and you have amazing legs 😉 Look at those quads girlfriend!

  4. Stretching so important. Even if there’s not time at the end of the workout, stretching before bed still helps. Pigeon is my favorite stretch for sure. Love that one! I tend to just start stretching throughout the day when I’m just standing around. I used to pull muscles all the time and ever since I made stretching a priority I haven’t had any injuries. Great ideas here!

  5. like your pictures! When I don’t have time to exercise, I stretch!

  6. Holly says:

    I just read this post-workout… And decided to pull a pigeon pose in the middle of my living room. So glad my fiancé is used to these quirks. <3

  7. I’m really glad that Bodypump incorporates stretching as the last track, because it’s SO important! I hate when people rush out of class (or my spin classes) without stretching- I always yell to them to take time to stretch when they leave!
    That being said, I need to stretch more. I’m good about it after I teach, but not so great when I’m on my own. I’m always in a hurry (which needs to stop). And I need to foam roll more.
    Pigeon pose ROCKS!

  8. I am absolutely addicted to stretching. After I run or train I absolutely HAVE to stretch or otherwise I feel extremely sore. Sometimes I don’t have time right afterward but I make sure that I don’t go to bed without having stretched that day. Plus, in the past I have gotten painful leg cramps during the night when I didn’t stretch. Oh, and sometimes when I do have extra time I do a yoga workout and that feels REALLY good….yeah so stretching rocks! :)



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