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GOOD morning!! It is FRIDAY :)

(In case you didn’t realize it.)

This has been one crrraazzzzyyy week (have you tried the arms workout yet?!), but because I love everything I do, it was an amazing week as well. I feel very blessed!

I thought I’d make today fun by asking and answering 6 questions I’ve gotten recently and/or made up. You’re welcome.

6 Answers

1. Question: How do you almost have a heart attack at your computer this week?

   Answer: ……………………

You sign up for a HALF IRONMAN.

For real. I DID it. I am registered for the August 25th, 2012 Half Ironman Triathlon Event. And I might’ve almost shaken right out of my seat as I clicked the submit button…..


This is going to be vvveeerrryyy innntteeerressstting. 😉

2. Question: What are the 6 great enemies of greatness and happiness?

Answer: Read THIS ARTICLE NOW and then you’ll know. (I am SO inspired! Loved it.) Seriously. Once you’re done here, READ IT. (It takes maybe 3 minutes to read but it will tug at your heart in a reaaaalllllyyyy good way.)

3. Question: What has Annette been eating a lot of lately?

Answer: Her chocolate whey protein powder. Sweet potatoes. Kale. Sunbutter. Dark chocolate chips. Cottage cheese. Salted sunflower seeds. Black beans. Eggs. Blue cheese. Red bell peppers. Chocolate milk.  (Not necessarily together…..)

Wow. Who is that weirdo anyways?! Hah. :)

4. Question: How many fitness classes can Annette teach (and participate in) in one day?

Answer: So far I’ve only ever taught 4 in one day, but let’s be real, that is NOT sustainable (and don’t worry, I don’t do that on a regular basis).

And yesterday, I taught 2 BodyPUMP classes and 1 Zumba class and realized….I think 3 is now my limit. That was TOUGH.

Let’s just say we’re lucky I made it home awake. 😉

But then this happened:


I think the extra hard part about it was that just 2 days before I taught back-to-back classes as well (BodyPUMP and then Zumba). So my body is now t.i.r.e.d. (I am currently sleeping in as we ‘speak.’)

An addendum to all that though is this : I sleep A LOT, I eat lots of whole foods, I drink tons of water, and I take lots of showers. All these things help me keep my sanity and energy levels high to be able to bust out those classes.

So I guess if you’re looking to teach a bunch of classes, make sure your body AND your mind is up to it. 😉

5. Question: How do you realize the potential that is within you?

Answer: You take a leap of faith in that direction. You believe. And eventually you’ll begin to realize that the beauty is on the other side–right outside where you’re comfortable. That is where potential, greatness, and unbelievable happiness lies! I promise.


I’ve had way too many ‘tough’ experiences in my life that have proven to me that if I can view them as good things, things for me to grow & learn from, I can be a MUCH better version of myself than I ever could’ve believed.

6. Question: What are some hobbies you wish you had a desire to be good at, or even attempt to do?

Answer: I wish I could be good at thrifting, DIY projects, sewing, or playing the piano. I am only very mediocre at some of those, and a complete failure at the rest of them.


Let’s just say I am not the most creative or useful with my hands (look at the above list, both of those are needed.) I guess I’ll have to rely on Pinterest to guide me through some dumbed down projects.


When I have time, of course.

When I have time…..

Don’t you love that excuse?!

I do too.

The end.

Have a GREAT Friday!

P.s. Just think, you don’t have to deal with the anxious feelings that I’ll be experiencing these next 3 months…. Any words of hope would be awesome. Just sayin’ 😉

What are some of YOUR answers to 1 of these questions?? What exciting thing happened to YOU this weekend?? Any cool hobbies YOU have?? Weekend plans??

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  1. Thanks for the link to the article – definitely a good read for a Friday morning!

  2. CONGRATS on signing up for your Ironman!! I know you will totally rock it!!!!!!

  3. Wow, that article is good stuff! All of those “enemies” are SO spot on, and I can think of plenty of examples in my everyday life. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. woot!!! you’ll rock that half ironman! :) i know you’ve been wanting to do one for quite awhile, so that is awesome!
    What are some hobbies that I wish I were good at? I wish I could dance (I still do, but it’s not very good. ha!), sing really good, and be more of a fashionista. 😉

  5. Yay for the half ironman! If you can bust out a half marathon randomly I bet you can do this pretty easily!

  6. ahhhh im so excited for you, you are totally going to ROCK that ironman!! :)

  7. The reason you will do so great on the Ironman is because you so consistently work so many different muscles. I’ve only done Olympic-distance triathlons but have volunteered at a number of races and talked to coaches and athletes, and the ones who struggled the most were the straight cyclists & runners who tried to tag on the other ones without really working the requisite muscle groups. The ones who did best were those with huge variety in their workout and who focused on core/strength training. Because once you get down to it, it’s the core muscles that make all the difference in an endurance race.

    Also – the arm workout was delicious. I did it this morning. Right before my chocolate greek yogurt. It was fantastic.

    • Thanks Celeste!! :) I really appreciated that. I am for sure staying with weight training at least 2-3x per week amidst it all, because I believe in that too!

      And I am GLAD you loved the workout! It’s a good one, eh?!

  8. I’m headed to Amelia Island this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait!!

  9. Yay for the ironman – that will be so, so exciting! :)

  10. Thanks for this post!! You are inspiring Annette!

  11. That’s awesome about the 1/2Ironman. Where there’s a will there’s a way! When you figure out the whole “when I have time thing” let me know. I’ve got serious time management issues right now. Maybe that should become my hobby?

  12. I love that you added “take lots of showers” to your list of things that allow you to get through busy days. It’s so important to know what to do to be self-nurturing.

  13. Ahh that’s so exciting! You’re going to rock that Ironman. Next stop, the whole thing! Ok one at a time 😉

  14. i totally agree I wish i had more time and was really good at all these cute crafty projects!!

    i have a friend that teaches classes and i’ve always wondered how she does so many in one day

  15. I love you- and your Q&A!!! Forgive me for being so late- I’M STILL catching up big time on blog reading!! Congrats on signing up for the half-Ironman- you crazy girl!
    And whoa- 4 classes in a day?!?! I don’t think I could do that!
    I do 2 back to back several days a week (Bodypump and Spin) and if I do that on a weekend, I’ll sometimes do a hike too- and I am BEAT for the rest of the day.
    I really, reallllllly need to get more sleep. Like 8.5-9 hours a night would be awesome.

  16. Samantha N. says:

    I have to ask what kind of chocolate do you use in your chocolate milk? I think you said you use almond milk, is that right? A friend of mine told me about the choc milk after a workout! I loved your post about it!

    I did Zumba Toning and Zumba back to back. That was tiring. That’s amazing you can do up to 4 classes a day! Really loving your blog!

    • I usually just buy chocolate milk from the store–tastes way better than I can make it! And the benefits are from the actual milk + carbs from the chocolate, so to get those benefits, it needs to be cow’s milk. Hope that helps :)

      And WOW-Zumba + toning is a tough combo. GO you!

  17. K8shoe says:

    Hey cute lady! I just saw that you signed up for the Utah Half. Woot woot! Way to go! You rock! I signed up for St. George and know that heart attack feeling at the computer feeling. We should meet up for a ride or something. You are an inspiration, btw!!! Way to go!



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