Clif Luna Protein Bar Review + Workout

Hi friends!

How is life?! Isn’t it amazing?! I feel very blessed, and I am lucky to have you guys as my friends :)

Didn’t you know, we’re friends?!

Well, now ya do.

And because we’re friends, I decided to throw in a killer workout for you to do today (or tomorrow).

You’re welcome. :)

“Tank Top Ready” Workout

The reason I named it that is because this will buuurrrrnnn soo good, you’ll want to do it every other day until summer officially arrives…and then, you’ll be tank top ready.

It is that good. Hello strong, sexy women! Put your hands up!



After that burnin’ arms and shoulders workout, I was in serious need of some protein (and chocolate. Let’s be honest here). Luckily I had the latest brand new Clif Luna Protein bar in my purse. Craving and needs satisfied in a few bites. Score!

The kind folks at sent me a box of these chocolate chip cookie dough Clif Luna Protein Bars for me to taste and review on the blog. Thank you!

These babies are tasty right after a hardcore workout. Plus they boast 12 grams of protein, only 14 grams sugar (pretty good for the number of calories), 3 grams of fiber, and each clocks in right at 180 calories-the perfect amount to refuel after a tough workout.

Trust me, I know. I taught a killer BodyPUMP class on Saturday and was sweaty, hot, tired, and happy. However, I was HUNGRY. I drank some chocolate milk (duh!), and decided to browse some nearby stores. I knew I could do this right after because I happily munched on the Luna Protein bar while shopping. Hello convenience!

Seriously, I now have a Luna Protein bar in every purse-should the time arise when I need to refuel and didn’t plan ahead (it happens to the best of us). Thank YOU, Nutrition Fix! (Go check out their sweet stuff!)

{By the way, don’t ever shop if you’re in a bad mood, hungry, or sweaty. Well, ummmmmm, alright, the latter is actually okay in my book IF you’re wearing deodorant. Hehe.}


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful that the weather was gorgeous yesterday and I could take a nice break from work and enjoy it!
  2. I am thankful that I get to eat lunch with my husband on most days (we work near each other).
  3. I am super grateful for the courage to live my dreams!!

Have a lovely Thursday!

What move has YOU shakin’ and quakin’ in the gym lately?? ANYONE try the awesome Luna Protein bars yet?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. cookie dough flavored luna bars?? oh my goodness YUM! i’ve gotta try this flavor!

  2. Loving this workout – can’t wait to try it either tonight (if my sore arms aren’t so sore when I get home from work) or tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ooo looks like another awesome workout. :) i’ve tried the peanut butter protein luna bars – very good!
    today i’m thankful for this beautiful weather! i can’t get over it!
    email me! 😉 i want to see you one of these days!

  4. oooh these look interesting! I’m ok with regular luna bars..they have kind of an artificial taste to them in my opinion but i might be down to try these out :) awesome workout, i LOVE working my triceps..its prob the area I work the most since I have a lot of excess skin in my arms so i’m always trying to tone.

    I’m thankful for nice weather this morning, I got to go for a killer bike ride and now my quads are hurting so good! have a FAB day girl!

    • Ooooh that bike ride sounds amazing!! Keep channeling the enthusiasm for it over here, please!! :)

      Have a lovely day, Theresa!

  5. I need to try those luna bars!!! They look so good! And that workout looks great :). Hope you have an awesome Thursday Annette!! <3

  6. Samantha N. says:

    I love those Luna Bars. They are gluten free and actually taste good!

  7. Danielle says:

    This workout looks super duper awesome, love it! :-) Will be trying it tomorrow for sure, and might even grab one of those Luna bars for afterwards, looks yummy!
    My arms and shoulders are super sore from a crazy upper body workout yesterday, so today I will rest and then tomorrow your workout should have my arms burning again, whoohoo! lol.

  8. I LOVE regular Luna bars so I can’t wait to try this kind!

  9. Just did this work out this afternoon. Started at 12.5#, then managed 15# ok. Went for 20# for the third round and couldn’t do the rotator raise to the press. It felt good to make those muscles fail! Thanks for a great set!

  10. I love your attitude sweetie 😀 Thanks for being a great friend! I LOVE YOU


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    Clif Luna Protein Bar Review | Tank Top Ready Workout | BodyPUMP | Shoulders and Arms | Chocolate Milk | Enjoy Your Healthy Life

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