Relaxing Is Healthy

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?! Was it fabulous and happy?! :)

Mine was so crazy awesome. Like it was pretty close to perfect….

Weekend Relaxation

Friday we both worked late, ate dinner together, and watched a movie at home.

(I ate jellybeans during it….SO random. They were good, but stopped being good at about #25. I can’t do super straight-up sugary stuff anymore. Kinda sad!)

Saturday we went to a really early morning money seminar (being successful, strategies, tips, etc.), I taught BodyPUMP (love!!!), browsed through a shoe stores (got running shoes) and Ross (bras & a dress + presents for the husband’s birthday), while my husband mowed the lawn.

I worked for a few hours (I was super productive outside. Wahoo!), and then we had a really awesome date.

Our Date

First we hit up the library for me to get a ‘real’ card (I finally got a piece of mail that had our address on it. I am so cool, it took 1 month for that to happen. HAH.), picked up some books and magazines I wanted to read, and then we were off to the rest of our date.

{And yes, going to the library counts as part of our date, thankyouverymuch. #nerdalert}

We went to a great outdoor mall, walked around for a bit, and then went inside the theatre.

Any guesses as to what we saw?!??!

{oh hi. That’s us.}

{hint: my husband was SO excited.}

Yep, we saw “The Avengers” with one of our favorite couples. They were invited to a free showing of the movie in the early evening for a company they worked for, and brought us along. We were so game. New movie that was free?! Count US in :)

We really liked the movie! It was definitely intense with a lot of violence (duh!), but it was quite witty and had some funny one-liners. I was a fan. The men really LOVED it.

Then came MY favorite part of the night: dinner at Jason’s Deli.

I always get the huge salad bar option, where I get to go back and refill my plate with all the salad goodness as much as I want. And boy does this have it all!

I also got 1 cone topped vvverrrryyy high with soft serve.

I ate it as we finished talking, walked to our car, and drove the entire way home.

{see how happy I am with that in my hand?!}

I told my husband that the car ride wasn’t so bad (it was only 10-15 minutes, but I hate riding in the car because I get antsy), and that if he could just give me a cone topped with soft serve, I’d gladly go on any car trip.

Then he informed me that that is what 3-year olds do and believe.

I guess I am a 3-year old who needs ice cream to keep from going crazy in the car. I’ll take it! 😉

Then we slept in on Sunday, went to church, & spent time with my husband’s family.

{Yes, I slept in and skipped the hair wash. You’re welcome, church friends.}

Talk about relaxing and restful! And awesome. I feel SO happy and relaxed, even though my inbox exploded while I ‘was away’…

Relaxing Is Healthy

I’ve decided that it is very healthy to relax, to not check email a bazillion time a day, and to just LIVE. It is so much more invigorating to actually LIVE the lives we’ve been given, instead of scurrying around checking lists off on our electronic gadgets.

When was the last time you slowed down, let go of your control of your to-do list, and put down your laptop to actually listen to your spouse or child?

I don’t want to be addicted to those things that keep me ‘busy’ and working. Instead, I want to happily do what I love & live my life with the people I love every day. Without regrets!

I seriously need to be better about relaxing, because I get stressed way too easily!

Relaxing is healthy and I’ve realized makes me more productive, happier, and friendlier. I am really going to try & make a concerted effort every day to spend a few minutes relaxing (outside of sleeping or stretching).

Who’s with me?! :)

What is something relaxing that YOU did over the weekend?? What makes YOU feel relaxed and healthy?? Any fun stories to share?? 

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  1. Sounds like a fun date night!!! I slept in until 8:30 on Sunday which is totally unheard of for me… Could have had something to do with the fact I didn’t go to bed til 2, but staying in bed was definitely relaxing!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I agree with you on the relaxing…I’m working on that. I definitely need more time to just enjoy the moment instead of planning for the next.

  3. So glad you guys had a great weekend. I love relaxing Sundays!
    I was wondering, what eye makeup do you use? You’re eyes look so pretty in the last picture!

    • Thank you! I used an eye shadow color from Victoria’s Secret to highlight the lower lid, and the upper lid is a shadow from Nordstrom (from a long time ago though.). I use black mascara and eyeliner! (Most of my make-up though, comes from the drugstore.)

  4. we saw the avengers too… and my husband was crazy excited about it as well! :) the salad bar + soft serve at jason’s deli is by far my favorite!! i need to go there again soon. (we should probably go together 😉 )

  5. Tammy says:

    HI I am new to your sight,, but I am definately enjoying everything you have here. Came upon it by looking for circuit workouts,, and mostly through Julie at PBFingers .I am a blog reader so will enjoy keeping up with you and your blog . Its a great Site !

  6. i alwayssss have issues with relaxing..i feel like i always need to be doing something, lol. but i’ve been trying to make an effort to force myself to relax :)

    I got to relax a bit yesterday actually, spent time with Kevin’s family and my godson and it was nice! plus ate a lot of food, which is always a fun sunday activity, haha

  7. I finished my second year in law school!!! Also, I noticed it in the pictures, do you wear a body bug (i think that’s what they’re called) all the time?

    • I wear it often, yes. I don’t check it that often though. I kinda forget it’s there. It is good to know how much I am burning so I can eat enough–especially with how active I am!

      Plus it’s fun to set new walking goals every day :) It’s a nice tool, and since I am no longer obsessed with numbers, it’s not a big deal to me. And people love asking me after classes I teach “how much did we burn?!” It’s kinda cute 😉

  8. I couldn’t agree more – relaxing is very healthy … uhhhhhhh I should tattoo that somewhere on me to remind myself 😛

  9. Your jelly bean picture kind of matches your salad picture…in a colorful opposite sort of way :) I’ve been hearing good things about The Avengers. Maybe I should RELAX and go see it, lol. But really, maybe I will :)

  10. SO TRUE! Great post :). I really want to see the avengers this week! I’m one of those girls that likes action movies haha. Something relaxing I did over the weekend was lay around on the couch with my fiance and rent a movie!

  11. We were going to go see Avengers too but my hubster had to work Saturday and as such he just wanted a quiet Friday night (to RELAX) and then a quiet Saturday night (to UNWIND).

    Was it awesome?

    PS that ice cream looks so yummy!

  12. Callie says:

    I love the color of your hair! Do you dye it or is it natural? I’m thinking about dying my hair but I don’t want a major blond, just like a light golden, what you have! I love it!

    • Thanks! it was real dirty in that picture, so I guess don’t wash your hair for 2 days color?! hah. :)

      I am blonde, and have natural highlights (it gets really blonde in the summer, and a darker shade in the Winter.) I’ve never done anything to my hair, actually.

      Good luck :)

  13. What a nice weekend you had! Agreed: it’s so essential to take time “OFF”, to unplug, and unwind, and just have fun.

  14. What a sweet and relaxing day. In our instant lifestyle, it does really take an effort to slow down and think a while. But the more we relax the more productive we can be next time!



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