“Fire Up Your Core” Workout

Good morning!

How is life treating you? How bout those fears, eh??

So this week has been really busy, but I like that! I thrive on being busy–it’s so weird, but I think I am more productive when I am busy. When I have nothing to do I just waste more time.

Doesn’t make sense for you? Yah, me either.

But it is what it is. And I’ll take it -especially because I have no problem being lazier on the weekends. Balance, people. :)


So, it currently hurts to laugh, get up from a chair, or twist to grab something off the floor.

{if I had this bowl–wish I did– it would’ve hurt to pick it up off the floor!}

And it’s awesome.

Want to know why?

Because I designed and completed a killer core workout.

I really love doing Pilates (and teaching it), but I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve hardly paid attention to my core.

Bad move on my part!

Why? Because the core is the center of our energy, and all movements come from that area. Thus, having a strong core will not only result in more powerful actions (running faster or jumping lunges anyone?!), but will help you stay balanced, improve your posture, and reduce any back pain.

I took the time to focus on all areas of my core the other day, and created this workout. It was fun, hard, and requires hardly any equipment. You could even bust this out after a morning walk before work!


Seriously, friends, the cool thing about it the workout is that it can be done almost anywhere, it fires up all areas of your core (lower back and 4 sections of abdominal muscles), and can be done in 5-10 minutes.

I bet you want to actually SEE the workout right about now, right?!  (Other workouts found here).

You’re right, I couldn’t hide it from you. Here is YOUR secret to tone the entire core and produce more powerful movements in your workouts and during your day!

“Fire Up Your Core” Workout

{If you have questions about any of the moves, google or youtube them-they’re all there.}

Enjoy the workout!

Thankful Thursday 

  1. I am super pumped for my new pink credit card my husband got me. Yes, it’s pink (I love pink). He surprised me and got me it specialized! Awwwww.
  2. I am thankful for the awesome BodyPUMP classes I’ve taught this week. 1 more to go too! #ilovewhatido
  3. I am grateful for constructive and positive feedback. It’s helped me be a better teacher and coach!

Have a LOVELY day my friends!

When was the last time YOU focused on all areas of YOUR core?? Favorite core move?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. yowza that does look intense!! i’m way more productive when i’m busy! otherwise i do a lot of sitting around, too, because i CAN!

  2. holy moly, intense core workout, that’s for sure! haven’t done something like that in who knows long!
    today i’m thankful the beautiful weather!! i love sunshine and blue skies. :)

  3. oooh I definitely want to print this one out. i ALWAYS ignore my core, its bad. I guess because I feel like there is no helping my midsection, I tend to shy away from those exercises (i have a lot of loose skin from the weight loss, cant be helped, haha) BUT i know building a stronger core can make me a stronger runner so i’m making an effort to include those into my routine, thank you girl!

    today I am thankful for my bright green pants that i’m wearing because despite the dreary weather, they cheer me up! hahaha

  4. You got a pink credit card!? That is pretty awesome. And I love this workout, I need to do more core stuff for running, especially lower back since my back tends to hurt at the end of longer runs.

  5. The thing I love the most about your workouts is I always learn so much vocabulary from looking all the moves up. This was super fun – thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve never tried pilates!

  7. I love this work out! I am always looking for new abdominal exercises, but I rarely find new work outs on the subject like this! I can’t wait to give it a try!

  8. Question about how to do this workout: do you do a a circuit of all of one type 2xs through (like all the rectus abdominus exercises) and then move on to the next group, or do you do one of each as a circuit?

    • If you decide to do the whole workout as a circuit, I would suggest doing the whole section (i.e. trans. abdom.) again before moving to the next (i.e. lower back). This is an option if you have more time, of course :)

  9. Such a valuable points to boost up your work out session. After having back-pain i became little lazy to my exercising but thanks for these ideas. Now days I am continuing my stretching and Yoga as my specialist instructed.


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    Fire Up Your Core Workout | Abdominal Muscles | Lower Back Pain | Better Posture | Fitness | Enjoy Your Healthy Life



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