Overcoming A Fear

Good Morning!

How are you feeling today? I totally thought today was Thursday…whoops!

Well, before I go eat one of my chocolate almond protein balls (I am officially obsessed), I wanted to share a quick update on some of my fears, and the steps I am taking to have them be done with.

I hope you all might learn something as well–and be able to implement the steps into your life. And yes, finally overcome a fear you might have too :)

{can you guess my fear…..?}


Facing A Fear

Some of you might know this, but as a sort of quick background for those who don’t, when I was training for a triathlete in 2009 with my then-friend, now-husband, I was injured in a biking accident.

I was biking up a canyon, and was hit head on by another full-speed bicyclist coming down the canyon (he veered out of ‘his side’ and was going too fast and crashed into me.)

It knocked the wind out of me, I got a black eye, and I was totally shaken up. Totally. I had already been a bit nervous about the whole biking thing (I am not a cyclist at all), so this did not help my fear. In fact, I think it fed it!

**The only good thing about the accident is that my then-friend (now-husband) totally stepped up to the plate and took amazing care of me. I think I was so intrigued that a guy would take such good care of a woman in distress, that I was rendered almost speechless (and for those who know me, that is quite a feat). Needless to say we ended up married.

Anyways, the triathlon went fine (I was definitely slow on the bike though), and afterwards I pretty much ‘hung’ up my bike for any major rides after that. I rode it to school on a occasion, but never really much more than that.

{Triathlon. 2009}

Well, fast forward 2 years later, and I was STILL slightly scared of the bike!


Here’s why I still had that fear: I didn’t try. I didn’t even think about the bike. And when I did, I kept replaying the accident over and over again in my head.

Lesson #1 when facing a fear : You have to actually want to try to get over that fear. I know, genius, right?! But in all seriousness, if the desire is not there, you’re not going to get over that fear.

All you need is a little desire, my friend.


Lesson #2 when facing a fear: You’ve got to start thinking positively. I decided last Fall to come up with different reasons why the bike was a fun place to be. I even talked to/read about friends who looovvvveee biking & spinning.

I then decided I should attend Spin classes again. I listed the reasons out, and I even challenged all of us to step it up in the fitness department.

I decided that things needed to change for the better. And stat.

Did you know that positive thought processes feed into more positive thoughts? Well, they do. And they can. Even if you’re not there yet, even pretending to think positively works in your favor. Cool, eh?!


Lesson #3 when facing a fear: You must have a plan of attack. Anyone who knows how to get something they want knows there must be a plan.

I chose a spin class that I knew I could attend, and I promised myself I would give it 3 chances. Guess what? By the 2nd class, I actually enjoyed myself! Wow. I totally surprised myself!

Lesson #4 when facing a fear: You must not worry about the outcome of stepping outside your comfort zone. Stepping outside that comfortable place is THE hardest part. Once you’re out there it’s not so bad. But that first leap of faith, that first step, is by far the hardest.

So how to actually take that step out? Don’t worry about the outcome. Just DO IT. (I love you, Nike!)


Overcoming A Fear

In learning those 4 lessons while facing my fear, I have slowly begun the process of totally overcoming a fear. I am not completely there by any means, but in the past few days I’ve taken another few baby steps forward.

1. I went on a 12 mile bike ride with the husband last week.

2. I rode a bike at the gym for 15 miles yesterday.

3. I am about to finalize my plans to complete a Half Ironman. (Deets to come.)

Overcoming a fear that was physically painful has NOT been easy for me. Not at all.

But I have learned a lot in the process! Especially the idea that if I change nothing, nothing will change.

I am excited to learn even more about myself as I continue to press forward doing something that does not come easily, fast, or even comfortably for me.

There is beauty in the unknown, my friends. Oh, and dreams CAN come true. But usually we must face and overcome those fears first. :)

Well, I am off to do some more bike riding (!!) and will later teach BodyPUMP after work.

Have a LOVELY day!


Oh, and I have a guest post going on at this amazing lady’s blog today! CHECK IT OUT :)


What is a fear YOU are facing?? What things have YOU learned about YOURself so far?? Any tips for me as a novice rider??

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  1. Yay for overcoming your fear!!! I have absolutely no bike tips! Wear your helmet? Pretty sure you already got that one down pat! :)

  2. Yay!!! I’m so proud of you for overcoming that fear! I would have been afraid of biking too if an accident like that happened to me. I’m not really a biker, so sadly I don’t have any tips for you haha. Hope you have a great Wednesday love!! <3

  3. caroline says:

    Congrats on overcoming your biking fear! You can do anything when you put your mind to it.

  4. woohoo!!! way to rock the bike lately!! i am SO not a cycler either… cody loves to cycle, so he’s trying to get me into it this summer. i think it’d be fun, but i need to get a bike first! ha!

  5. Thanks Annette, this really spoke to me today! I’m facing a big decision about a second job offer. I have been making myself crazy about it. I feel like it’s definitely fear of the unknown, but you said it best…if you if I change nothing, nothing will change! Change has always been so hard for me, but that could also be why I haven’t accomplished all that I want because I tend to walk about once I’m afraid.

  6. Good for you for getting back to biking! You are a trooper : )

  7. awwww, i’m so glad you are facing your fears! i’m a novice cycler myself (i just bought my first road bike last month) and I can definitely see how it can be scary…especially in my area where I have to get comfortable riding with traffic. But when its a beautiful day out…I seriously love getting on the bike. its so nice and low impact compared to running and feels like a great workout. :)

  8. Wow, that injury looks pretty bad. this is a great post, overcoming a fear is something we can all relate to.

  9. Alicia Baer says:

    Half Ironman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!?!?!?!?!? What!? I am totally come to watch you. The St. George Ironman is this Saturday btw!

  10. Awesome wise words.



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