8 Confessions

Good morning!!

Happy Friday :)

It is a happy day indeed! After 5 p.m. today I am home free to do all the errands, baking with my favorite powder, cleaning, and napping I want. Hallelujah!


I love learning about other people (if we ever meet in real life, I am the chatty one who’d ask you tons of questions so I can feel like I know you better), so I figured you probably like learning about me, right?! :)

{I got the idea of ‘confessions’ from Janetha and Meghann}

8 Confessions

1. I cry in almost any chick flick or romantic movie. I am a cry baby, and a very emotional person, so tears are often shed in almost any movie that has something sort of sad in it.

I get embarrassed if I’m in a small group and everyone can tell that I am trying to discreetly wipe my eyes, but otherwise, I roll with it. My husband knows that I will cry, and often holds my hand or hands me a tissue during sadder (or even happy) emotional parts of movies.

I also cry during some commercials, looking at pictures of our wedding (for happiness, of course), and when I have a bad day.

Yup, I cry a lot.

2. Whenever there is frozen yogurt, soft serve, or serve-it-yourself ice cream at restaurants or eateries, I secretly would rather just have that than dinner/lunch. A few nights ago we had dinner with friends at a buffet/cafeteria style place and they had soft serve there. I SO just wanted to not be an adult and ditch the turkey salad and soup and just get bowls and bowls of the soft serve.

Alas, I did not, but now you know. Sometimes I would just rather have that than dinner. Of course my body doesn’t love that idea for a regular basis, but I have had ice cream for dinner before!<–exactly 1 year ago tomorrow, in fact!

3. If I could sleep in every day, I would. Don’t get me wrong, I love the morning, I love my a.m. workouts and teaching time, but I also love to wake up slowly without an alarm. Hence why I do this every single Sunday!

On our honeymoon I would wake up with the waves crashing and then I would squeeze in a short workout before breakfast, and that was obviously ideal. But alas, not every day is spent on a beach!

{on the beaches of Cancun-2010. Yes I am wearing a swimsuit. Hah.}

But if it did, I would sleep in. Or maybe I’d go to bed earlier? Either way, I love to sleep.

4. After spending just a few minutes on Pinterest 2 days ago, I decided on 5 recipes I MUST make and 2 new workout ideas I have to try-simoultaneously. They aren’t kidding when they say that Pinterest can both stimulate your appetite and make you want to bust out some pushups!


I have several ideas up my sleeve from things I’ve looked into though, so be excited. Oh, and no, I don’t do the pushups while writing out my shopping list, I do them after. Hah 😉

Oh, and yes, these chocolate chip cookies were a result of my 5 minutes on Pinterest.

My husband was happy. Oh, and so was I. These were GOOD. :)

5. I want to go on a cruise with my husband for our next vacation. I have never been on a cruise, and neither has my husband, so that could be a really fun trip for us. Besides, I love the water, sun, my husband, free soft serve (see #2 above), and swimming, so what better place right?!

{if I were on a cruise I would not be so white…..}

Besides, with all of Julie and Tina’s talk about their recent ones, it has been further implanted in my brain that this is a MUST. Thanks ladies 😉

6. Even though I love motivating others like its my job (oh wait, it is! hah.), I sometimes have bad days, bad workouts, and eat junk food. I am a Type A personality to the tee, so I have had to reconcile with this my entire life. It is not easy being a control freak, perfectionist, and major planner! My poor husband has realized this as well. :(

In college it turned pretty nasty as I became anorexic, withdrawn, unhappy, and developed a super bad relationship with food and the gym. After many disordered eating habits formed and some not so great relationships happened, I finally realized I did not have to be perfect, nor did I need to compare myself to everyone and everything. I spent time in nature, healed my soul and my mind, and got back to discovering who I really was deep down inside.

As mentioned, I learned that I actually liked myself! I am much happier now, and I like to be upbeat and excited for others -both on here and when I work- but my life is not always peachy. Trust me! And I want you all to know that.


I prefer to keep this a mostly upbeat, happy place, but please know that I am imperfect, always learning, and trying to improve as well. I don’t always have a killer workout, eat spinach smoothies for every snack, nor do I sleep well every night. I just don’t love always griping about things or exploiting any negativism that has entered my life. When I try and see obstacles as blessings instead of challenges, life is just BETTER.

7. Every day my husband massages my feet, tells me I am beautiful, & that he loves me, and he often gives me flowers. Yes I got lucky! But I wasn’t always. I dated a lot of guys, but none of them came close to this amazing. My husband treats me like a queen, and we’re best friends. I am so grateful I get to spend now and forever with him!

Oh, side note, I am a HUGE romantic. Like majorly. Could ya tell?!

{from him. awwww}

And…..because I have a few more things to say, number 8 will just have to be a bunch of small things that I don’t need to expand upon. Besides, I could never have a list about me that is an odd number–only even numbers for this gal!


  • I sometimes re-wear clothes to the gym-if they’re not too smelly.
  • I hate dirty dishes in the sink-I must clean them RIGHT then. 
  • I dislike unloading the dishwasher (my husband does this b/c he knows I hate it. Awwww)
  • I can’t stand the smell or taste of coffee. 
  • I really hate being behind slow drivers. 
  • I am usually never earlier than 5 minutes for appointments because I don’t like to wait. 
  • I drink water all day long from a straw. 
  • I always arrive exactly 1 hour before my flight departs. 
  • I wish I could play the guitar–but at least my husband does! 
  • I want a horse. 
  • I am obsessed with the new Chobani flavors.
  • I love curling up with a book on my couch.
  • I am totally obsessed with my new whey protein powder.
  • I bite my nails when I am nervous and it drives my husband crazy.

I will stop there–apparently I have some weirdo things I just had to get out there! Hah.

Have a GREAT day!!

What are TWO confessions that YOU must spill the beans about??! What are YOUR weekend plans??

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  1. BABE!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

    Ok first of all I totally know what you mean about Pinterest! And I am now following you by the way 😉 Which to exercises did you find that you must try!? I seriously always find so many recipes when I am on there! I love it! I think my recipe board is quite LARGE 😉

    Your husband sounds amazing :) I am so happy for you love <3 You deserve everything wonderful and he seems to be providing you with just that :) !!!!!!!!

    I have to confess something too 😉 I rewear my gym clothes too 😉 MUAHAHAHAHAHA We are both slightly smelly girls I suppose? 😉

  2. Love it!! I need to do one of these confession posts, too!
    Funny about the fro-yo or ice cream over dinner! We went for sushi last night, which is right next to a fro yo place. I “joked” with my husband that we could just get that for dinner instead, and I’d be happy! (I wasn’t joking, of course, but he would NEVER go for that.) I’ve been known to just have a big smoothie for dinner- so that’s close!
    And I am totally jealous of you for #7. My husband needs LESSONS.

  3. ummm… i wear gym clothes frequently… i never do back to back days in case someone notices… is that weird?? haha and unloading the dishwasher is probably the chore i hate the most! jonny ALWAYS does that! :) yay for awesome husbands! now i’ve gotta work on the foot rub thing..

    • I don’t usually do back to back days either….but if I go to a diff gym then I might. HAH.

      Just tell Jonny that you’ll be an even better wife with a foot rub…he might go for it 😉

  4. hahaha you are too cute! confession 1) sometimes i down candy before going for a run, the sugar amps me up..guilty but true 2) i dont want to wash my hair everyday even when i get sweaty, so sometimes i just spray perfume on it and put it up in a ponytail in between washes..sexy :)

    have a great weekend girl!! if you have a chance, check out my posting today, its a special one!

  5. haha! loved this post! way to be honest lady! here is my confession– I work out 1/100 as many times as you but every time I di work out, it is because of your motivation! =)

  6. Kathy says:

    long time reader, first time commenter. I enjoy your blog–always very informative and UPBEAT! :)
    And I agree with the others–you are too cute, personality and all. :) I am gonna have to try the Protein powder! Have a great weekend!

  7. Love this and love how open & hilarious you are! Happy Friday! I also HATE emptying the dishwasher.. I don’t know why but it seems like the worst chore ever, even though it can be done in less than 5 minutes. My bf & I often do it together “super speed” and try to beat our previous time record hahah.. nerdy much?

  8. I would eat froyo for dinner with you! haha. And you really did find a great guy! Does he have brothers? perhaps a secret factory where good guys are made? A particular place they hang out?

  9. krystal says:

    I can’t wait to try the protein powder, but I just got a vanilla EAS one, but its not great. Thanks for sharing, I love getting to know you better! Have an awesome weekend!

  10. I love this post – I do a lot of these things and think I must be the only one, but I feel better knowing I am not. Example: I bite my nails when I am nervous! And agreed with Katie – where did you find this man?? I hope he has multiple brothers or is he a triplet perhaps or quadruplet?

  11. i’d totally eat froyo fro lunch/dinner too! 😉 i’d be lying if i haven’t once or twice in my life. hehe. great husbands make life THAT much better, huh? glad you got a good one!

  12. Girl I re wear my gym clothes ALL WEEK! I hate doing laundry all the time:)
    And totally with you on the having bad eating/exercise days even though I’m a health coach…we’re all human, right?

    • Hah :) I love that I am not alone in that somewhat nasty habit… but I always wear tons of deodarant. SO maybe it makes up for it?! 😉

  13. I just found your blog and what a great post to jump in on. We are very similar (I mean slow drivers should not be allowed to drive!). And, let’s be honest I rewear workout clothes – please let me know if they ever invent free washers/dryers or ones that don’t take two hours at a time in the process.

  14. Haha I sometimes cry in commercials too! Or when reading magazine articles. Or watching TLC shows. Yup, I guess I’m a big cry baby too. 😛

    Also I definitely rewear my gym clothes… multiple days in a row! Otherwise I’d spend all my time doing laundry, which would probably just make me stop working out all together haha.

  15. I also bite my nails wihen I’m nervous, and I’m such a type A personality! Thank God for my patient fiance! My first bridal shower is this weekend, so that’s what I’ll be doing!

  16. Oh I love you girl! I do the same thing with re-wearing my gym clothes haha. And your husband sounds like an amazing man to be married to! I would absolutely eat ice cream/fro-yo for dinner. That would be awesome! But then I’d be hungry like 45 minutes later.

  17. Annette, you do a very good job at coming off as a positive and uplifting woman! I love coming to your blog not because I think you’re “perfect”, but because you give me the sense that you have had your struggles and you’ve learned from them in huge ways! You’re such a beautiful person, inside and out :)

    Oh, and I’m a huge romantic too. Luckily Will picked up on my fondness for flowers within the first few weeks of our relationship 😉

    • Thank you Brittany–that is good to know. I’d never want to come off as being better than someone else or too much ‘all done with problems’ ya know? So thank you. :)

      Wahoo–way to go WILL!! That rocks.

  18. OMG I am so like you, just to name a few, I hate coffee and dirty dishes, I would rather eat fro yo than that salad and soup and I am a cry baby, I cry at EACH movie and while reading books!!

  19. The PinInterest made me laugh so hard I snorted chips up my nose. Ow. I’ll be sneezing blue corn specks….


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