100% Gold Standard Whey Protein

Hey guys! Having a good morning so far??

This week is flying by-way faster than last week, that’s for sure. But I’ll take it!

I LOVED reading all your comments from yesterday’s post. For anyone out there struggling with those mean voices, there is HOPE, and you are amazing! Keep reminding yourself of how awesome YOU are, and avoid the comparisons. Life will be SO much happier, I promise. I’ve been there, and back, and this place is wayyyyyyyy better than the critical, comparing, and unkind mindset I had been in.


So I had been on the lookout for awesome protein powders for some time now, and did a ton more research into all the different types and benefits of each one.

I had been using a chocolate one that I bought along with a bunch of essential oils and it was really tasty(!), but it did not have as much protein as I would like for 1 scoop.

I ended up reading a bunch of articles, testimonials, and facts after asking you all which ones you love.

Here are a few types of powders to understand, before even considering a specific brand:

  • Whey protein is the best post workout because it gets used up quickly–helps replenish tired muscles, and helps make me a lean, fit machine!
  • Casein protein releases amino acids more slowly, so this is best eaten right before bed so the body has a nice, slow protein supply throughout the night.
  • Soy protein is a great source for those who might be allergic or averse to milk products, and has a great protein profile.
  • Vegan proteins boast a great profile as well, and can be helpful for anyone who is allergic to milk, and/or has personal preferences to avoid animal-based powders.

This is a VERY dumbed down version, by the way. For more information on various protein powders go here and here.


Every protein powder is very different (duh!), boasts different stats, can be used in different ways, and each has a varying price as well. Plus, you can buy powders in small amounts, medium amounts, and gigantic amounts! There are a LOT of things to consider!

In recent years:

I have used the BSN protein powders for 1-2 years.: They were good, but not so great at mixing. And the cinnamon roll flavor did NOT taste like a cinnamon roll. FYI!

I have used a cheap-o brand from the grocery store (whey isolate blend): It was nasty! It did not mix well, and the flavor was chalky. This is how I knew I wanted a good, quality protein powder that wouldn’t taste like crap.

I recently finished using a protein powder.: It is meant to help trim and lose weight, but I did not use it in that way at all. I buy essential oils, and this was a very natural powder with a good amount of protein, so I bought it. But it was more $$/ounce protein than I wanted to shell out again, but it is very tasty!

Well, after all my researching, trying, experimenting, listening to you guys, and reading reviews, I found a GREAT protein powder that I already am in love with!

{Drumroll please……}

100% Gold Standard Whey Protein – Optimum Nutrition

I bought the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein in the Double Rich Chocolate Flavor–and it came in a HUGE barrel.

And it is AMAZING. I love this stuff!

Already (after 2 days) I have put it on/in:

  • cottage cheese + almonds
  • atop granola + almond milk
  • spinach + almond milk + ice + berries
  • yams + cinnamon
  • chocolate chip cookies (I am not kidding!)
  • chocolate milk (I wanted to amp up the protein and chocolate flavor)
  • Greek yogurt + honey
  • whole wheat tortilla + sunflower butter + honey

Um yah. Pretty much every meal or snack in the past 2 days has contained at least 1 Tb of this awesome whey protein!

I think I am addicted. :)

Reasons why I love the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein (Double Rich Chocolate):

  1. It has 24 grams protein per scoop.
  2. It includes about 5 g BCAAs in every scoop.
  3. There is only 1 gram of sugar! (I hate extra sugar or sweeteners in stuff that does not need it.)
  4. It tastes really good!
  5. It mixes well. Thank goodness!
  6. It helps fill me up and keeps me satisfied.
  7. It is fast acting to aid my muscles during recovery, after a hard workout.

So lately I have been really hungry all the time (my workouts have been quite intense). I felt like I was out-eating everyone around me (oh wait, I do still), and not being satisfied. Which is weird because I ate like every 2 hours, munching on fruits, veggies, Greek yogurt(s), tuna, wraps with nut butters, soynuts, toast with eggs, nuts, etc., but even by bedtime my stomach was growling again.

I like to eat, so it wasn’t a huge problem, but it’s also a pain to constantly be running to the kitchen and having your tummy rumble often (even with all the protein I was eating!)

Well, my friends, now my problem is solved. I just add 1/2 scoop-1 scoop to stuff I am making (see above list, I really do add it to like everything), and my satisfaction is so much higher and longer. Score!

{short & sweet ingredient list}

I can NOT wait to try the other flavors too (there are a TON of them–but some of them are lots more $$).

The ones I am eyeballing are : caramel toffee fudge, delicious strawberry, chocolate malt, vanilla ice cream, rocky road, and extreme milk chocolate. So if you’re wanting to send me something in the mail, one of those would be it. 😉

I kid. Or maybe not.

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am extremely grateful for hot showers.
  2. I am really thankful for my mounted necklace holder. Thanks to my husband!
  3. I am grateful for Greek yogurt. Along with this new whey protein powder, I have pretty much married 2 products. The husband might be a little jealous. 😉

Well, I am off to go eat some more protein powder in a wrap, and then head to the gym to lift.

Have a GOOD day!

What protein powder are YOU loving right now?? Why or why not?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. Wow those really are good stats!!

  2. Danielle says:

    My mother-in-law and I were just talking about Whey Protein powder last night. What a coincidence! I generally have a scoop of Jillian Micheal’s Protein Powder with Milk or fruit and yogurt but a scoop only has 15G of protein, 100 calories. Since I’ve been doing BodyPump so much I should switch to Whey Protein Powder.

    Thank you for being so motivating! I look forward to your posts every single day.

    • Thanks Danielle :) Yes, I’ve heard that hers tastes good, but if you really want to amp up the protein, I suggest looking into some that have more per same amount of calories. Have a good one!

  3. i typically use a vanilla whey protein powder because it’s more versatile. i’ve used a ton of different brands, and the current one i have is not one of my favorites. i told myself i need to use it up before i buy more though, so i’m trying to hurry up and use it. maybe i need to try out the gold standard?! i’ve heard lots of good things about it.

    • Sometimes vanilla tastes chalky to me….so that’s why i go with choc., But that makes sense that it’d be more versatile! it’s a REALLY good one, so if you get a chance, try it out (This kind was also a lot cheaper per ounce/lb than others too)

  4. caroline says:

    I am always in the market for a good protein powder- maybe I will have to try this one. Although, I am more of a vanilla flavor girl…Right now I use the Jillian Micheal’s vanilla one- and it is tasty!

    I am thankful for sunshine!

    • I’ve heard that one is tasty. This one has more protein though, so if you want to amp it up, try something for more protein but around the same # of calories.

      WAHOO for sunshine!!

  5. i’m loving the ideas of what to put protein powder into! I’ve always felt kind of lost when it comes to choosing a decent one..plus i’m not the hugest fan of smoothies so its awesome to get suggestions about what else to use it in…my favorite use so far as been in my whole wheat pumpkin pancakes! 😉

  6. ON is just the best company ever. You have to try their casein if you haven’t yet!

  7. I use that exact same powder and flavor – it’s so good! I never thought of putting it on all those different foods, I’m going to have to try some of those!

  8. I tend to go vanilla because I can use it in almost anything and it actually doesn’t taste too bad either! I like your new ideas for how to use the protein powder though – usually just use it in smoothies!

  9. That’s what I used to use! I switched when I found out I was allergic to gluten and soy. I had no idea if they were in the protein powder and since I wasn’t educated enough about gluten to figure it out, I switched to Sunwarrior, which I now LOVE!

    • That makes sense why you’d make the switch-b/c I don’t know if I’mm ever going back. This stuff is good! (But of course, I don’t have any allergies or sensitivities either) 😉

  10. I use whey protein and I like that you mentioned how each different protein powder works, I’ve been actually wondering this for a while now since I follow a few vegan bloggers and they talk about their vegan protein powders. I think I’ll stick to my whey. I use Jay Robb & Prograde but might try this one out too. Double Chocolate? Mmm

  11. I’m starving every 2-3 hours too (but I blame it on the baby :) ) and amping up the protein definitely helps me stay more full!

    I’m thankful for my husband + him wanting to provide for our growing family and also that he can :)

  12. I’ve been using Gold Standard for a year or so; good stuff! I try to limit my intake just because I would prefer to get my nutrients from actual food, but I don’t eat that much meat so I find the Gold Standard to be necessary.

  13. I like this powder too. The last one I bought was the caramel toffee fudge – I wasn’t too crazy about it. The cake batter was really good. I liked that you could add that one to anything. Would be great in baking too!

    • You didn’t love the caramel toffee fudge kind?! I really want to try it :)

      The cake batter would be good, huh? Thanks for the info!!

  14. hi great blog post, its like you read my mind. i have been searching for a protein powder for awhile now and have decided upon gold standard also – thinking vanilla so i can use it in baking as well. just wondering if you know what the use by date is on the container as i wont be using it every day and dont want it to go out of date.
    also i must add as someone who has gone through similar eating disorders to yourself, reading all your positive posts are such an inspiration. i still have negative thoughts at times as do most women i am sure but reading your experience helps me realize health matter more and you body is something to be proud of! thanks xxx

    • Yes, vanilla would be tasty in baking and in baked goods! I am sure it’ll be fine–for the expiration date–if you leave it in a cooler place.

      I am glad I could be a help and inspiration–I just want to help anyone out there who goes through something similar because I have been strengthened and want to be there for others!! Have a good weekend :)

  15. I recently switched to gold standard too & I am also loving it!

  16. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    Dos questions:
    1. Where do you buy the Gold Standard? Groceries or GNC type places?
    2. What are BCAA’s? Did I miss that above?

    • I bought it off Amazon (so much cheaper)!

      BCAAs stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids –and those certain amino acids, which are broken down from the protein you ingest, are essential (meaning not made by your body). Those certain BCAAs are best for athletes because they’re metabolized/broken down in the actual muscle (not just in the liver), and can be used quickly for rebuilding.

      Hope that helps :)

  17. Nafee says:

    OMG strawberry flavour tastes Awesome love it, gold standard is the best guys try the strawberry flavour


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