If You Put Your Mind To It

Good Morning! Happy Monday :)

It was definitely a stellar weekend around here, that is for sure. The weather was gorgeous, we had a date night (walking around at shops, movie, dinner at home),

{we saw Sherlock Holmes #2 -in a dollar theatre}

and……I did something totally crazy on Saturday.

Like TOTALLY crazy.

Any guesses as to what I did???!



On Friday night I decided I was going to run a half-marathon the next morning.

Nuts, right?!

Here is why it was slightly crazy:

  • I haven’t run more than 7.5 miles during a single run in over 2.5 years.
  • My mileage has only been 5-10 miles per week for the last little while-and before that it was nada. I had broken up with running for a bit.
  • I am not necessarily ‘a runner.’
  • I wasn’t signed up for this race.
  • I decided the night before that I was going to do it!

You guys, I ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon race on Saturday in 1:56, and I wasn’t even signed up for it, nor had I even trained for it. (Don’t worry, I didn’t take a medal or anything like that.)

{can you spot me?!}

If You Put Your Mind To It

HOW did I do that race without a plan or training?!

Seriously–everyone talks about practicing and training for these for months. Why the heck did I think I could do without it??

Not so sure.

Hah, I am kidding. I think I know the reason(s).

{my faves greeted me after the race: chocolate milk and my husband}

Here are some reasons why I could do it, do it semi-well, and not die during that half marathon (no PR, but close!):

  1. I am fit. Fitness is different for everyone, but I know I am fit because of the way I live my life on a regular basis.
  2. I lift weights very regularly.
  3. I decided I was going to do it, so I did. I was totally determined!
  4. I have an amazing husband who dropped me off at the start at the butt crack of dawn (I think I saw HungryRunnerGirl, but I was too far away to say “hi”, and the race was starting), and he took pictures at the end. Awesome guy!
  5. I was not going to a PR or any certain time.
  6. I decided to never give up-even if the pain was, well, painful.

It was not just a piece of cake, by the way. Parts of it were really hard and I had to remind myself that I was strong and could push past the fatigue.

Miles 1-4 I went out fast and strong. I went out wayyyyy too fast though. I started with the 1:45 pace group and did a 6:22 for the first mile. Ummm, yah.

Miles 5-7 Semi- hard because of this stupid loop that went straight into the sun rising over the mountains. Beautiful, yes. But my eyes hurt!

Miles 7-9 Brutal. These were the hardest for me. Probably because my body hadn’t run past 7.5 miles in over 2.5 years…..Ooops.

Miles 10-13.1 Not too bad. I enjoyed them and savored these moments of the race. I also busted my butt to the finish line–I LOVE sprinting to that line. (Okay, it’s not really true sprinting, but it’s where I speed up to get the race done with!).

All in all it was an awesome experience. I am SO glad I got outside my comfort zone and went for it! It taught me A LOT about myself and who I really am. Oh, and that I can do tough things. 😉


Your Body Will Respond

This experience is the perfect example of this adage: If you put your mind to it, your body will respond!!

Decide what YOU want, and go for it. Don’t give up. Be patient. Push past the uncomfortableness. And go for YOUR dreams. Become the YOU you were almost meant to become.

But you can only find that place if you put your mind to it, and GO FOR IT!

{scary red-faced pic, but I DID IT!}

GO for it!

Have a GREAT Monday :)

What is something YOU did recently that made YOU realize YOU can do tough things?? Was I stupid for doing this without training?! :) What did YOU learn about YOURself over the weekend??

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  1. AMAZING!! And killer time, too!! Holy cow!! Congrats!! Umm NO you weren’t stupid for doing this without training… clearly you are PROOF that with regular mixed workouts, you really can do anything!! What’s next?!?!

  2. I think you’re just naturally athletically gifted–if I tried that I’d pull something!

  3. strong work on the race girl!

  4. Congrats! That’s awesome and an inspiring story to start the week!

  5. girl you are amazing!! your time is awesome, especially with no training! i do think that you are right, about being fit and that made this whole experience achievable. i’m totally inspired. I did a 9 mile run on saturday…my longest run in over a month. its def rough getting back into running but i’m loving every second of it…would just love to get over my injuries once and for all :)

    • Wow, nice job coming back to it! Injuries can be NO fun, that is for sure–but they usually teach us something….usually 😉

  6. You are so awesome for doing this! And I can’t believe you got such a great time without even training! Way to go girl. 😀

  7. You crazy girl! Who runs a half-marathon in a whim?? :)
    But seriously- that is awesome. And at your level of fitness, you could definitely handle it.
    It’s funny- one thing i hate about distance races is the training. But then I think, I could probably handle 13.1 without “training” for it. 26.2 on the other hand? No thanks (and no interest). :)
    You’re amazing!

  8. caroline says:

    seriously awesome! And I am not surprised =) Congrats on the fabulous finish too!

  9. Has your body also responded with post-race soreness? LOL. Congrats! :)

  10. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you did that without training! Good job!

  11. Awesome!!! That is so great that you just did it and did it well :). And your hubby was so nice to greet you with some chocolate milk at the end! This weekend I learned that I should probably try to blink more when I’m reading haha because I think I focus too much and they start to dry out and hurt!

  12. It does go to show what your body can do when cared for regularly and staying on top of overall fitness. Awesome job!!! Although perhaps you should make sure you can register in the future since I have a thing against participating in a race without officially being part of it.

    • Thanks, Tina :)

      And yes, we had just moved to that city–so it was on a whim and had no chance to sign up. Besides, I’ve never done that before….but it was actually kind of fun to just ‘enjoy’ it! Just curious though, why would you care if someone decides to do that?

      • I definitely get just wanted to enjoy a race and the environment of it. :)

        I guess that part of my comment came from having local running friends who work really hard to coordinate and host local races and have heard them discuss how “race crashers” (their term, not mine) can affect available resources to those who signed up – like water on the course, post-race food, etc. I’m not saying one person would affect a race and organizers often plan that there will be people who do run without registering, but it can have an impact when more people do that or get the idea to do that in future events. Courses run out of things and it can stem from people running unregistered or grabbing numerous bottles/samples/etc or sharing racer benefits with spectators. I’m not saying that you messed with the system, necessarily. I just personally think its something to be mindful of when sharing publicly. That’s 100% my opinion and, like I said, from having friends who have encountered problems with this before. I hope no hard feelings.

        • No, that makes total sense! I was not advocating it at all, but I didn’t want to pretend I had signed up for it either–as that would be dishonest.

          For what it’s worth, i totally get your point! I was very aware of that during it all too-i.e. knowing it cost SOMEone to have that water there, etc. So I made sure not to accept the medal handed to me, not to drink more water than needed, and not to get in the way of other racers. Someone practically shoved a chocolate milk in my hand at the end and I grabbed a small apple, but otherwise I just left and let the actual racers enjoy all the ‘goods’ . No hard feelings, at all, Tina! I totally get your point! I had never done that before, and don’t plan to do it again–it was just on a whim in a new city :)

  13. melissa says:

    wow. that is inspiring! i think i’m going to go run a race now. :)

  14. Annette you are like the BIGGEST inspiration ever 😀

    And I am IN LOVE with your date night picture!!!!!!!!

    So proud of you

  15. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    Ehat I want to know is how you ran 13.1 while still maintaining perfect eyeliner….are those makeup tattoos? Must be… :-)


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