5 FAQ’s Answered

Good Morning! :)

Happy Friday the 13th! Anybody scared?? I am not superstitious in that sense at all, so I am definitely not scared. I’ve had my fair share of bad days recently, so I am going to rock this day–whether or not the calendar says so. Just OWN it!

I thought it’d be fun on a Friday to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that I get. I threw in a few that I thought you all might enjoy knowing about me as well. It’s always fun to know the blogger behind the blog, and the coach behind the coaching services!


5 FAQ’s Answered

1. What are your thoughts on the Paleo diet?

Well, if you’ve been reading lately, you know my thoughts on dieting in general! Dieting by restricting certain calories, food groups, eating by time, or having crazy rules will bring the weight loss. It WILL. What dieting WON’T do is give you a happy, healthy, fulfilled life in the longterm. I promise.

Get this, every diet out there is already setting you up for failure! When we go on a diet we essentially feed our brain a ton of “no’s,” and those negative pathways alert our bodies and hormones to starvation mode, restriction mode, and ‘save the energy by lowering the metabolism’ mode. NOT pretty in the long run. Not good at all.

However, often the word ‘diet’ is used to connote a healthy lifestyle (as in a “healthy diet”), so don’t be confused with that. I definitely promote eating a healthy diet consisting of mostly whole foods (fruits, veggies, beans, legumes), some dairy, whole grains, and lots of good, lean protein-with dessert and ‘fun’ foods sprinkled in. That is NO diet. 

I promise that when you get rid of the diet mentality and start telling your brain “yes” to great foods, your body and mind will kick in and you’ll feel happier, healthier, and stronger than you ever have than if you were to restrict and count every morsel. 

For those very reasons I don’t love the idea of the Paleo diet. This diet has gained in popularity as has the CrossFit movement (they are linked, so that makes sense), but a lot of people are going into it thinking it’ll change their body. It might. And I am sure it has for some, but it is NOT sustainable in the long term-nor does it sound very fun! I highly disagree with any ‘diet’ touting weight loss and better fitness by cutting out certain food groups and foods that are known to be healthy, chock full of antioxidants and nutrients, and the staff of life. 

Anyone who chooses mostly whole, fresh foods 85-90% of the time (with a major portion being fruits and veggies), and a sprinkling of ‘fun’ (fries, cake, etc.) the other 15 or so%, will be able to meet his/her fitness goals and dream body without ANY calorie restriction or counting. Now THAT is a way to live—now and for the long term.

2. What protein powder do you use?

Well, right now, none! I am in the market for some good ones, though. I recently used up my whey protein powders, my special essential oil designed protein powder, and a mixed protein powder. 


I’ve been doing my research, but I would love to hear some of your opinions! I just can NOT handle chalky tastes-at all. I also don’t need any super, crazy expensive ones either. I love powders, yes, but I think getting protein in foods is the best majority for me.

3. How can I feel more comfortable in a Zumba class?

Forget about your stresses, don’t stare at yourself in the mirror, and dance with the music! Don’t worry if you don’t get a step or can’t master a move the teacher can do–you will have more fun if you just let loose! Zumba is meant to be fun, and no one cares what YOU look like. I promise! 

So just wiggle, shake, and dance like no one is watching! 😉 

However, every teacher is veeeerrrryyyyy different! So go ‘shopping’ for an instructor that makes you feel welcome, is semi-easy to follow, and brings the party atmosphere to class. I promise they’re out there (or come find my classes! heh)!

Check out my interview all about dancing and Zumba here!

4. What do and your husband like to do for fun and during non-work hours?

We are super chill people. We love going on walks, hiking, camping (we love being back in the mountains!), watching movies, hanging out with friends, reading, dancing (his favorite, I promise! heh), spending time with family, eating at Cafe Rio, sleeping, and just chillin’! 

{us last week}

Like I said, we’re way chill–well, my husband has helped me chill out (I am type A, couldn’t you tell?!), so we often end up doing fun things on the spur of the moment. For example, one night we went rollerblading around and cashed checks by blading to the bank! We’re nerds too–but that’s okay, because I’ve got my best friend in crime with me at all times! :)

5. What are some of your travel places on your bucket list?? 

I would LOVE to go to Greece! I love the water, I love Greek salads(!!), I love the history, and I think it looks so romantic. I really want to go on a cruise to the Bahamas as well. 

I also want to live in Switzerland (my motherland) for an extended period of time. 

{us in Switzerland 2010}

Others: I want to explore Costa Rica, France, northern Germany (I’ve lived in southern Germany), see the Great Wall of China, go on another safari to Africa (but this time with my husband), visit the jungles and waterfalls of Brazil, be a tourist in Thailand, and soak up the rays in Hawaii. 

I hope you all have a GREAT Friday!!

AND check out FLOW today–some awesome workouts to try! :

In Sweetness and In Health


YOUR turn–answer 1 or all of the above questions!?? And PLEASE respond, what is YOUR go-to protein powder and why?? 

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  1. great post beautiful :) very interesting! I loved the questions you answered!!!!

    I really get frustrated every time I hear about the pale diet. One girl did a presentation on it in one of my foods courses this term and the teacher wasn’t impressed. No whole grains? It just doesn’t appeal to me nor does it appeal to your professor who is an RD hahaha.


    I would definitely recommend About Time protein powder. Sweetened with stevia and IMO not chalky :)

    love u

  2. Hi annette! I like sun warrior’s new protein blend! It’s raw, vegan, and cold processed so it’s not denatured like many other protein powders and its more complete than their rice protein. Its a good replacement if people have trouble w/ dairy and/or digesting whey. Also full of antioxidants and a bunch of other goodness! Best of all – it swells up in water more than others so it makes some tasty treats like protein pudding :) (just add a little water or millk and stevia until its a pudding consistency) – chocolate is my fav with a banana and a little natural peanut butter :) a bit on the expensive side unfortunately but I’m hooked! Have a great weekend!

  3. I really like doterra’s vanilla protein powder, but if not that then GNC’s pro perforamance 100% whey protein… tons of flavors and NO chalky taste at all!

  4. I’m with you on #1. I’m not a fan of any diet that makes you eliminate healthy foods (like many listed that are no-no’s for Paleo.) If a “diet” makes you eliminate foods that are horrible for you (like processed crap)- that’s the only kind I agree with. I cringe and say “everything in moderation.” But I really think that a lot of popular processed and fast foods have no place in a healthy lifestyle.

    I’m totally in love with Vega Vanilla Chai Health Optimizer. I think it’s the best tasting protein I’ve ever had. But, since I’ve heard such great things about whey protein, I usually mix half a scoop of Vega with half of scoop of vanilla whey (I like Jay Robb the best!!). Jay Robb’s egg white protein is really good too- that and the whey are not chalky at all.

  5. Awesome post! I enjoy the whey protein powder that is the Whole Foods brand: 3-6-5! It’s tasty and not as expensive as other protein powders! I want to go to Greece too, so badly! Especially the Greek islands :)

  6. i think you and your husband and me and my husband would get along really well! :) your guys’ favorite things to do together are definitely our’s too!

  7. Awesome post – I think Paleo can actually be really good at times. I actually was eating the exact opposite of Paleo, all veggies w/ no fats and carbs with the 2nd time through trying to deal with an eating disorder, so they put me on modified Paleo to wean me from my green clinging and embrace more food groups.

    For a few months I LOVED it (minus the emotional “I’m eating food freak out” factor), because my body had been so long without healthy fats and carbs (squashes and nuts and meats and stuff), that it was deprived. Also, I had been so long without eating grains, that I was gluten and lactose intolerant for a time. After a few months, things re-balanced though, and I began naturally craving greens and grains again and started wanting less meat. Most interestingly, my intolerances went away and I was able to eat grains and dairy again.

    I don’t eat Paleo anymore, but for a time it was what I needed to heal my body. Even my physician was surprised at how quickly the metabolism healed under it. I have always wondered why, but by eating a lot of fats and proteins in a short time period, it healed things very quickly and felt good. If you have any nutritional answer of how our body works and why that worked okay – I have always been curious. And I wonder if yo-yo dieters who have similarly damaged their ability to have a healthy metabolism might not do better by being put on that kind of an eating schedule for a time. As long as you stick to white meats, it’s very gentle on the digestive system.

    On protein powder – I love the whey protein they sell in bulk at Good Earth (which, since your back in UT, you might have near you, depending on where you are). It’s the cheapest I’ve found, and really has no flavor or texture blended into things.

    Also – thanks for the awesome workouts you have on your site. I’ve said it before, but I honestly accredit your blog to get me out of my fear of weights, and I’ve never had awesome arm muscles in my life! To boot, I’ve had no injuries running for about 3 months now. That’s never happened before.

    • That is a GREAT point about Paleo! I guess what I meant is that Paleo is not sustainable for a ‘long term’ healthy eating plan–but I can see how it helps with certain medical conditions!

      And thank YOU for being amazing! Glad lifting is SO awesome for you as well! It’s amazing what it can do, ehh?!

      I’ll check out Good Earth bulk bins too-thanks :)

  8. Great post girl! I completely agree with you on #1. You miss out on so many important nutrients when you cut out entire food groups!

    Also I’m dying to visit Greece too. Hummus, feta, and souvlaki? Yes please! 😀

  9. Thanks for this post Annette! I think I’m finally on track with healing myself. I almost got caught up in the paleo because it just sounds so enticing. Since I’m recovering from binge eating I realize that just eating whole foods like you say, is the thing to do for life. Thanks for bringing me back to reality!

  10. My bucket travel list is just about anywhere in Europe! I’ve never left the US except for the Carribean so I’d go just about anywhere!

  11. Try MyoFusion protein powders! I love their chocolate and just got their vanilla sent to me today. Can’t wait to try. NO chalky taste whatsoever. Great in smoothies or mixed with almond milk.
    Kate @ Coffee with Kate recently posted…#fightfattalkMy Profile



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