3 More Exercise Myths

Hey friends! How is life treating you?

If it’s not treating you well, ummmmmm……well, change your mindset! :) I strongly believe in the power of the mind to meet challenges and make unhappy things look happier.


When we avoid negative self talk, fat talk, or discouraging thoughts, we feel better, our moods improve, and we definitely are more confident and able to meet what ever is facing us.



3 More Exercise Myths

There is a lot of information floating around about exercise and what is best for you to do, but a lot of it can be false. Very false. (Kinda like the health halo we discussed!)

{As a disclaimer, although I went through a lot of school and am a fitness professional, no, I do not know everything. Just keep that in mind. 😉 }

However, from personal experiences and work with clients, the following (false) things I’ve heard one too many times, and now want to set the record straight!

(See the first two in the series about heavy lifting and muscle turning into fat).

  • Work at a lower intensity for longer to burn more fat. Scientists used to think that there was one ‘fat burning zone,’ and that it was when our bodies work at lower intensities (and/or heart rates). Working at that rate for a longer time supposedly was the way to burn fat, but this has been found to be untrue. Although we might burn more calories on that 1.5 hour jaunt on the elliptical, the burning stops there. When we do higher intensity work for shorter periods of work, the calorie-blasting party continues long after we’re done. If you can (and your doc allows), step it up for a short amount of time and watch the fat melt away. Seriously.
  • Only planned exercise is beneficial for weight loss and/or health. During the ‘fat is bad’ age, people believed that planned exercise was the only way to go, and that if it wasn’t done, then “oh well!” Well, my friends, grab your walking shoes and head out for that short walk during your lunch break, because every step, every minute totally counts! Lindsay is a great example of this (see her story from yesterday), and it goes to show that at the end of the day, every moment you spent moving does count.
  • If you workout a lot you can eat what you want. During my emotional eater and binge eating stage, I did just that. And BOY, do I know now this is sooooo false. If you work hard for your fit and healthy body in the gym or outside, why would you throw that all away in the kitchen?! It makes NO sense. Sure it’s cool to enjoy treats and desserts (hello, I have dark chocolate at least 3 times per week), but excessiveness did no one any good. Trust me on this one, stick to whole foods most of the time, enjoy lots of fruits and veggies as snacks, eat ample amounts of protein, and have some desserts and chocolate on the side in small portions, and the fit and healthy body you want will be yours. Guaranteed.

When we let go of these false preconceived notions, our fitness game can be turned back on! By the way, if you ever have questions, please feel free to ask me!


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for a good, early workout<–makes my day so much longer. I like it!
  2. I am grateful I got hired at another gym too–so I’ll be teaching Zumba and probably PUMP there as well :) Woo!
  3. I am super thankful for sweet potatoes. Dang, those are good.

Have a LOVELY day!!

What are some exercise/diet myths YOU have heard recently?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. Mollie K says:

    I LOVE how honest your posts are! They are so fantastic and really help me always think more positively! I love your workout and life tips-I think they go hand in hand actually =).

    I am also thankful for sweet potatoes-they’re fantastic!!
    I am also thankful for my 2 brothers-one older and one younger. I dont know where I would be without them and am so thankful I have them to talk to and confide in =)

    Just as a little PS. I am in grad school for school psychology and working with a professor on the benefits of gratitude in children and adolescents and how they impact school climate. Specifically, will keeping a daily gratitude journal for 3 weeks (simply just listing 3-5 youre grateful for from the past 24 hours) increase self worth, social relationships, and overall school climate? (prior research says YES! it should) how great is that that such a simple intervention can help so much with our overall mental health =) I LOVE THANKFUL THURSDAYS!

    sorry for rambling!

  2. Thanks! You’re always so informative!! I love early morning workouts too!! And congrats on being hired at another gym! (Though let’s be real – that’s no shocker!) Question for you: Not sure if this is a myth or not, but I’ve heard people say that their bodies can “handle” or “not handle” carbs/grains more than others… Some people eat sweet potatoes and other forms of complex carbs instead of grains/oats…. Is this true? Do people’s bodies really handle/digest/use carbs differently? One of my friends told her that her nutritionist told her that… But he also said she handled carbs well and then he had her eating a high protein/ high fat breakfast with NO carbs which didn’t seem to make ANY sense to me…. 😉

    • If there is a medical condition, then yes, some people may not be able to handle certain carbs. But a LOT of people use that ‘excuse’ to say they shouldn’t eat carbs b/c it makes them feel better. Poor carbs–they always get such a bad rap! Whole grains are GOOD for us and should never be eliminated (unless a doc found a reason for doing so).

  3. Yay congrats on being hired!!! That is awesome :). I don’t know if I’ve heard new diet or exercise myths lately, but the one that still gets me sometimes is that women don’t “bulk” up when they lift heavy. If I consistently lift my legs heavily, they actually do kind of bulk up…not to the extent that most people would probably notice, but they get much bigger than I would like them to be!

  4. Michelle says:

    I am thankful for oatmeal! It’s my go to breakfast with a cup of blueberries…so Yummy
    As for fintess myths, I haven’t heard anything major. I just know that some of my friends went on the HcG diet and lost a ton of weight. But they also only 500 calories a day. Once they stoped the drops and the diet they gained it all back!!! I say stick to the basics…eat smaller portions, fruits and veggies, and exercise.

    Oh and I am thankful for my dentist who scared me with the fact that Soda can rot your teeth! I have given up on my diet coke (super hard and I am only on week 1) but my sugar cravings have diminished!

  5. i absolutely HATE the myth that if women lift heavy, they will bulk up a bunch. it drives me nutzo! haha.
    today i am thankful that i get to go out to dinner with a friend that i haven’t seen in forever! (you know her… it’s mindy! :) )

  6. i love the one about being able to eat whatever you want since you workout a lot…its SO true! i have so many people who say that to me but I always tell them straight out that I DO have to watch what I eat…not only for maintenance purposes but fuel wise to ensure strong workouts. you need quality calories to feel your best 😉

    hahaha, i’m so glad you share a love of sweet potatoes. I could seriously eat one every day and never get tired…i’m gonna say i’m thankful for them too! and i’m thankful for beautiful weather today because i’m sure my bike ride later will be lovely!

  7. Congrats on the new gig! I love me some Sweet potatoes they are my favorite root veggie.

  8. I am thankful for learning that I am going to be an aunt for the first time! And, I am thankful for this post. I have heard the first myth a lot – that you have to work at a low intensity for longer and I appreciate your clarification! Thank you!!!

  9. Uh, yeah. Exercising a ton does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. Well, some people with freakish metabolisms can, but I definitely can not! Congrats on getting your new classes! Yay!

  10. Yay for working at a new gym! Being excited about a new job is definitely something to be thankful for!

  11. Congrats on being hired at another gym 😀 wow good for you girlfriend xoxo

    I totally believe in the power of your mind, too. A positive frame of mind is EVERYTHING

  12. Stefanie says:

    We miss you in STL! Congrats on your new gig. I know they’ll luv you like we do!

    I am thankful for getting back in touch with my inner bootyliciousness! Go Zumba! Thank you that that, Annette. Best. Instructor. Ever.

  13. I used to be a total “I worked out so I can eat whatever I want” person!

  14. Oh, and have to tell you: I was doing squats the other day (55 with the bar) and an older man at the gym came up and told me I was lifting too much and my thighs were huge.

    I’m 5’7 and a size four.

    I did 20 more squats. :)

    • LOVE this!!!! You GO girl! Show ’em how it REALLY is! And let’s be honest, that guy was prob just jealous you could lift that much!!!!! 😉

  15. Hi Sam,

    Great posts indeed. I’m thinking of having a weight loss surgery, particularly my belly. Though I saw in a website (http://www.tummytuckcost.com/) that the average price for a tummy tuck is around $4,000 – $17,650, I’m still pretty positive about it. I worked hard for the money that I’ll be spending, but I’m not quite sure on how the surgery might go. I have been working out for a year now but with not that much positive result. What is your take on weight loss surgeries like tummy tuck and lipo?

    • oh wow, that is a loaded question! It is such an individualistic thing too. I would discuss all options with a really good personal trainer, a physician, and the surgeon who would do it before making the decision.

      For MOST people with patience, hard work, and dedication, the ‘bad’ spots can go away or at least get smaller. BUT, this might not be the case for all–esp those who lost a lot of weight and/or have genetics that don’t allow them to get the certain shape they want. Of course, I would never do it just purely for cosmetic reasons either to justify the cost. But that is just my opinion :)

      Good luck!

  16. Sorry Annette, I typed in my name instead of yours :)



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