Total Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout

Hey you guys!

Happy mid-week :) How is your week going so far?

Well, we finnnnaaallllyy have Internet at our apartment. Score. And did ya’all know that we’re actually going to move again to the house we originally were going to move into?!

Fun, eh??! Hah. The current tenants in the house are in the process of buying a house, so contingent on when that all goes through (fingers crossed it’s soon), we’ll move from the apartment to the house when that happens.


In the meantime, I am just working, spending ample amounts of time at the gym, starting to teach classes (you always have to audition and ‘start’ over when you move to a new city), and getting our life figured out in the new city. So far I am really liking it!


Like I said, I have time now to actually do workouts outside of what I teach, so that’s been a fun adventure again!

And boy, do I have a workout for you! I did this on Saturday and I was a slow-walking sore-lady on Sunday. But in a good way. I was still mobile, but I worked muscles in a different way than I have been. LOVE that feeling of stepping outside my ‘normal’ comfort zone!

Seriously, this workout is such a good one to have on hand (even though the name of it is long. hah)!

All you need is a Bosu, a stability ball, and dumbbells. You don’t even really need those things–they just add to the challenge.

Total-Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout

Next time you want to do some weights and cardio intervals, this is all yours!

Have an awesome day. And if it’s not awesome, MAKE IT so!


When is YOUR next circuit workout?? What moves or workouts do YOU want to see here?? What are YOU going to do today to make it AWESOME??!

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  1. another great workout that i can’t wait to try!! :)

  2. Have fun moving!

  3. Looks like a challenging workout!

  4. looks like a good one! i’m always a fan of circuit workouts – they’re my favorite!

  5. I love that circuit!! The only downside of now teaching 6 classes a week is that I don’t have time for other workouts… life pretty much revolves around spin and bodypump, and i do yoga on my rest day. And hike on another. But man, I love a good butt-kicking circuit!!

    • I understand you, lady! It is fun for the time being to be able to stick in my own workouts, because pretty soon here I’ll be just like that again :) It’s fun though, eh???!! 😉

  6. Thanks this workout looks fun! I also love the directions column!

  7. I LOVE that the workout starts with dancing…my kinda gal!!!

  8. That looks like an awesome workout! Adding in the bosu is a really great challenge too :). I’m doing a circuit workout today for Tina’s bootcamp!

  9. Can’t wait to try this work-out! I love circuts too, my next one is at Bootcamp in a few hours :)
    I would love to see a kettlebell circut!

  10. This looks fab! Aside from the dancing, of course 😉

  11. Love that workout. Pinned. Can’t wait to try it out. 😉

  12. That circuit looks like like a crusher, will give it a whirl! Here’s one I put together a few months ago:

  13. Kristen says:

    Completed your Total Body Circuit Workout with my 22 year old daughter on Saturday (2 days ago). What a fabulous workout! We had it done in under an hour and are feeling it today.Can’t wait to do more of your workouts!

  14. found this workout on pinterest and my workout pal and i loved it. we didn’t plan enough time so we only got through one round. it might be my new favorite workout.


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    Total Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout | Fitness | Workouts | Challenge Your Body | Group Exercise | Enjoy Your Healthy Life

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    Total Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout | Fitness | Workouts | Challenge Your Body | Group Exercise | Enjoy Your Healthy Life

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