Eggs and Blood Cholesterol

Hey friends! Happy Monday to us all, right?! :)

It was a lovely Easter weekend full of family, relaxation, beautiful weather, a nap, lots of extra sleep (!!), date night, and a wonderful reflection on the Savior.

While dying Easter eggs this weekend with some nieces and nephews, 2 ended up cracking. My nephew immediately cracked the rest of those open and gobbled them right up without even a second thought.

Eggs and Blood Cholesterol

Unfortunately many of us are/were/used to be under the impression that eating whole eggs (the yolk & whites) would immediately up our cholesterol levels and send us to the hospital in cardiac arrest.

Well, my friends, luckily that information was misleading, incorrect, and entirely untrue.

It is true that eggs do contain cholesterol. Almost any animal product that is consumed will contribute at least some cholesterol to our diets.

However, there is a HUGE difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol, and forgetting that difference is what trips most folks up at the grocery store.

Most people associate a consumption of eggs-the yolks especially, which contain ample amounts of dietary cholesterol-with an increase in blood cholesterol. This is the part that fooled many for so long.

Scientists have recently made great discoveries in this area and now acknowledge that the link between egg yolks and high blood cholesterol is unfounded. Sure dietary cholesterol plays a part in our blood cholesterol levels, but not in the way, nor to the extent, that once was thought.

(However, eggs should not be consumed in copious quantities every day. But then again, neither should any food other than fruits and veggies.)

Want to know the real culprit in the high blood cholesterol game? Dietary fats in the form of saturated and trans fatty acids, and a lack of physical activity (most especially, intense physical activity). These factors have the greatest impact on overall heart and artery health, and yes, blood cholesterol levels.

{get that physical activity in!}

So the next time you have the chance to eat an egg, eat the whole thing! (If, of course, you don’t eat 4 eggs per day. Hah.) Plus, eggs are high in protein, delicious, cheap, and super versatile. What’s not to love?!

I usually eat whole eggs about 5 times per week, and I haven’t been healthier or fitter in my life (and my blood cholesterol levels prove it)! Score.

Have a GREAT Monday!

Off to do some circuit training, work, and tonight I teach my new Zumba class!

What did YOU used to think about eggs?? How do YOU feel about them now?? How do YOU like your eggs??

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  1. I LOVE EGGS! I sit here right now with two whole eggs over collard greens and nutritional yeast! I switch back and forth between egg whites and whole eggs or sometimes 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites.

  2. I eat two eggs every morning! Love the glitter polish!

  3. I started eating egg whites instead of whole eggs because of calories, not cholesterol, but I do love the yolks, so good!

  4. i LOVE eggs. i love them in every form – omelet, fried, scrambled, hard boiled. i usually will have an egg at least every other day. they’re cheap, easy to prepare, and so good for you!

  5. krystal says:

    I’m currently obsessed with a runny egg sandwich with a smear of apple butter! Good luck on your class

  6. Great post! (not that I’m a biased chicken farmer or anything…)

  7. Woot! I am eating a hardboiled egg in my salad right this second and I am loving every minute of it!

    I also love a good egg salad sandwich with TONS of green onions and herbs…AND a fried egg still yolky and runny!

  8. I’ve always eaten regular eggs…but I also enjoy egg whites alone from time to time :D. I’m just glad to know that they aren’t as bad for you as it’s been touted because so many people were missing out on the nutrients!

  9. Thanks for telling it like it is!
    I get so tired of having to explain this to people…
    Eggs, the perfect food!

  10. Thanks for clearing this one up for me Annette! I was just having this discussion with hubby and he will be happy to hear this.

  11. Wow haven’t really thought about eggs this way before, i’ve never been a great egg consumer, but this made me want to eat one NOW! haha

    Great to see some truthful information about food for once!

    Thanks Annette!



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