Friday Good News

GOOD Morning :)

Happy Friday to you all! Moving is no joke. Dang, it takes awhile for schedules to fall into place! Once again, my absence in the Internet land is because our Internet is not up and going at all (hopefully soon!), and boy am I struggling without it. Hah.

I thought today would be a fun time to do a good news, bad news segment. Janetha does this, and she is always so clever, funny, and just a fun person to read about!

I hope that this helps you get to know me a little bit better-since it’s fun to ‘meet’ people through the Internet and all. 😉

GOOD News and Bad News

Good news: I am reunited with my husband.

Bad news: We are slowly dying from no Internet (other than his phone and quick trips to stores/cafés/library for it).

Good news: I had Café Rio again (finally)!

Bad news: I couldn’t finish it all.

Good news: I love leftovers. So guess where those extras are going to go?!

Bad news: It doesn’t always taste the same the 2nd day.

Good news: It is Easter weekend!


Bad news: I have to work on Saturday–during a lot of time the family might get together.

Good news:  I get to sleep in on Sunday.

Bad news: I have no idea if my body is adjusted to Mountain Standard Time yet…..

Good news: The mountains are practically in my back yard! (Wahoo–right Ashley?!)

Bad news: It is still cold here. Where I moved from it was 90 degrees the day I left. Whoops!

Good news: I got to spend most of yesterday with my amazing brother!

Bad news: He will be gone for two years!

Good news: I get to teach a Zumba class starting next week at a new gym! I was so happy it happened fast! Cheers to hopefully more classes rolling in as I keep auditioning and being patient. :)

Bad news: It is at night. I SO prefer teaching in the morning. Oh well.

Good news: I had ice cream that was called salted caramel yesterday. And it was crazy good.

Bad news: It was at a place that is 1 hour away from where we live.

Good news: I went up in my Chest track weight (during BodyPUMP) yesterday. So hard, yet so fun!

Bad news: I am crazy sore and have another BP class today!

Good news: We now live real close to a bunch of gyms & great grocery stores.

Bad news: My wallet might not love that closeness.

Good news: Today is Friday and it’s the weekend!!

Have a lovely day!! :)

What are some of YOUR good news and bad news stories?? Any fun weekend plans?? 

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  1. haha i LOVE this post! so fun. i completely agree, those mountains sure are a gorgeous backdrop! although today is pretty ugly. :/ weather is so weird here. haha. good luck unpacking!!

  2. I love this!!!! And now I want fro yo! Salted caramel tastes amazing! Congrats on the Zumba, and I hope your internet goes up soon! Here are some of mine from today: Good news: I finally cleaned my stove top! Bad news: it made my hands smell awful. Good news: Dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, cousin and her finance tonight! Bad news: it’s at 8pm… that’s like almost my bedtime. And we’ll end on a good news: I did another one of Tina’s circuit workouts right in my apartment – BEFORE I could freak myself out! Feeling pretty good.

  3. Good News: I did the new release of BodyPump last night and loved it!
    Bad News: Annette wasn’t the instructor and I missed her motivation and excitement terribly :(

    Miss you!

    • Awwww. MISS you too. Bad! But glad you liked it–it’s a good one, for sure. I am sore all over again b/c I took 2 measly days off. Whoops! Hah.

  4. Good news: I went to the Soulard Farmer’s Market and loaded up on veggies this morning! Bad news: You aren’t in St. Louis anymore for me to call and see if you wanted to come with! Boo! Glad you have so much good news though!!!! :) :)

  5. I love this!! It’s so fun :). And yay for being reunited, even though you don’t have internet. I would be so annoyed haha. Good news is that I found out why my hips have been hurting so bad; bad news is that it’s hip bursitis…but another good news is that it can be treated!

  6. Loving all the news! Where had the caramel fro yo? And where do you live?! And when do we hang?!?

    • We live near trolley! It was in orem (right by 5 guys by the university mall.) I forget the name….but it had fro yo, ice cream, and frozen custard—ALL self serve. MY dream!!! Where u guys at? And when my life settles down a bit, we for sure need to hang.

  7. Congrats on all of the exciting things!
    Good news: I had a great job interview yesterday!
    Bad news: my stomach is doing somersaults waiting to hear back!
    happy weekend!

    • YAH on the interview!! Just be patient, think positively, and DO something to take your mind off of it–like get a pedi or something :)



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