Focus On: Triceps Press

Good Morning!

Weekends are awesome, eh?! And this one is especially fabulous for me:

  1. It’s the last one before I get to see my husband again (after 2 looonnnnggg weeks!)
  2. It’s the weekend of the BRAND new BodyPUMP release! I launch it today as a part of a huge gym franchise–it’s THE first day anyone will see this new release (81), and it is awesome.
  3. I get to spend extra time with some family before I move. Woot!
  4. It is a weekend full of uplifting messages, music, and listening to prophets speak. You can tune in too!
  5. I get to sleep in on Sunday (my 1 day per week). SO excited. :)

Another reason why today is so great? I am sharing with you a move that has totally helped shape my triceps. You’re welcome, in advance. 😉

{this is a chest press, but you can see some of my tricep definition in the pic.}

The tricep press (aka triceps press <—there are 2 triceps, so the ‘s’ is really the correct way, but whatever), is a seemingly ‘easy’ move to do, but when done correctly, it will tone and shape your upper arm.


And who doesn’t wants to get rid of that extra jiggle?!

Ummm, pick ME!

Focus On: Triceps Press

The tricep press (lying down) can be done on a stability ball, lying on a bench, or in your living room!

{source}–the top of the move

The keys to making this exercise work are the following:

  • Make sure to use a raised level to lie down on (a bench, ball).
  • Maintain a shoulder-width grip (so a much closer grip than, say, a chest press grip).
  • Keep your elbows in near your body as you pull the bar/dumbbells in.
  • Don’t let the elbows drop below the raised surface (this is how you know you reached the level you should go).
  • Brace your abs and lower back against the surface (if you wiggle around too much you take the work out of the muscles and put it in momentum…bad).
  • Actively squeeze your triceps muscles as you press the bar away from your body.
  • Avoid letting your elbows swing out to the sides and/or the elbows coming below the level of your bench/ball.

{source} –her elbows are a little too low, though

You can also do this move in a slightly different way (and get the same effect) using the cables or machine at your gym:

To have lean, sculpted arms, doing triceps exercises is a must! Try adding in this triceps press move for 12 reps of 3 sets (at a weight that makes you pretty ‘done’ by the final rep).

Now I can’t wait to see your arms for Summer. 😉

Have a lovely weekend!

Off to do some serious PUMP damage at the gym…..!! :)

What do YOU like about the triceps press?? What body part of YOURS do you love right now??!! 

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  1. ooooh that makes the triceps burn sooooo bad!! your arms look AWESOME!! (no surprise there – it’s just a really cool pic!!) i like my abs haha… i know a big part of it is due to genetics because my momma is the same way, but i like to think i may have a little something to do with it as well! :)

  2. I’m going to do some of these later…my triceps are in serious need of help!

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing! I will be adding these into my workouts… triceps need a lot of help especially with t-shirt weather here!

  4. krystal says:

    I can’t wait for my gym to launch bodypump 81!! We’re still doing 80.

  5. I’ve been working hard on tri’s lately too; tank top season is coming quickly!

  6. caroline says:

    your arms are ROCKIN.

  7. The triceps press on the cable is my FAVE move! and the barbell… will also make you feel those DOMS for sure.



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