What I’m Loving-March

Happy FRIDAY :)

Today is a lot less stressful, and boy am I glad about that! The only really big things I need to do between now and tomorrow is work (duh), get some research done for a project, and learn the rest of the brand new (81) BodyPUMP release<–like last time. I launch it tomorrow at my gym, and I am SO excited!!

New moves, new music, new muscles. I’ll take it!

I have eaten and enjoyed some lovely things lately, so I wanted to share them with you! You might find a new product, book, food, or quote you’ve been missing out on. Happy day!

What I’m Loving-March

These are SO good. The perfect sweet and salty snack. I love you Trader Joe’s!!

Had a date with my little sis to see the movie. Everyone, GO SEE “The Hunger Games!” SO good.


Great quote.

I love my shoes. Just love them. I am one lucky gal 😉 Thanks Tar-jay and husband!


HAH. Love that one. Like a lot.

I love when my little sis takes pictures of me with soft serve and no makeup. hehe.

Shorter people always cut my head off when taking pictures…..I think it’s actually really cute –with scary eyes. You gotta know my sister though, she is adorable and so this was a gem to keep around :)

Dark chocolate fondue anyone?!

Goodness, reason #34502 I love my parents. Who else would have pounds of the stuff on hand plus awesome dipping foods?!

I am a sucker for cinnamon. Enough said. This stuff is GOOD.

In fact, I have now had the above snack twice in 2 days. It is that good.

These chips from Trader Joe’s are delicious! They’re good with any Mexican themed lunch or dinner. Trust me–I’ve tried these several times now. 😉


That’s one of my newest favorite fitness quotes (they change weekly. Hah). Because it is SO true. You never regret a workout!

Off to DANCE :)

Have a great day!

In Sweetness and In Health

Check out Fitness LOVES of the week (FLOW) over at Lindsay’s!

What are some of YOUR recent favorites?? Any cool quotes?? New shoes or delicious eats?? Any of YOU have fun weekend plans??

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  1. Ah! I still love those sparkly shoes!! I did get a new pair of wedges in AZ, but I haven’t worn them yet. I also really like all your quotes… you find the best ones!!

  2. Oh wow that cinnamon cream cheese sounds so good! Apples sound like the perfect combination with it. I bet graham crackers would be amazing too with the spread! :-)

  3. I MUST GO GET THAT LAUGHING COW CHEESE!!!! Thanks for sharing- I haven’t seen it yet!!!
    And I must stay AWAY from the pretzel slims!
    Can’t wait to read your review of 81. I already have my faves- but mean- you guys launch EARLY! We have 3 more weeks! I’m teaching Back, Tris, Bis, Abs and Cooldown for the launch. I’ve still got a little bit of learning to do- especially with the timing on the shoulders (and trying to do that ‘fitness magic’ headroll!)

    • It is SOOOO yummy!

      We were the 1st to launch it (so yes, it was early!) YAH for being a part of the launch–that totally rocks!! I love the back, chest, and abs tracks SO much!

  4. That is MY favorite fitness quote, has been for awhile :) excellent choice! I’ve never seen that cheese before … but I think I need it, like, right now!

  5. i need to go to trader joes stat!! :)

    i tried out dark chocolate goji berries recently and they were soooo good!

    happy friday!!

  6. oh boy, those dark chocolate pretzel slims sound dangerously amazing! i LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. the sweet/salty combo is perfect!

  7. LOVE those sparkly shoes! And The Hunger Games was awesome :). I need to find that laughing cow cream cheese spread! I think I would be in love with it haha. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  8. Love your shoes and love, love the black bean chips from TJs – I got them once for a party and was disappointed there weren’t any left…so, I went back to buy them again! They are delicious! Have a great weekend!

  9. I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s! We don’t even have a Whole Foods here!

  10. WHAT! that laughing cow!

  11. love the things you are loving!



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