Why I Dance

Hey YOU!

So glad it is Thankful Thursday :)

I LOVE spending time being grateful and expressing gratitude. It just does something very beautiful to the soul. Especially when the heart hurts, the trials are stinging, and you feel like your world might be falling apart.

But that could never be me.

Hah 😉

{getting to the dancing in a sec,.}

In all seriousness, though, it is a powerful thing to just STOP. And be thankful. It heals souls, it mends broken hearts, and it brings a greater sense of fulfillment –and usually, things get better once we stop worrying and fussing over what IS wrong.

I always say, focus on what you ARE, can DO, HAVE, and can BECOME instead of the negatives of what you don’t have, are not, or can never be– and life will be more beautiful. Promise.


I asked (okay yelled it out to) some of my Zumba ladies the other day, “why do you dance?” I asked it in a semi-joking manner because they were in the middle of sweating, shaking, smiling, and seemingly having a ball. But a lot of them told me after class that they dance because it is fun, it makes time fly, they can just be “them,” and all their stress seems to melt away when they do it.


{throwback pic from 2007. Guess which one I am?! Holy mouth?!}

Here’s why I dance:

  • It is fun to just “shake it” without worrying about who’s watching!
  • I can be ME. Totally, authentic, crazy, ME :)
  • It is my favorite way to get sweaty, get my heart rate up, and have a blast because I feel like I am FREE.
  • I feel completely alive when I dance. I live in the moment and just have FUN. (When was the last time you lived in the moment instead of worrying about the next thing to do or say?!)
  • It makes me feel like a kid again–and as adults, that is something we all need more of.
  • I love being able to move my body to music–>I like being an extension of the beat.
  • All of my worries melt away magically when I dance…..SO cool how that happens.
  • Times flies, and 1 hour later I’ve burned over 700 calories, sweat buckets, laughed, smiled, and felt totally incredible.
  • It is a great way to be in tune with my body. I can’t eat too much before I dance or else I feel like poo. And afterwards, I drink buckets of water and usually don’t reach for anything super sugary. Dancing just brings me back to ME!
  • I love sharing dancing with others. It is a great way to get social, have fun, and of course, get a workout in together.
  • It is the absolute best way for a free workout (turn on music and bust a move).

I grew up a ballerina and dabbled in hip hop, jazz, and tap, but now, as a Zumba instructor, I have found my true love in dancing Latin! I love how teaching Zumba allows for me to be creative, fun, peppy, sexy, quick, and well-rounded.

Zumba is hands down, the FUNNEST class you’ll ever attend! (Disclaimer: Only if the instructor is good. I’ve mentioned this before, but not all instructors know what they’re doing.)

{Get 5 more ways to burn fat while taking a Zumba class!}

And now you all want to come take a class with me, right?! 😉

Especially because I am not afraid to make a fool of myself…..

Always the last one on the dance ‘floor’ dancing. Le sigh. Anyone else?!

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for good chats over fro yo. Can’t beat that, right Linz?! :)
  2. I am thankful for the power of humility–it keeps us on our toes!
  3. I am also thankful for my great parents who are so generous!

Why do YOU dance–and why don’t YOU if you don’t?!! What is YOUR favorite form of dancing?? What workout makes times fly for YOU?? What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. Yesss!!! I am grateful for dear, talented, inspirational friends like YOU! I am so sad you are leaving the Lou, however I am incredibly excited for this next step in your life. My favorite form of dancing is watching you. Oh that’s not a form? No, actually it is. :) xoxo

  2. i’m honestly terrible at dancing, but i still love to and have so much fun doing it. my sister and i used to have dance “parties” all the time together in my bedroom growing up. we still do it when we’re together every once in awhile. :)
    today i am thankful for such a supportive and encouraging husband. he always lifts me up, even when the going is tough!

  3. I love to dance. I look like a moron at Zumba, but I’m so happy. Do your Zumba classes do lots of squats and pylo toning moves? I like the ones where we just dance!

  4. love this post =) I love that you are the last one on the dance floor! By the way, you sure have yourself a nice set of chompers! =)

  5. You’re making me want to go Zumba right now! And very true about having a good instructor, I’ve had good and bad Zumba experiences!

  6. What a fun post! I am an awful dancer, but it’s still fun, and it’s like the free token to feel like I’m in college again!

  7. I’m with you! if there music I’m moving to it! It makes me very happy

  8. I’m not sure if I am ANY good at dancing, but I am always the first one out there at a wedding, bar, party, or stoplight waiting for the light to change!!!

  9. Zumba always looks like so much fun to me but im so terribly uncoordinated and i’m such a bad dancer that I dont think its a workout I would be good at unfortunately, lol. running makes the time fly by like nothing to me, as long as im outside :)

    • As long as you have fun with an activity you love–that’s what YOU love :) But I think anyone can dance–at least shake your hips and bum, ya know?! hehe

  10. Wow, this is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I’m so incredibly inspired. I seriously need to go dancing!!! I live on the “serious” side of life way too much and you’re so right–dancing just shakes you loose. Maybe I should try a Zumba class!

  11. I agree, dancing is the BEST exercise! I did ballet growing up, but now the only dancing I do is in my living room :) I really need to try Zumba!



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